positive return on content: make your words work for you at blogher '13

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Positive Return on Content: Make Your Words Work for You

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Positive Return on Content: Make Your Words Work for You at BlogHer '13


  • 1.Positive Return on Content: Make Your Words Work for You

2. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required Positive Return on Content: Make Your Words Work for You SAMANTHA ARIGAPUDI Marketing Maven PR, @samarigapudi INSTRUCTOR 3. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required Return on Content Importance of keywordshow to find them. Reaching your target market. Utilizing free and affordable services, products and tools. Analytics techniques to help you get a positive ROC. Best Practices Calculated value of how effective Call-to-Action posts are through analysis of Facebook posting analyses, social media reports and Google Analytics. 4. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required Do you really know your keywords? Branded Content: Delivering your message in such a way that consumers embrace it because it pulls them in. Engaging or Entertaining: Words and searches should line up. Keywords help with branded content 5. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required Steps to Branded Content with Keywords Find 10 keywords, nail down 4-5 keywords critical to your brand Branch out to related terms or phrases I.E. Are you a fitness blogger? Use related terms that have less competition to help increase traffic and brand yourself. (Hint: use free keyword tool in Google AdWords) Fitness (37,200,000 searches), CrossFit (4,090,000) To find more keywords, use www.visualthesaurus.com or www.keywordspy.com. 6. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required Reaching Your Target Market Reaching a target market means the reader (your target), should find the information they need with helpful content (your blog). Think about how you can enhance consumer experience by providing content that alleviates peoples stress and improves their lives. Originality is key. What content is that? Anticipate your readers needs by giving them what they want even before they ask. How do I do that? Identify what your readers want, what they are interested in, or what makes them tick and then build content hubs around these desires. Use your keyword tools to determine what is driving traffic to your site. Are people more interested in specific fitness exercises instead of morning smoothies? Keywords need to serve as SEO magnets throughout your blog, articles, and social media. 7. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required Free Products, Services, and Tools Utilize social media to its fullest extent: I.E. YouTube is the 3rd largest search engine Use the same keywords you do elsewhere to solidify your brand and connect with your prospects using a plan thats already engaging SocialMention: Allows you to easily track and measure what people are saying about any topic across the webs social media landscape in real time including Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google, and so forth. You can click on the links where you are mentioned facilitating a direct response to the person mentioning our brand or keyword. Technorati: An online tool that searches a blog directory of nearly 1.3 million blogs for all mentions of brands or keywords. Premise: A plugin from Copyblogger that creates a stunning landing page for you, no code or HTML knowledge required. 8. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required Measure Return on Specific Content in Social Media Timely Posts Create posts and ads that are sure to get the largest engagement based on keywords, posting time, and content. Although services like Facebook Ads and Offers may not be free, they are a minimal price to pay for a high Return on Content Organization Use platforms like HootSuite and Socialite You MUST have a clear Call-to- Action, you should treat it as if your blog is the service that is the prime solution to your readers. CTAs to NOT include: Like My Page FREE Giveaway on my Site Regroup Time for a true analysis. 9. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required Maximizing Effectiveness Review How much traffic was driven from call-to-action posts, or free guest posts? Make links unique in your posts so they are easier to follow through bit.ly and Sprout Social unique links. Follow That Post! Set up links through Facebook, Google Adwords or Hootsuite that is specific to your post so you can follow it on the backend. 10. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required Test Your Sleuthing Questions to ask yourself: How frequently did people engage with my post? What time did people engage the most with my post? Where did their engagement end? How did my target reader engager with my post? Do I need to change who my target reader is? What outcomes resulted from my post? 11. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required A-B Testing When using Facebook Ads or Offers, or other affordable platforms: Design an ad for each social media platform or site and narrow by demographic, image, and/or copy. Even in testing phase, present copy that is timely and attractive. I.E. is it Cyber Monday? How does your content act as a relevant solution to your reader? Why would they want to read your blog as opposed to another? 12. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required Be on the Go! Mobile Optimization: Return on Content also means understanding how well your blog, newsletter, or even company site is doing when on the go. 1. Navigation Big, thumb-friendly buttons Intuituve structure and heirarchy Nested navigation 2. Content and Images Using mobile-optimized images will ensure that they load and render correctly to fit on the screen of a smartphone and wont cover up any links and/or text. use smaller-sized images and think about how many pixels wide and tall the image should be in order to render correctly on various mobile devices. 3. Load Times A study done by Keynote Competitive Research found tht 67% of people expect a mobile site to load in under 4 seconds. Does yours? Using smaller images (or swapping images out for HTML and CSS), boiling down your content, and reducing the number of site pages are all ways to help improve load times. 13. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required Best Practices Ensure that messaging is in line with branding: it needs to be relevant to your subject matter. Always stay organized when working with multiple ads, platforms or posts to effectively track your ROC. Look for the time during which people interacted more with your content, the demographic that displayed the most interactions, and which copy generated the most interest. Look for how many likes and engagement your content generated. Go back to each ad or post and fine-tune future content using effective keywords, images and more to reach your target demographic. Use specific links to easily determine your ROC. Have a well mobile optimized blog. 14. #BH13PosReturn INTERNET SSID: BlogHer | No Password Required Positive Return on Content: Make Your Words Work for You SAMANTHA ARIGAPUDI Marketing Maven PR, @samarigapudi INSTRUCTOR 15. BlogHer is a snake meal of ideas in a wonton wrapper of love. Afterwards you need a 2- day nap, then it nourishes you for a year. @debontherocks