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Brand Identity Guidelines


<ul><li><p>Section 1 - Introduction 1 The golden rules to communication 3 How we can work with you 4</p><p>Section 2 - The Basics 5 The logo 6 Colour 10 Corporate fonts and typefaces 12</p><p>Section 3 - Stationery 14 Introduction 15 Letterheads 16 Compliment slips 19 Business cards 22 Fax and memos 24 Forms and NCR pads 27</p><p>Section 4 - Printed literature 28 Print items 29 The bar: what is it and how to use it 30 A4 examples 32 A5 examples 35 DL examples 38 Poster and bus examples 41 The bar: colours 43 Document covers - titles and straplines 44 Document covers - selecting an image 45 Do I have to use photography? 47 Paper stock 48</p><p>Section 5 - Partnership branding 49 Partnerships 50 Co-branding 52 Other agencies 54 Council support, funding </p><p>and contract work 55 Approved accreditations 56</p><p>Section 6 - Electronic Communication 57 Websites 58 Emails 59 Powerpoint 60</p><p>Section 7 - Advertising 62</p><p>Section 8 - Vehicle livery 64</p><p>Section 9 - Site boards, hoardings and exhibition stands 67</p><p>Section 10 - Uniforms 71</p><p>Section 11 - Accessibility 74</p><p>Section 12 - Elected members and The Lord Mayor 77</p><p>Portsmouth City Council Corporate Identity Guidelines</p><p>The contents page number page number</p></li><li><p>1 1IntroductionCorporate Identity Guidelines</p></li><li><p>2Portsmouth City Council Corporate Identity Guidelines</p><p>The way that we present ourselves is a major factor in how we are perceived by our customers, partners and people who have an interest in our service.</p><p>Our identity is our commitment and assurance to our residents and customers of a well-managed city. We are accountable for the services, activities and facilities that we provide and have a duty to explain to taxpayers how their money is spent. </p><p>There is substantial evidence that the use of secondary identities or an excess of logos simply confuses the public. It is likely that many people or organisations, other than Portsmouth City Council and our major partners do not understand or recognise the excessive number of logos and symbols we use. We therefore need to apply our corporate identity constantly, across everything we do in order </p><p>for people to recognise and understand the range of work that is carried out by Portsmouth City Council and its employees. The more we apply and use the corporate identity the more it will work for us to raise awareness, improve satisfaction and develop condence.</p><p>This guide, which is applicable to all services, will reinforce and protect the application of Portsmouth City Councils identity and help you and our suppliers to correctly use it. It will show that we operate as one council not a series of disparate departments.</p><p>Identity The corporate logo the organisations badgeImage What we, our customers and partners think about us our goals and aspirations Brand A name, symbol or design that identies our service to our customersValues The things that guide our actions</p><p>Reputation</p></li><li><p>3Portsmouth City Council Corporate Identity Guidelines</p><p> Communication is everyones responsibility </p><p> When producing reports or delivering projects think about the communications risks and benets at draft stage</p><p> Always, always use Portsmouth City Councils logo. Get advice from your directorate corporate communication ofcer. Contact details are on IntraLINK</p><p> Dont initiate or commission publications, advertising or web design without talking to the Corporate Communications team rst we will be able to help; at the very least we can give advice and information on the organisations preferred suppliers</p><p> Remember the needs of the residents. We need to consult when we make service changes, and build responses into policy</p><p> Talk to your manager, colleagues and Key Communicators spread the word about improvements youve made and ideas youve got</p><p> Be realistic you may not be able to get a full feature in the local paper or TV channel for everything you think deserves good publicity but Corporate Communications will work with you to try to nd the best PR for your campaign/ event/service</p><p> Always use plain English and the PCC house style which can be found on IntraLINK when writing this ensures you treat all customers in a consistent way</p><p>The golden rules of communication </p><p>Better communication leads to recognition and improved customer satisfaction </p></li><li><p>4The Corporate Communications team: Provide advice and guidance on publications, </p><p>communications and collateral working with directorates to produce quality documents which meets the needs of our customers</p><p> Are responsible for internal communication initiatives for example LINK, Key Communicator Network and staff information</p><p> Co-ordinate, write and edit the Flagship magazine, the A-Z of services and the staff Annual Review</p><p> Provide advice and guidance on corporate identity, design and publications negotiate and liaise with both internal and external customers to provide advice on the PCC corporate identity guidelines, as well as negotiating with designers and printers to ensure best value</p><p> Provide advice and guidance on plain English PCC holds corporate membership to the plain English company