portfolio preparation course - glasgow school of the gsa portfolio preparation course is a 27 week...

PORTFOLIO PREPARATION COURSE - Glasgow School of The GSA Portfolio Preparation Course is a 27 week programme
PORTFOLIO PREPARATION COURSE - Glasgow School of The GSA Portfolio Preparation Course is a 27 week programme
PORTFOLIO PREPARATION COURSE - Glasgow School of The GSA Portfolio Preparation Course is a 27 week programme
PORTFOLIO PREPARATION COURSE - Glasgow School of The GSA Portfolio Preparation Course is a 27 week programme
Download PORTFOLIO PREPARATION COURSE - Glasgow School of The GSA Portfolio Preparation Course is a 27 week programme

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  • The GSA Portfolio Preparation Course is a 27 week programme that provides hands on learning and teaching in a studio environment. Students on the course cultivate and develop their own individual visual language. The course provides a fast paced learning environment and attracts a mixture of creative and intuitive individuals who are committed to become the designers and artists of the future.

    The Course aims to:

    – Support students in the creation of a unique & distinctive portfolio of art or design work for both ‘Digital’ & ‘Full’ Portfolio submissions for Further and Higher Education

    – Courses introduce students to an artistic learning & teaching environment working in a studio

    – Extend student’s knowledge and understanding of creative approaches in art & design and the visual arts

    – Support students in the exploration of pathways towards careers in art & design

    What is The Portfolio Preparation Course – Fine Art & Design Creative Practices?

    ‘�The�experiences�I�gained�from� the�Portfolio�Course�were� entirely�unique�and�offered� me�the�perfect�stepping�stone� between�school,�college�and�� a�degree�course.’

    2D/3D Installation 16/17

    Work by Jonathan Hughes

    Students 2016/17

    Students 2016/17

  • Is the Course right for me?

    If you aspire to a career in Fine Art or Design then this dynamic production led course will invariably be the right pathway for you.

    What will I be learning?

    Students are introduced to the learning and teaching environment of studio based creative practice in the cultural context of The GSA and Glasgow, Scotland, rest of the UK and worldwide

    The Course curricular is flexible with a core focus on drawing, representational and analytical to experimental. Students will learn how to visually research & investigate, develop a sketchbook practice and engage in critical inquiry. Students will participate in ‘crits’, the Studio ‘Crit’ facilitates, a review analysis of the students work by tutors and peers and self-led evaluation.

    Throughout the course students will also be encouraged to develop a collaborative and independent working creative practice.

    What makes this course ‘unique’?

    – It is a productive experience, encouraging students to establish a strong work ethic and produce an abundant amount of high quality work

    – Taught by staff, who have 20 years’ experience as practitioners and educators within the fields of Visual Art and Design

    – Unique and non-formulaic portfolios of art and design work developed

    – Environment encourages confidence in the student to take risks, try new ‘things’ and not fear failure but to embrace it in order to improve skills and expand knowledge

    – Teaches students new ‘ways of seeing, thinking, creating & making’.

    – Contact with Full-time GSA Departmental Staff

    – Access to a range of activities and resources within The GSA

    – Student demographic is extremely diverse in that applicants apply from the full gamut of society and age range

    – Located in the heart of The Glasgow School of Art

    Programme overview

    – Duration of Study: August - March (27 weeks)

    – Award: GSA Award SCQF Level 6 60 credits

    – Number of places: 45 (over both Options)

    – Location: GSA Campus - Glasgow

    – Context: 2.5 days per week.

    – Option 1 - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Morning

    – Option 2 - Wednesday Afternoon, Thursday and Friday

    – Student Contact Hours: 15 hours per week

    – Independent Study : Approximately 10 hours

    – Source of funding: • Self-funded • Limited number of GSA scholarships


    Entry requirements

    – Qualifications - Applicants would preferably have the required entry requirements for HE Art and Design Courses or are in the process of studying towards these qualifications.

    – We are willing to consider applications from those who do not have the published conventional qualifications for HE admission and who wish to gain recognition for formal or informal study taken elsewhere

    – Digital/efolio of multiple slides (some slides might contain images)

    – The Admissions Panel are interested in a candidate’s work including and most importantly, drawings from primary source material (ie not from photographs), images from sketchbooks are encouraged particularly those which demonstrate the applicant’s creative process.

    – Please note - this course is not suitable for non-EU students as they would not be able to obtain an appropriate visa to enter the UK.

    Course fee

    The fee for this course for 2017/18 is £1850.00 which includes registration fees and organised group trips. Students who have been offered a place on this course will be notified of relevant funding options.

    How to apply

    Applications will be available from Wednesday 22nd February 2017. Final date for applications is Monday 15th May 2017.

    To obtain an application form please contact: Registry@gsa.ac.uk

    or download an application form direct from the GSA website at: www.gsa.ac.uk/portfolioprep

    ‘�The�Course�was�a�wonderful� influence�on�my�work�and�style� while�allowing�me�to�work�and� think�independently,�supported� by�the�brilliant�tuition�given.’

    ‘�The�portfolio�Course�at�the�GSA� is�the�perfect�introduction�for� anyone�planning�to�pursue�an� art�education’

  • Open Studio Blythswood House Offices 200 West Regent Street Glasgow G2 4DQ l.garner@gsa.ac.uk 0141 566 1311 or 0141 353 4596/4565

    www.gsa.ac.uk/ portfolioprepwww.facebook.com/ GSAContinuingEducation

    www.facebook.com/ GSAPortfolioPreparation

    To view a trailer and short film about the course please visit the GSA Website or following Vimeo links: https://vimeo.com/72193060 https://vimeo.com/88239770

    Please note that completing the Portfolio Course does not guarantee a place on an undergraduate course.

    Open Studio also offers other options for potential students putting together a Portfolio of work.

    These include:

    – Portfolio Evening Courses – (September to March)

    – Saturday Portfolio Courses for S5 and S6 Pupils – (October to March)

    – S5 and S6 Life Drawing – (October to March)

    – Summer School Portfolio Taster Weeks (July/August)

    Any Questions?

    Sketchbook from 2D/3D Project 16/17 by Rose Hollands

    The information contained in this flyer is correct at the time of going to print and the School reserves the right to amend details as circumstances dictate.

    The Glasgow School of Art is a charity registered inScotland, charity number SC012490.

    Photographic images: Joanie Jack and Deborah Holland Cover image: Marie Claire Lacey


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