poetry review. 0 the use of any elements of language more than once

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Poetry Review

Poetry ReviewThe use of any elements of language more than once.RepetitionPoetry that has no regular pattern of rhythm, rhyme, or line length.Free verseWords that sound like what they mean.Onomatopoeia Humorous, 5-line rhyming poem with a rhyme scheme of AABBALimerickLong poem that tells a storyNarrativeA direct comparison between 2 dissimilar itemsMetaphorThe feelings created by a poem in a reader.MoodA comparison between 2 dissimilar things using like or asSimileA poem that is shaped to look like the subject of the poemConcreteThe repetition of vowel sounds in words near each other.AssonanceShorter poems of intense feeling and emotion expressed in musical verse.LyricA 3-line Japanese verse poemHaikuRepeated consonant sounds at the beginning of a series of wordsAlliterationAnything that represents something elseSymbolPictures in the mind of readers created by poets who use sensory languageImageryA deliberate exaggeration to make a pointHyperboleGiving non-human things human characteristicsPersonificationThe repetition of sounds at the ends of wordsRhymeThe pattern of rhyme in a poem indicated with letters of the alphabetRhyme schemeAnother word for verse paragraph; a cluster of lines in poetryStanzaThe person who talks in the poemSpeakerThe rhythmical pattern or beats in a poemMeterThe line for the girls bathroom is 50 miles long!SimileMetaphorHyperbolePersonificationHyperboleLife is a journey. Enjoy the ride.SimileMetaphorHyperbolePersonificationMetaphorGrandpas hair was as white as snow.SimileMetaphorHyperbolePersonificationSimileThe storm clouds cried buckets of water.SimileMetaphorHyperbole or PersonificationPersonificationThe sweet smell of strawberries filled the air.AlliterationAssonanceOnomatopoeiaImageryAlliterationA deadly cobra snake loudly hissed before it attacked the tourist.AlliterationAssonanceOnomatopoeiaImageryOnomatopoeiaThe charismatic cartoon character was featured in the show.Alliteration OR AssonanceWe hiked tirelessly to the top of the steep mountain where we could see miles of lush meadows filled with wildflowers as the hot sun beat down on our bare shoulders.AlliterationAssonanceOnomatopoeiaImageryImagery