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Politehnica Bucharest Volley Club. Team presentation:. All team members are graduats or students in Politehnica Bucharest University We are playing in this team for more then 5 years Each member was a component of a local volleyball team Under-19 with noticeble results - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Politehnica Bucharest Volley Club

  • Team presentation:All team members are graduats or students in Politehnica Bucharest UniversityWe are playing in this team for more then 5 yearsEach member was a component of a local volleyball team Under-19 with noticeble resultsFor each of us volleyball is a passion

  • Team members:Coach: Prof. Dr. Iancu Rachita, profesor in Politehnica Bucharest University , Sport Branch

    Players:Dan Mazilu, Constanta , student at Transport Engineering , employed at MGI since 2007

  • Robert Calangiu, Campulung Muscel, graduate with masters in Automatisation and Computers Engeneering ,employee: Adobe Romania

    Cristian Sima, Campulung Muscel, graduate in Automatisation and Computers Engeneering , employee: Romtelecom

  • Nicolae Georgescu, Rm. Valcea, graduate in Automatisation and Computers Engeneering , employee: Gameloft Romania

    Mugurel Dorel Vasile, Slatina, graduate in Automatisation and Computers Engeneering

    Alexandru Mardare, Bucuresti, graduate in Electronics Engeneering, employee Zapp

  • Mircea Popescu, Alexandria, graduat in Engeneering in Foreign Language

    Andrei Poenaru, Tulcea, studying in Thermotehnics Engineering Dragos Tudose, studying in Thermotehnics Engineering

  • Results:College Championship, Bucharest Division2010 2nd, 2009 1st, 2008 - 2nd, 2007 - 2nd,2006 - 1st

  • Results:College Championship, National Division:2006 4th,2008 - 4thTransilvania Cup:2006 2nd,2007 1st,2008 - 1st,2009 - 2nd,2010 - 1st

  • Results:International TournamentsIstanbul 2009, Bogazici University www.busportsfest.com6th Beirut 2010, Saint Joseph Universitywww.usj.edu.lb/sport/unisports4th Indoor Volleyball2nd - Silver Medal Beach Volleyball

  • Rezultate:Istanbul 2010, Bogazici University www.busportsfest.com3rd - Bronze Medal Indoor Volleyball3rd - Bronze Medal Beach VolleyballLozenets 2010 , Bulgaria, Sofia UniversityInternational Beach Volleyball Tournament5th

  • Next Tournaments:College Championship, Bucharest Division 2011College Championship, National Division 2011International Tournament EUROVALENCIA 2010 www.eurovalencia.orgInternational Tournament EUROMILANO 2010 www.euromilano.euInternational Tournament UNIFEST Beiruth(Lebanon) 2011 International Tournament Istanbul 2011 National Volleyball championship 3rd division Honnor League

  • Presenting your image - banner equipment advertising. The equipment is new, will be used both National and International championships (Belgrade, Valencia and Milan) and at the national (championship tournament in Bucharest and the country). - Tournament banner presented to all participants. The teams are presented during a tour of the stadium on the running track, easy to see for all audiences. We will also have a banner in the arena where the matches will be played. - other promotional items of your choice, we offer to the other participants, but also by the campus. All teams exchange such materials (university logo,adveritising brosures, T-shirts with sponsors, etc.). - Advertising banner in the sport arena of Bucharest Polytechnic University. The room is large, equipped for most sports, and host to many events - tournaments in various sports, companies that rent the hall for employees, gym classes, etc.. UPB mentioned that it plans to organize a tournament in the next years invitation will be sent to many Universities.

    We are opened to any ideas or ad-ons to our proposals above.

  • Transilvania Cup 2010

  • Istanbul 2009

  • Beiruth 2010

  • Istanbul 2010