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This presentation shows how many different types of technology can be incorporated into the classroom to help teach students about polygons.


  • 1. Polygons 4th Grade UnitKristin Beaudet Spring 2014

2. Technology Integration Rationale The value of using technology while learning about the properties of polygons is immeasurable. Technology provides students with many more opportunities for participation and exploration of polygons as an individual, group, or an entire class in a variety of activites. This presentation will show how blogs, podcasts, videos, interactive websites, apps, and SMART board activities can all be integrated into the classroom to help engage and teach all students, regardless of their preferred learning styles. 3. Internet Content All of the websites included in this presentation have proven to be reliable sources of information. Clicking on pictures will bring you to the website associated with it, and these links are cited in the notes section. 4. BlogJen Runde is an elementary school teacher who created a website, complete with blogs, to share all types of teaching resources with other teachers. Her blogs share lesson ideas for most of the subjects taught in elementary school. Click on the graphic to see her polygon blog! 5. Podcast Click on the chalkboard to hear the Polygon Creature Podcast!This podcast features the work of 2nd grade students. Each student created a creature based off of a different polygon, explained which polygon they used, and stated how many sides it has. 6. Instructional VideoClick on the star to watch the video!This video is a quick review about determining whether or not a given shape is a polygon! 7. Internet Resources Association of Teachers of Mathematics ATM is a professional association for mathematic educators of primary, secondary, and higher education. They have a wide variety of resources for teachers and students. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics NCTM is the public voice of mathematics education that supports teachers through advocacy, curriculum, professional development, and technology. K-5 Math Teaching Resources K-5 Math teaching resources is a website with an extensive collection of lesson plans, games, and activities all of which are aligned with the Common Core state standards for mathematics. 8. Kidspiration 9. Teaching Materials This video is a fun and easy way to learn and remember the different names of polygons and how many sides they have! Click on the TV to watch the video! 10. Teaching Materials This worksheet for identifying polygons is a great review for students before a quiz or test. They must count the number of sides of each polygon and label it with the correct name. Click on the worksheet to see the site where many more worksheets can be created. 11. SMART Board Activities These interactive SMART board lessons can be used in the classroom to help teach students about polygons. Students can come up, click and drag, or label the polygons!Click on either SMART board lesson to be directed to the SMART Exchange website! 12. Theres an App for that! Polygons is an interactive app that provides useful information and facts about polygons sides and angles for teachers or students!Click on either icon to purchase the app, or to find out more about it! 13. Subject-specific Internet-based resources Math Goodies is a website full of games, puzzles, lessons, and many other resources for teachers and students! For this unit on polygons, the graphic links to a polygons crossword puzzle! 14. Uses of the Internet: Interactive Websites Math Playground can be used by both teachers for interactive activities in the classroom, and by students for math practice at home. Students can play all different types of games on a variety of math topics! Click on the picture to go to the polygon matching game on the Math Playground website! 15. Uses of the Internet: Online Reference Materials Math Open Reference offers a vast amount of important information on a variety of math topics for all grade levels aligned with the Common Core. Some pages even include interactive components such as the polygon page to the left. Click on the picture to go to the polygon reference page! 16. Web 2.0: Teachers Pay Teachers! TeachersPayTeachers.com is an online market where teachers collaborate by buying, selling, and sharing their teaching resources. It contains resources for every subject and every grade, including a lot of awesome resources on polygons! Click on the link to go to the main Teachers Pay Teachers website, or on the picture to go to the polygon section! 17. Web 2.0: First In Math!Click on the picture to go to the FIM website! First in Math is an online math gaming website. This site has an incredible amount of practice activities, games, and timed assessments that are all presented in a fun way to get students engaged. Teachers can monitor how long each student in their class spends on the site, what activities they are doing, and how many stickers they earn! 18. Slideshare This presentation can also be viewed on Slideshare! Click on the graphic to view it there!


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