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Портфолио архитектора Ники Мякиненковой. Архитектурные проекты. Dipl. Architect Nika Myakinenkova portfolio. Architectural projects.


  • Higher Education19982005 Red diploma. Studio of professor V.O. Ukhov, Architectural facultee, State academic institute of painting, sculpture and architecture.

    Work experience:20072010 free-lance arcitecture practice in cooperation with architectural studios. Jobs: Design drawings and architectural layouts of cottage-buildings Private and public interiors projects Supervision of the construction works and follow-up actions

    20062007 Interdiciplinary design and architecture project participation in Bauhaus foundation. Topic of the project: Urbanism. European culture capitals. Jobs: Field and archive research in the spheres of city planing and architecture Project development in the sphere of citys information and navigation

    20052006 worked as an architect in Investments. Engineering. Construction Ltd. (www.iec-spb.ru). IEC Ltd. is a designing and construction company, working in the sphere of project management for industrial and civil construction. Jobs: Project concepts Technical documentation, architectural layouts for the projects Project of a cottage housing development Respect House Concept of a multifunctional complex building Respect City Project of a cottage housing development Eco House

    Exhibitions participation:Architecton diploma. Union of architects (Saint-Petersburg, 2005)First degree diploma of the National contest of young architects (Tomsk, 2005)Architectural exhibition Great masters heritage (Moscow, 2005)

    Software knowledges:Autocad, Photoshop, MS Of ce applications

    Family:Married. Daughter Alisa.

    Additional information:I speak English. Im sociable. Im ready for the business trips.

    MyakinenkovaNika Valerievna

    I was born in Leningrad on July, 11-th, 1980

    Contacts:Tel.: +7 (921) 745 0917e-mail: ni-ca@yandex.ru

    19982005 .. , , .. .

    :20072010 . :

    20062007 (, ). : . . :

    20052006 . . (www.iec-spb.ru). , . : Respect House Respect City Eco House

    : . (-, 2005) (, 2005) (, 2005)

    :Autocad, Photoshop, MS Of ce


    Additional information: -. . .

    , 11 1980

    :.: +7 (921) 745 0917e-mail: ni-ca@yandex.ru

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