portraits and pop art what is pop short for?. andy warhol: father of pop art 1928-1987

Download Portraits and Pop Art What is POP short for?. Andy Warhol: Father of POP Art 1928-1987

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Portraits and Pop ArtWhat is POP short for?Andy Warhol: Father of POP Art


He based his artwork around objects and people that were popular in the 50s-80s. He worked with silkscreen so he could easily reproduce his work.

Famous Portraits 1960s 1980s

Using the Warhol style

Daniel Elden

Erika Iris

Alejandro De Antonio

Student Celebrity Paintings

Start thinking of a celebrity you would like to paint!Today we will look at measurements of the faceDrawing facial featuresAnd drawing the other half of a celebrity's face


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