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  • June 2016

    The regions LARGEST property publication



    A SPORTING SUMMER Bigger Picture looks at Euro 2016 football

    Millionaire homesfor footballers & wives!

    KITCHEN ENVYAt The Kitchen Store

    WIN! TICKETS TO THE South of England Show

    CovetsCatwalk in the City

    INTERVIEW withTennis icon Boris Becker

  • open 6 days | thekitchenstore.co.uk

    Great Sussex-built kitchens from 8,000.

    Brighton & Hove01273 957778

    Horsham01403 259320

    Lancing01903 524373

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  • INSIDEHill House & Home Truths

    COVER STORY : Kitchen envy at the Kitchen Store

    All the regional property news

    Calender : Out and about in June

    Whats trending

    COVER STORY : June Collection - The millionaires' club

    Beyond digital : The print revolution

    Talk Money : Cover yourself

    Legal Matters : Howlett Clarke are on the move

    Home style tips : Making the most of your spare room

    Social event : Starr Trust golf day

    Doing it yourself : On the shelf

    Gardening : The English rose

    Overseas : Poolside













    Cover: Image courtesy of Elevated halo 36" fire table www.solusdecor.com

    Ruby Wax, page 20

    Beyond Digital, page 36

    June Collection, page 30

    ... Continued over

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    Kitchen Envy, page 6

    open 6 days | thekitchenstore.co.uk

    Great Sussex-built kitchens from 8,000.

    Brighton & Hove01273 957778

    Horsham01403 259320

    Lancing01903 524373

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  • For advertising and general enquiries contact

    Lynne Edwards: 07931 537588



    Cover: Image courtesy of John Lewis www.johnlewis.com

    Celebrity recipe, page 94

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    Chalk Architecture : On top of the world

    Interiors : Greener footprints

    Shopping : Brassed off

    COVER STORY : Fashion - Covet catwalk

    COVER STORY : The Bigger Picture Euro 2016 football

    Celebrity recipe : The Hairy Bikers on salad

    Restaurant review : New Steine Bistro

    Local news : Round-up of the Citys top stories

    Golf Guy : Gets a grip on putting

    COVER STORY : Boris Becker at Wimbledon











    Interiors, page 84

    Boris Becker, page 104


    EXPERT column

    What are you doing? Its only June!

    Suitcase wont close? Youll have packed it wrong.. what method did you use?

    ...ER, FOLDING?

    Well thats where youre going wrong, then. With the majority of European

    airlines charging for hold luggage, the struggle to fit everything into a

    small cabin bag is ever more important. And, needless to say, there is

    some science to help you pack it all in.

    If youre prepared to sacrifice a few t-shirts, then bundling your clothes

    (starting with a small roll, but placing the wrinkle-prone items on the

    outside of the bundle) will keep your delicate things relatively crease-

    free. But where am I supposed to put my things?

    Not at all. Lifestyle science blogging site lifehacker.com carried out a

    controlled comparison of five different packing methods: simple folding;

    the filing method (folding clothes and stacking them along the suitcase

    on their sides, like DVDs); bundling (exactly what it sounds like: small

    items in the middle, bigger items rolled around the outside); rolling and

    using compression (vacuum) packs.

    Rolling items for packing allowed the testers to fit an impressive 15

    extra T-shirts into the case compared to simple folding: if you cant close

    your suitcase, thats the method to choose.

    Sun tan lotion, flip flops, towel

    Adding a bit of shoving and brute force?

    Sure, if I want my linen trousers to have wrinkles on their wrinkles!

    Perfect time for an early summer break. Im off to spend some time in the Aegean.. if only I could close this suitcase


    Kate Hill

    Last week I sat down to draw up a to-do list for every part of house and garden. More than just snagging, it was the stuff that - despite 18 months of work and thousands of pounds spent - still needs to be done. The list quickly became daunting, and I felt

    overwhelmed. How on earth would we get it all done before October,

    when the newest Hill family member arrives? It was all too much; I

    wanted to crawl into bed and hide.

    I think I can blame my mini-meltdown on hormones (oh, and living

    in a building site for nearly two years). I was due a bit of a tantrum; the

    sheer scale of work - and frustration - tipped me over the edge.

    And then I heard that a close friend had lost his daughter. Barely an

    adult, she'd lived with mental illness that at times was crippling for

    most of her young life. Over the bank holiday, she had enough. I put

    my self-pity back where it belonged, and wept for my friend and his

    daughter instead.

    We don't like to talk about mental illness. We can sit in the pub and

    compare broken bones, man flu, scars and war wounds, but the stigma

    of mental illness persists. Yet it can be as - if not more - terrifying as a

    serious physical illness, just as life-threatening. The shock and grief of

    losing someone so young, with so much potential, puts everything else

    into perspective. I am fortunate to be well, to be able to get up and get

    on without fear or pain. This week, the paint fund is being put to better

    use. Farrow and Ball don't need our money. It's being donated to the

    ward that cared for my friends daughter.

    The shock and grief of losing someone so

    young, with so much potential, puts everything

    else into perspective

  • When I visited the engaging Alan Margetts and his team at the prominent new kitchen showroom in central Horsham, I thought I was immune from temptation. Having done my own kitchen project six years ago, I was very happy with the design and

    our own cabinet choices. However, within five minutes of entering this

    domestic heaven I had kitchen envy, which Im here to tell you is a very

    common, mostly female, ailment!

    The array of new designs, materials and colours is absolutely inspiring;

    clearly, kitchens are continuing to evolve, and Horsham and Kitchen

    Stores other two showrooms in Hove and Lancing are the perfect spaces

    in which to showcase the new technology available. The eye-catching

    moulded Corian and concrete work stations on display are perfect for

    the large kitchen/breakfast rooms we are incorporating into our homes

    these days, and the cabinet colours and finishes available give you the

    The Kitchen Stores success story continues with the opening of their beautiful new showroom in Horsham. Lynne Edwards is invited to take a tour with unintended consequences




  • opportunity to stamp your own personality on this most important


    Any estate agent will confirm that the kitchen is often the deal

    maker (or breaker) when selling your home, and the investment

    required is therefore entirely justified.

    Having won Best Retailer Award from the Brighton & Hove

    Business Awards in 2015, Alan and his teams great reputation for

    building quality kitchens appears to be spreading. What people

    may not know, however, is that all our kitchens are Sussex-made in

    our local factory, making us one of the biggest independent kitchen

    retailers in the county.

    As in all successful businesses, the emphasis is on good, old-

    fashioned customer service, delivered by knowledgeable teams of

    designers and staff. Hove branch is managed by Jan Hunballe and

    Horsham by Mark Davies who have both been with The Kitchen Store

    for many years. Building such a strong local reputation for quality

    workmanship and service has clearly paid off as they hold the FIRA

    (the UKs leading furniture testing body) Gold Award for installation,

    which is a huge achievement in the industry.

    Having witnessed my kitchen envy first hand has given Alan the