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Discover why Portsmouth English Language School is the best place to study and learn to speak English as a ForLocated in Portsmouth the Great Waterfront City of the United Kingdom we are a warm friendly school with the highest quality tuition.



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  • 2Portsmouth English LanguageSchool (PELS) is a young, friendlyschool on the south coast ofEngland, about 1 hour 30 minutesfrom London by train or car andwithin easy reach of all the majorLondon airports. Since we opened in2008, our dedicated, experiencedstaff have helped students from allover the world successfully learnEnglish and improve their skillswhilst enjoying the best that themulticultural city of Portsmouth hasto offer.

    We have 10 classrooms with a classsize maximum of 12 students(please note during peak times thiscan increase to up to 15). Our smallschool capacity guarantees thateach student receives the idealindividual time and attention neededto progress with confidence.

    www.portsmouthels.co.uk | Tel: UK 44 (0) 23 92 736662 | E:info@portsmouthels.co.uk

    Big enough to count,.

    small enough to care..


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  • www.portsmouthels.co.uk | Tel: UK 44 (0) 23 92 736662 | E:info@portsmouthels.co.uk 3


    Join us just for fun or to achieve your desiredlevel and gain the qualifications you need forUniversity and work. We offer: Year-round General English Courses Starter to Advanced Levels Full-time and Part-time Courses Hourly rates available Continuous Enrolment (start any time of year) Junior Learners Programme (11 18 years) IELTS exam preparation and IELTS Intensive Courses Ladies Only Classes with on-site crche for children aged 3

    months - 4 years (4 hours per day).

    On demand, we can also offer: Internships in Hotel & Catering, Travel &

    Tourism, Computing, Design, Retail and more English Speaking Board exam classes Business English Skills Anglia exam preparation Internships (study combined with UK

    work placements) One-to-one private lessons on-site One-to-one tuition via Skype

    Whatever your language goals inlife - for work, for education, foryour own pleasure choose PELS.

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  • 4In addition to your classroom time, you can enjoy a variety ofschool organised excursions and activities with your fellowstudents. Enrich your experience with fun leisure, sport andsocial time-out, getting to know new friends and new places.

    The school is located in the heart of Portsmouth, just a fewminutes walk from the main shopping areas, the beach and agreat choice of cafs, bars and restaurants. The historic navaldockyard is also within walking distance for you to discoverworld famous ships such as The Victory, HMS Nelson and TheMary Rose. For a more modern approach, head to the famouswaterfront complex, Gunwharf Quays, where you will findcinemas, bowling, designer shops, night life and a great varietyof places to eat and drink and watch the world go by!

    www.portsmouthels.co.uk | Tel: UK 44 (0) 23 92 736662 | E:info@portsmouthels.co.uk


    An all-round learning.

    and lifestyle adventure.

    Popular destinations include thenearby Isle of Wight, thetraditional seaside city ofBrighton and, of course,England's capital, London.

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  • www.portsmouthels.co.uk | Tel: UK 44 (0) 23 92 736662 | E:info@portsmouthels.co.uk 5


    AccommodationFor an all-round truly authenticexperience, our recommendedaccommodation is with one of ourtrusted Homestay families. You canchoose a half-board or full-board mealplan and get a real taste of England withtypical cuisine. Staying with an Englishspeaking family gives you the chance topractise your English outside of theclassroom and to be part of the way oflife for the duration of your course.

    All families are personally selected byPELS and regularly inspected. Most of ourHosts live within 15-20 minutes of the

    school, and can be reachedon foot or by local bus.

    For a more independentexperience, please ask aboutthe possibility of self-cateringapartments and sharedhousing. Visitwww.portsmouthels.co.ukfor more details on Host andother accommodation options.

    NOTE: We do not offer ourAccommodation service tostudents studying less than 15hours per week.

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  • 6 www.portsmouthels.co.uk | Tel: UK 44 (0) 23 92 736662 | E:info@portsmouthels.co.uk

    All levels 11 to 18 year olds


    Young people tell us theylove PELS and they lovePortsmouth. We have aschool to match theexciting and friendlyatmosphere of the city,where everything is withineasy reach. There is somuch to do, our studentsare spoilt for choice,including:

    Bowling, Cinema, BlueReef Aquarium, Fun Fair,Beach, BBQ, Picnic, Disco,Treasure Hunts, Quizzes,Live Music, Theatre,Tennis, Badminton,Squash, Volleyball,Basketball, Football,Rounders, Cycling,Swimming, Trampolining,Yoga

    Junior Learner.


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  • In the classroom from 9.00am-12.15pm ourenthusiastic teaching team work with carefully selectedmaterials to deliver a programme tailored to thelearning styles and needs of younger students. Weincorporate fun games, music and lively activities withtopics and tasks to ensure a stimulating classroomexperience. Pair and group project work withpresentations help students to bond together,building confidence and new friendships.

    Our Junior Learner Programme is particularlypopular in the English Summer holiday months ofJuly and August. The programme runs from thebeginning of July until the end of the second weekin August. Please contact PELS to discuss yourrequirements during or outside of this popularperiod.

    www.portsmouthels.co.uk | Tel: UK 44 (0) 23 92 736662 | E:info@portsmouthels.co.uk 7


    Sample Timetable

    Morning Session Mid Session Afternoon9am - 10.30am 10.45am - 12.15pm Activity

    Monday Welcome to PELS and Write and present Visit to Southsea Castleget to know you games classroom rules built by King Henry VIII

    Tuesday Sports, activities, Vocabulary focus on Rounders team fieldhobbies class survey sports (likes/dislikes) game on Southsea Common

    Wednesday Fun with food. TV chefs Restaurant role play Trip to Winchester by trainpresent favourite recipe (writing script and acting) (visit the Castle, Cathedral

    and city centre)

    Thursday Weather debate Presenting weather Picnic in the park andUK vs your country and news reports bowling at Gunwharf

    Friday Sending postcards, writing Graduation speeches Hovercraft and Ice-skatingleaving cards. Keep in touch! (advice for friends) trip to the Isle of Wight

    15 M


    te B



    1 H


    r L





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    8 www.portsmouthels.co.uk | Tel: UK 44 (0) 23 92 736662 | E:info@portsmouthels.co.uk

    Travel by planeThe major London airports as well as Southampton andBournemouth airports are only 1 - 2 hours away. We can arrangeyour transfers if required please ask for details.

    Travel by boatPortsmouths continental ferry port is near to the school (about 10mins by car). Ferries come from all over France and Spain everyday. www.portsmouth-port.co.uk

    Travel by trainThere are a number of train stations in Portsmouth and the city isvery well connected, under 2 hours from London and Brighton.Southern Trains run direct to/from Gatwick Airport.www.nationalrail.co.uk

    Travel by busTake the bus from the airport or another city for a cheap and easyalternative. www.nationalexpress.com Within the city you can useFirst Bus www.firstgroup.com/ukbus or Stagecoachwww.stagecoachbus.com/south

    Want to go to University?We can help you achieve thehighest standard and jointhousands of international studentsfrom over 100 countries at nearbyPortsmouth University (ranked jointTop Modern University in the UK forStudent Satisfaction in the NationalStudent Survey (NSS) 2010). Askabout progression routes toUndergraduate and Postgraduatecourses, helping you gain the IELTSscore required to secure an offer onyour desired course.

    Come to Portsmouth

    its easy!


    Great Teachers

    Friendly Staff

    Fun Lessons

    Helpful and Caring


    Wonderful Location

    Good Value for Money

    Photographs courtesy of Portsmouth City Council and Rob Paul Studios

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