poetry which of the following is an example of alliteration? sally sells seashells by the seashore...

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2011 Spring Exam Review Game

2011 Spring Exam Review GameHonors English IIPoetryWhich of the following is an example of Alliteration?Sally sells seashells by the seashoreSally wants a white little boatSally is a breath of fresh airSally looks like an angelCaesarWho said the following?Et tu Brute?CaesarCiceroCassiusCascaCaesarWhat happens to Cassius?He runs into his own swordHe is killed by Mark AntonyHe rides into Rome victoriousHe ran awayCaesarWhat omen does Brutus see at Philipi?Crows and buzzards flying overheadBirds of prey flying overheadA bunnyMark Antonys large armyCaesarHe decides its for the good of RomeHe doesnt like CaesarHe wants to be kingHe is boredWhy does Brutus agree to kill Caesar?CaesarWhat does Mark Antony do after Caesar dies?He plans revengeHe takes a bathHe kills BrutusHe joins the conspiracyPoetryHow many lines does a Haiku have?57119PoetryWhat is an iamb?1 stressed syllable followed by an unstressed syllable1 unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable2 stressed syllables followed by an unstressed syllableI dunnoPoetryWhat is an example of onomatopeia?BangYuckDashLashPoetryWhat is an example of a simile?Her hair is like the sun.The trees were speaking to meShe has the face of an angelHe is a ratPoetryHow many likes does a Tanka have?75103MockingbirdScout cries when she sees the way Mr. Gilmer treats Tom RobinsonFalseTrueMockingbirdBob Ewell is killed by Boo RadleyTrueFalseMockingbirdWho stops the mob from killing Tom Robinson?ScoutAtticusMr. TateDillMockingbirdAtticus asks Bob Ewell to write his name toProve he is left handedIntimidate himGet to know himProve he is right handedMockingbirdThe jurys decision on Tom Robinson was very closeFalseTrueAnthemWhat word will Equality carve into his fort?EgoWeLibertyIAnthemEquality is ashamed of his crimesFalseTrueAnthemWhat word was the Saint of the Pyre trying to tell Equality?IFreedomMeWeAnthemWhat name does Equality give The Golden one at the end of the book?GaeaLiberty 5-300SusanThe Golden OneAnthemThe World Council rejects Equality and his iventionFalseTrueGrammarWhich is NOT a correct usage of the word illusion?He made an illusion to Greek mythology The magician created an illusionThe dinosaur I saw was an illusionThis moment seemed like an illusionGrammarWhat is an example of correct subject-verb agreement?He made a cakeNobody, not even my brothers, remember my birthdayJoe are coolShe have a catGrammarWhat is wrong with this sentence?The group raise their handsNothingSubject-verb agreementDangling modifierPronoun-antecedent agreementGrammarCorrect AnswerWrong answerWrong answerWrong answerCongratulations! Youre done with our review!

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