and this underpins all of our communications</p><p> Provide advice and guidance on internal corporate communication messages for example Local Pay Review, the new stationery contract and the new print contract</p><p> Develop and support all e-communication within PCC including the design of the corporate website and IntraLINK</p><p> Co-ordinate Intranet and Web authors/Editors</p><p> Provide value for money graphic design to PCC directorates</p><p> Manage the PCC Media Store - which is a database of images that reect Portsmouth City Council and Portsmouth</p><p> We liaise and meet regularly with the Strategic Directors and their senior managers to provide pro-active and reactive media support to the organisation</p><p> developing communications campaigns and strategies (anything from local issues to major issues such as the Farlington roundabout roadworks)</p><p> We issue news releases to local and regional media, including TV, radio and newspapers, as well as targeting certain media or trade press for specic campaigns or initiatives</p><p> advise on leaets, posters and advertising </p><p>campaigns</p><p> co-ordinate media ambassadors for media interviews, press conferences or photo opportunities</p><p> Undertake Internal communications work for the directorates</p><p>MediaMuch of our contact is with our locals that is our two nearest TV stations BBC South, Meridian Broadcasting; the ve local radio stations (BBC Radio Solent, The Quay, Wave, Ocean and Express) and The News. We occasionally liaise with international media too, often involving the citys major events such as Trafalgar 200. Copies of our news releases are put on the PCC website daily.</p><p>How we can work with you</p><p>Portsmouth City Council Corporate Identity Guidelines</p></li><li><p>5 2The BasicsCorporate Identity Guidelines</p></li><li><p>6Portsmouth City Council Corporate Identity Guidelines</p><p>What is the Portsmouth City Council logoOur corporate logo is represented by a star and crescent with the words Portsmouth City Council. These two elements should never be separated. The logo should not be altered in any way. The logo is available on IntraLINK under useful information.</p><p>On our website at http://www.portsmouth.gov.uk</p><p>Or email corporatecommunications@portsmouthcc.gov.uk Tel: 023 9284 1559</p><p>The logo can be increased or decreased in size but the star and crescent and the words must always remain in proportion to one another. No additional words can be added to the logo. The font for our logo is Avenir.</p><p>For larger projects such as billboards the logo can be scaled up with correct proportions. Always ask Corporate Communications for advice on larger projects. Always reproduce the logo from master artwork. Never redraw, re-proportion, or amend it in any way.</p><p>These are four standard sizes for reproducing the logo in print. The logo should never be used smaller than the examples shown. Only these standard sizes are to be used and they have been created to suit the most needs of the authority.</p><p>The logo</p><p>DL 40-50mm wide</p><p>A5 40-50mm wide</p><p>A4 58-68mm wide</p><p>A3 85-95mm wide</p><p>The logo can be increased or decreased in size but the star and crescent and the words must always remain in proportion to one another.</p></li><li><p>7Portsmouth City Council Corporate Identity Guidelines</p><p>The logo</p><p>The minimum space around the logo is equal to the height of P in Portsmouth</p><p>The logo: clear spaceIn order to create the maximum visual impact of the logo a clear space needs to be maintained around it. This is a space where no other type or image must appear. The minimum space around the logo is equal to the height of P in Portsmouth. The only exception to this is when the logo reproduces on, or reverses out of a suitable photographic or colour background.</p></li><li><p>8The logo coloursThe corporate logo has been designed to suit most communications needs. You can use the logo in the colour variations pictured. The colour logo you choose will depend on several things:</p><p> the background colour of the printed document</p><p> your budgetary constraints full colour printing is more expensive, so you may choose a one colour document and logo</p><p>Portsmouth City Council Corporate Identity Guidelines</p><p>How to use the logoIf your background is:</p><p>White background use Solid black logo Blue logo Colour logo</p><p>Mid-coloured background use Solid black logo Dark coloured background use White reversed out logo Textured or photographic background use Solid black logo White reversed out logo</p><p>Single colour/black &amp; white useSolid black logo </p><p>The corporate logo has been designed to suit most communications needs.</p></li><li><p>9Portsmouth City Council Corporate Identity Guidelines</p><p>How to use the logo</p><p>BlueThis should only be used on a </p><p>white background</p><p>Solid black For use on a white or light colour </p><p>background</p><p>Colour logoFor use on a white background only</p><p>White reversed out of a strong colour. For use on dark colour background</p><p>White reversed out of a photographic or illustrative background</p><p>Do not use against complex backgrounds or backgrounds where there is not enough contrast</p><p>Solid black on a photographic or illustrative background</p><p>Do not use against complex backgrounds</p></li><li><p>10</p><p>Portsmouth City Council Corporate Identity Guidelines</p><p>This section introduces the councils corporate colours and explains how to apply them.