portraits - wine ?· 5 canada portraits | 2015 what is canada portraits? to help wine businesses...

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  • 1 Wine Intelligence 2015


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  • 2Canada Portraits | 2015

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  • 3Canada Portraits | 2015

    Contents page

    Introduction p.13

    Market overview p.18

    Meet the segments p.19

    Identifying your target p.21

    Adventurous Connoisseurs p.25

    Generation Treaters p.44

    Premium Brand Suburbans p.61

    Risk-averse p.77

    Senior Sippers p.93

    Kitchen Casuals p.107

    Appendix & methodology p.120

  • 4Canada Portraits | 2015

    Excerpts from the introduction

    Wine Intelligence recently ranked Canada as the 7th most attractive wine market in the world.1 With steady growth in consumption reaching 16.6 million monthly wine drinkers, its no wonder that Canada is the 12th

    largest wine market by volume. Its true that wine is becoming a more mainstream product and the category is experiencing growth, but where is this growth occurring, and more importantly, who is responsible?

    The best way to understand what is driving growth in the Canadian wine market is to uncover what motivates consumers. This is easier said than done under the structure of Canadas wine market: the influence of provincial liquor control and the diversity found in Canadas population, amongst other things, can complicate matters. However, even with these difficulties, it is possible to group all Canadian regular wine drinkers based on what motivates their relationship with wine and how their behaviour and interaction is shaped by it.

    Wine Intelligence has identified six distinctive wine consumer segments in Canada, known as Portraits. Each segment has a different relationship with wine that shapes their behaviour, from those who are passionate about exploring the category (Adventurous Connoisseurs) to those who simply enjoy a relaxing glass of wine at the end of a long day (Premium Brand Suburbans). But, this Portraits study is about more than just what wine people buy. It explores every aspect of their wine lives, from wine choosing cues to brand affinity, and much more.

    This report (supported by full data Excel spreadsheets) gives you the tools you need to identify who your target consumers really are, in order to plan the most effective ways of reaching them. The Wine Intelligence team are here to help with any questions or queries that you may have when using this report, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us

    Michael WernerProject Manager

    1. Source: Wine Intelligence Compass Report 2015-16

  • 5Canada Portraits | 2015

    What is Canada Portraits?

    To help wine businesses better target their consumers, Wine Intelligence has developed a segmentation of Canadian regular wine drinkers, which we call Portraits

    We use latent class analysis to group consumers who have similar levels of spend on wine per occasion, frequency of wine consumption per occasion and attitudes towards wine

    We then study these consumer groups through quantitative and qualitative research (including through focus groups, interviews, and through our online survey platform Vinitrac) to build a deep understanding of how they behave and what motivations lie behind their wine consumption

  • 6Canada Portraits | 2015

    Canada Portraits segments by share of total Canadian regular wine drinkers, total volume and total value

  • 7Canada Portraits | 2015

    Qualitative methodology

    Data from focus groups and an in-depth interview was collected to support this study in August 2015, in Toronto

    3 x 1 hour focus groups with:

    Adventurous Connoisseurs

    Generation Treaters

    Premium Brand Suburbans

    1 x in-depth interview with:

    Generation Treater

  • 8Canada Portraits | 2015

    Quantitative methodology

    Data collection:

    The data for this report was collected in March, October 2014, and March 2015

    Data was gathered via Wine Intelligences Vinitrac Canada online survey and is representative

    of all Canadian regular wine drinkers

    Sampling: quotas / stratified

    Screening criteria:

    Respondents were required to drink wine at least once a month, to drink at least red, white or

    ros wine and to buy wine in the off-premise and/or in the on-premise

    Data processing:

    Invalid responses (those who completed the survey too quickly, or who straight-lined through

    selected questions) were removed from the sample

    The survey was post-weighted in terms of age, gender and region

  • 9Canada Portraits | 2015

    If you have any questions, please contact your local Wine Intelligence office:

    AVIGNONJean-Philippe Perrouty, Director, Wine Intelligence France| T +33 (0)486 408 417 | Email: jean-philippe@wineintelligence.com


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    Dimitri Coutras, South Africa Country Manager | T +27 828288866 | Email: dcoutras@iafrica.com


    Erica Donoho, USA Country Manager | T +1 973 699 4158 | Email: erica@wineintelligence.com


    Wilhelm Lerner, Associate Director/Germany Country Manager | T +49 (0)175 5806 151 | Email: wilhelm@wineintelligence.com


    Eleanor Hickey, Assistant to the CEO| T +44 020 7378 1277 | Email: eleanor@wineintelligence.com


    Natasha Rastegar, Australia Country Manager | T +61 (0) 428 755 057 | Email: natasha@wineintelligence.com

    TRIESTEPierpaolo Penco, Italy Country Manager | T +39 349 424 3371 | Email: pierpaolo@wineintelligence.com

    REPORT PRICE: GBP 2,500 USD 4,000 EUR 3,500 AUD 5,500 5 Report Credits

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