pointillism a painting style. after reading this powerpoint you should be able to tell me who...

Download Pointillism A Painting Style. After reading this PowerPoint you should be able to tell me Who invented pointillism What pointillism is When it was first

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  • PointillismA Painting Style

  • After reading this PowerPoint you should be able to tell meWho invented pointillismWhat pointillism isWhen it was first usedWhy we use dots

  • Whats Pointillism?Pointillism is an original form of art created by George Seurat. Pointillism is a bunch of tiny dots formed together to make a picture.

  • The Movement..Pointillism began in France in 1886, and continued till 1906select artists worked in this style for about 20 years before developing new techniques.

    Why dots? When two colors are next to each other, your eye mixes them and that is called optical mixing. Using optical mixing instead of physically mixing can make a brighter picture. These artists believed that separate touches of pigments resulted in a greater vibrancy of color to the human eye.

  • Examples

  • Impressed?This style of painting seems easy to do, but it is very hard to make it work.

    You need to plan the colors you will use so that the work does not begin to look muddy.

    Pointillism takes a long time. For example, Seurats A Sunday in the Park took him two years to complete, covers a wall (81 inches by 120 inches) and has about 3,456,000 dots!

  • The ArtistsGeorges SeuratPaul SignacHenri-Edmond Cross

  • Georges SeuratA Sunday on La Grande Jatte, 1884

  • Georges SeuratCircus Sideshow, 1887

  • Paul SignacPort-en-Bessin, 1888

  • Paul SignacSnow, Boulevard De Clichy, Paris, 1886

  • Henri-Edmond CrossThe Return of the Fisherman, 1896

  • Henri-Edmond CrossLandscape with Stars, 1905-1908

  • Henri-Edmond CrossLes Champs-Elysees, 1898

  • Some student work

  • Here is a picture used to inspire one students work

  • Here is the students pointillism work

  • The next slide has your first picture to try and copy using only points.

  • Student examples*

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