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  • Swansboro Pirate Poetry


  • Fear

    By: Alejandro Rivera

    I am the worst at being the best.

    I am the dark growing in your chest.

    I'm the spear in your heart.

    I'm the black that causes you to part.

    I'm the monster under your bed.

    Or am I just in your head?

    I'm the shadows in your soul.

    I'm the demon, black as coal.

    I'm the worst, I'm the monster, I'm the spear

    I'm not leaving, because I am fear.

  • Bibbiddy Bobbity Boo

    By: Tatihana Loya

    Bibbiddy Bobbity Boo

    Villains, Heroes, Damsels in Distress

    Thats how the game goes

    From Hakuna Matata to Happily ever after

    All you need is faith dust and a little bit of pixie dust

    If you always let your conscience be your guide

    The happiest places lives in you

  • Why Cant I

    By: Brianna Ward

    Why cant I be anything

    But not everything?

    Why can I be the words,

    Yet not the melody?

    Why can I be the water,

    But not the ocean?

    Why can I be good,

    But not good enough?

    Why can I be the jewel

    But not the crown?

    If I am not everything

    Then arent I nothing?

    Why cant I be the fastest

    But also the slowest?

    Why cant I be the brightest

    And still the dullest?

    Why cant I be weakest

    Yet still the strongest?

    Why cant I be the best

    And the worst?

    Why must I always Choose

    And if I am nothing,

    Then why do people tell me I can be anything?

  • Bullying's End

    By: Winona West

    Words are knives

    Actions are bullets

    It always ends in sadness

    Jabs can't break my bones

    I have an invisible shield

    An armor of purity

    They can't hurt me

    I will not take it

    I will not run

    It will end in flames

    The most unlikely of heroes will rise

    Because they can't hurt us

    Words are sticks and stones

    But true friends are a steel sword

    Defense against all words

    We are invisible to them

    But in the end, true, kind and compassionate will always win

    We have a strength they will never understand

    Compassion and love are a bully's worst enemy

  • Secrets of the World

    Dichele Cantoral

    The world is a spiders web

    Her heart is a lava pot

    Her air is a jar of candy

    The world is an evergreen forest that will never grow old

    Her hair is a jungle of vines

    The world has skin of soft silk

    She smells of fresh strawberries

    Her touch is never gone

    Her eyes are the stars

    The worlds voice is my guide

  • Life

    By Aubrie LaCroix

    Birds fly,

    Babies cry,

    Wolves howl,

    In life theres fouls,

    But love it, love it,

    Every single bit,

    We all run

    But when lifes done,

    We all cry,

    Then die.

  • Free

    By: Chloe Lentz

    This is a blackout poem. Mrs.

    Starlin gave us a text and we

    had to find words that stand

    out, and black out the other





    Everybodys waiting





  • Metaphor Poem

    By: Grace Raimo

    My body is a long tree trunk

    My static hair are branches

    My toes are roots

    That keep me grounded

  • Romeo and Juliet

    By, Seth Brown

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Sugar is sweet

    So are you

  • They Are Alive

    By, Jade Peterson

    Dean loves his brother who he

    kept alive

    But, hes forgotten how to smile

    Sherlock might have died

    But John will be around for a


    Dirk was able to survive

    But how with his heart being

    only a lost file

  • Im thinking of a Time

    BY: Jaci Brown

    Im thinking of a time

    when all thoughts

    used to rhyme and

    they would dance

    as they were spoken from

    your tongue.

    Every thought was

    true or at least that's

    what I thought when

    there was once

    the land of truth.

    There was no thought

    of wrong or right

    just the thought of rhyme

    as the words would dance

    off your tongue

    lost through time.

    There was one clock

    that lovely clock that

    slowed by the day and

    the songs that played

    one hour a day, all of

    sudden just stopped.

    But now the time of

    rhyme is gone

    the words have been

    forever lost but as

    the spokes of time

    keep turning, there

    will always be that

    one rhyme going.