</p><p>Portsmouth City Councils ofcial colours for the logo are either blue and black or blue and gold. It is important that you reproduce these colours accurately on all materials. </p><p>Pantone numbersPantone colours are internationally recognised as the standard for colour communication in the graphic design industry, with each colour being given an identifying code or pantone number.</p><p>CMYKPrinters also use cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). These are the four colours that are used to produce all possible colours in full colour litho print, for example publications and newsletters.</p><p>RGBRed, green and blue values are used for on screen designs such as PowerPoint presentations and websites. </p><p>BlackPantone numbers: blackCMYK: 0.0.0</p><p>BluePantone numbers: 2935CMYK: 10.80.161</p><p>BluePantone numbers: 282CMYK: 0.56.118</p><p>YellowPantone numbers: 130CMYK: 254.190.14</p><p>Colour</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>Portsmouth City Council Corporate Identity Guidelines</p><p>Secondary colour paletteThe secondary colour palette is designed to add vibrancy to Portsmouths identity. It is a range of colours to be used as a background for your publications. Colour accuracy and consistency is very important. </p><p>ColourThis is the ofcal Portsmouth City Council colour palette and is the standard for all printed materials. The colours are not designed to represent any service and may be used in all applications. </p><p>C 0%M 100%Y 100%K 0%</p><p>C 0%M 100%Y 400%K 0%</p><p>C 0%M 50%Y 100%K 0%</p><p>C 0%M 0%Y 100%K 0%</p><p>C 30%M 0%Y 100%K 0%</p><p>C 100%M 0%Y 100%K 0%</p><p>C 100%M 0%Y 70%K 40%</p><p>C 100%M 0%Y 30%K 5%</p><p>C 100%M 15%Y 0%K 0%</p><p>C 100%M 50%Y 0%K 0%</p><p>C 100%M 720%Y 0%K 32%</p><p>C 50%M 100%Y 0%K 10%</p><p>C 40%M 100%Y 60%K 0%</p><p>C 60%M 80%Y 100%K 30%</p><p>100%</p><p>70%</p><p>40%</p><p>15%</p><p>R 237G 27B 35</p><p>R 237G 15B 100</p><p>R 248G 148B 29</p><p>R 255G 242B 0</p><p>R 191G 215B 48</p><p>R 0G 166B 80</p><p>R 0G 115B 86</p><p>R 0G 163B 179</p><p>R 0G 155B 223</p><p>R 0G 113B 187</p><p>R 0G 55B 117</p><p>R 132G 30B 130</p><p>R 166G 41B 87</p><p>R 97G 60B 36</p><p>C 70%M 55%Y 55%K 0%</p><p>R 103G 115B 117</p><p>C 50%M 0%Y 0%K 100%</p><p>R 0G 20B 35</p><p>C 0%M 0%Y 0%K 35%</p><p>R 195G 195B 195</p><p>PMS 281Cool Grey 5PMS 2935</p></li><li><p>12</p><p>Portsmouth City Council Corporate Identity Guidelines</p><p>The type of font you use can completely change the tone of what you write. </p><p>For example, a letter about a Council Tax bill in Comic Sans would give customers completely the wrong impression, as it looks unprofessional.</p><p>We have introduced corporate typefaces to create consistency in the tone of our communications and to ensure we produce materials that are accessible to a wide range of audiences. We have corporate membership of the plain English Campaign. This means that we make it clear to our customers that Portsmouth City Council is committed to clear communication. Plain English ensures that the intended audience can read, understand and act the rst time they read the information. Plain English takes into account design and layout as well as language.</p><p>Most fonts can be divided into two groups: serif, which have pointed bits (serifs) like this; </p><p>abcdefghijklmnopand </p><p> sans serif, which are plain, like this</p><p>abcdefghijklmnopSerifs, if they are too pronounced can be distracting. Use sans serif font. Word-processing software offers a wide choice of fonts and it is tempting to use many different fonts in the same document. Dont! Its confusing to the reader and can make documents more difcult to read.</p><p>The corporate typeface is Arial. This is because it is a sans serif font; it is pre-installed on all modern PCs and is widely available. This should be used to produce all documents internally - ie letters, reports and PowerPoint slides. For printed materials the typeface is Fruitiger see page 28 for details.</p><p>Corporate fonts and typefaces</p><p>We have introduced corporate typefaces to create consistency in the tone of our communications</p></li><li><p>13</p><p>Portsmouth City Council Corporate Identity Guidelines</p><p>Corporate fonts and how to use them</p><p>SHADOW</p><p>Size matters Fonts and typography, what to avoid: serif fonts or mixed font sizes in one sentence</p><p> CAPITALS, avoid using block capital letters for emphasis - it makes words difcult to read, and looks as if YOU ARE SHOUTING</p><p> underlining is a hangover from typewriter days. It makes it difcult to recognise the shape of the letters</p><p> italics the human eye reads by recognising the shape of words. Text which has been set in italics or capitals is more difcult to read as it is harder to recognise the word shapes if all letters are the same height or set at an angle</p><p> aligning type to the centre, justifying or setting type to the right</p><p> type effects such as </p><p>or </p><p>or </p><p> tight or touching text doesnt save space it just makes things difficult to read</p><p>Arial should be a minimum of 12 point in correspondence. Always be mindful of your audienc...</p></li></ul>