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POP ART : COMIC STRIPS. Pop Art Unit: Part II. ROY LICHTENSTEIN: POP ARTIST. Roy Lichtenstein, BLAM. Roy Lichtenstein, Girl with a Hair Ribbon. Roy Lichtenstein, CRAK!. Roy Lichtenstein, Hopeless. Roy Lichtenstein, The Kiss. POP ARTIST: ROY LICHTENSTEIN 1923-1997. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • POP ART :COMIC STRIPSPop Art Unit: Part II

  • ROY LICHTENSTEIN: POP ARTIST Roy Lichtenstein, BLAM Roy Lichtenstein, Girl with a Hair Ribbon

  • Roy Lichtenstein, CRAK!

  • Roy Lichtenstein, HopelessRoy Lichtenstein, The Kiss


    Considered pop art industrial paintingInfluenced by media and popular advertising Mixed text and imageArt known for having an unmistakably American qualityPrintmaker, painter


  • From a 1964 article in LIFE MagazineA critic of the New York Times, hedging only a bit, pronounced Roy Lichtenstein "one of the worst artists in America." Others insist that he is no artist at all, that his paintings of blown-up comic strips, cheap ads and reproductions are tedious copies of the banal. But an equally emphatic group of critics, museum officials and collectors find Lichtenstein's pop art "fascinating"," forceful", "starkly beautiful". Provocative though they are, Lichtenstein's paintings have done more than stir up controversy. They have done something significant to art.

  • From a 1966 Interview by BBC Third Programme with David SylvesterDavid Sylvester: What do you think of as the main sources of your language?

    Roy Lichtenstein: Well, I think in some ways, really, Cubism, but of course cartooning itself and commercial art are obviously an influence. But I think the aesthetic influence on me is probably more Cubism than anything. I think even the cartoons themselves are influenced by Cubism, because the hard-edged character which is brought about by the printing creates a kind of cubist look which perhaps wasn't intended.

  • CUBISM vs. POP ARTPablo Picasso, Self PortraitRoy Lichtenstein, Cubist Still Life with Playing CardsPablo Picasso, Still Life with MandolinRoy Lichtenstein, Self Portrait

  • Pop Art Project:Things to ConsiderNotice use of bold primary and secondary colors Consider use of textTake into account emotion and drama in your photos

  • Photo AssignmentFor this project you will need to:Take four photos that are appropriate for this assignment. This means:Photos capturing emotionYou may want to have people pose for your photosClose-up photos with a simple backgroundHave these photos ready to use in class by Monday, March 9thPhotos will be worth a grade (100 points)

  • These are bad photos for this assignmentBlurry pic - too scattered, no focus point, bad lightingCool pic -but not for this project, out of focusBeautiful sky not right for this project Fun Pic too detailed for this project. A close-up version of this pic would be better

  • These would be better photos to useShows emotion, visually interesting, simple backgroundShows emotion, could add text to make this photo more interestingIntriguing, serious, part of a storyRomantic, pondering, focused figureAction, intensity, close-up

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