  • Like

    By: Tristan Guidry

    Love is spelled L-O-V-E,

    It can be crazy as you can see.

    People say nice things like roses are red violets are blue,

    But thats just junk like people saying oh youre my boo

    They really need to get a life,

    Love is stupid, thats my advice.

    So if youre sad then so be it,

    Im just telling the truth, you have to admit.

    So stop saying LOVE and start using LIKE

    Tie up LOVE and send it on a hike.

    This is how its going to be,

    Open up your eyes and please just see.

    So now you know the truth about LOVE,

    Lets rise up and give it a shove.

    Leave love behind dont let the snake strike

    Love isnt real, youre all just in like.

  • I Think That I Shall Never See

    By: Taylin Adams

    I think that I shall never see

    A day as bright as the sun I see

    A smile so long that I cant breath

    A room so colored that Im filled with glee

    A tree so tall that I can see the sea

    Poems are made by fool like me,

    But when I get writing, well youll just see.

  • I still have crystal days

    By: Avery Cobbs

    You may try to hurt my feelings

    With your evil, twisted ways.

    With everything you put me through I still have crystal days.

    Does my happiness upset you?

    Does it bother you I dont cry?

    Because I walk with my own ways I still have crystal days

    Theres a difference between you and me.

    Its the things you choose see

    Its the things you choose not to be.

    The difference between you and me is

    I walk with my own ways and still have crystal days.

    Does making me miserable make you feel better?

    Does what I say or do even mean something to you?

    Is this all because I can walk with my own ways and sill have crystal


    The crystal gives off so much power is can turn a weed into a flower

    Just give up the bad things you do and let the crystal transform you.

    Now you too can walk with your own ways and have crystal days.

  • Chocolate

    By: Damien Cuellar

    I would look around in the cabinet

    For something that can prove to be a good snack

    At the corner of my eye

    I saw a chocolate bar wedged between some fruit snacks

    The temptation started to infest my head

    The sugary sweet taste that calms my nerves

    Coming in different varieties to appease my taste buds

    Sure it is a little fattening

    But its not like I will be the size of a whale in less than a few minutes

    I dont mean to offend any chocoholics

    I thought for what seemed like an eternity

    I was about to grab a pack of fruit snacks

    Then the thought of chocolate started to flow back to my mind

    I cant turn down this sweet treat

    I left my mouth open

    I started to drool

    I couldnt control myself for much longer

    I dont care what people say about chocolate

    You can nag at me all you want

    You cant stop me from eating this chocolate

    Then I stopped to think

    There is probably a reason

    Why the chocolate bar is shoved between the fruit snacks

    The chocolate bar is probably a surprise

    Or it belonged to one of my family members

    Whatever the reason was

    I knew that they hid it

    So I wouldnt go on a chocolate rage

    With that thought in mind

    I grabbed a pack of fruit snacks instead

  • Love That Girl

    By: Savannah Drew

    Love that girl,

    Like a balloon in the sky

    I said I love that girl like

    A balloon in the sky

    Love to call her in the evening

    Love to call her

    Cmon Hun

    She dances like her mama

    And grins like her daddy

    I said she dances like her mama

    And grins like her daddy

    She Smiles with joy

    When shes sad she frowns

    Her mama likes to rock her back

    and forth

    And call her her baby

    I said her mama likes to rock

    Her back and forth

    And call her her baby

    She wont leave me

    I know now

    I wont leave her either

    Shes got long paths to

    Walk to her future

    Before the rising sun

    I said shes got long paths

    To walk to her future

    Before the rising sun

    Shell be a lone ranger

    Until they come

  • Bowling

    By Jolene Wiley

    Bowling is like an adventure.

    It can be as easy like



    Three Youre out!

    Whoops wrong sport.

    And when you get a

    Spilt and get a

    Field goal!

    Whoops wrong sport. Again.

    But the best part of it

    Is the turkey.

    Like Thanksgiving.

  • Rain

    By: Kayla Gibson

    Tear drops kiss t


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