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Everyone would be aware of the importance of safety for swimming pools. Read the presentation and find various considerations for safety while making pool designs in California.


  • 1. Safety Features to be considered in Swimming Pools

2. Luck runs out but safety is good for life. ~Author Unknown 3. In order to prevent undesired events or accidents in swimming pools among kids, older people, pets and even expert swimmers, it is important to implement adequate safety measures in swimming pools. Have a look at a few safety features. 4. Pool fences: Pool fences can create a barrier to restrict the entry of small children to the pool. Ideally pool fences are non-climbable and will have self-closing and self-latching gate systems. 5. Pool Safety Nets: A pool safety net is spread and tensioned horizontally over the swimming pool to prevent children, pets from going under the water. These can be easily spread and removed. 6. Safety Pool Cover: Safety pool covers are an added safety measure. A typical pool safety cover should be able to withstand 485 pounds per five square feet. The covers are anchored to the deck and come in two varieties namely mesh and solid. Note: Window pool cover and solar pool cover are not safety covers. 7. Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS): SVRS is an automatic vacuum release system installed in the drain, the system frees if anyone gets trapped on the drain. 8. For construction of marvelous swimming pools with customized design, contact Aquos pools Phone: (209)507-7541 For further details visit: www.aquospools.com