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Final year project presentation


  • 1. Honours ProjectsIntroduction into the Poster presentation Posters - Research Day 2010/11

2. Research DayPosters - Research Day 2010/11 3. School Research Day 2010Wednesday 30 March, Richmond Building (atrium) 9:30-10:00 Registration10:00-12:30 Poster Presentations by final year students12:30-13:30 Lunch break13:30-15:00 Highlights of the Schools research activitiesPresentation by Careers Service15:00-15:30 Award of Poster Prize and Concluding Remarks Posters - Research Day2010/11 4. Carrot: Poster Prize... Fisher Scientific are sponsoring the prize for the best poster YOU are the judges During the poster session, you can vote for your favourite poster The poster with largest number of votes wins The Poster Prize is awarded in the afternoon following the Careers afternoon,presentation Posters - Research Day2010/11 5. ... and stick: Assessment The poster forms part of the assessment component of the project mark: 20% Performance 40% Assessment by supervisor 40% Assessment by 2nd marker The actual poster mark contributes 10% to each assessment(supervisors and 2nd markers), hence 8% of the total project markd Posters are marked on the Research Day by the supervisor and the 2ndmarker (wherever possible)Posters - Research Day2010/11 6. Assessment criteria Is the title appropriate and does it highlight the subject matter? Is the poster divided into appropriate sections with subtitle: Abstract,Introduction, Method, ResultsIntroduction Method Results, Discussion and Conclusion Conclusion,References? Does the poster explain the following in clear, jargon-free terms: the i tifi th scientific problem/background t th study bl /b k d to the t d how the particular experiment/study addresses the problem the method the th experiment/study performed it/ t dfd the results obtained the conclusions evaluation or f t l tifuture research h Are the font and typesize for the main text appropriate? Overall design: Does the poster exhibit visual simplicity and clarity? Is the poster laid out in a logical order? Has colour and graphics been used meaningfully and appropriately? Has text been used appropriately and concisely (i.e. kept to the minimum needed)?Posters - Research Day2010/11 7. Assessment criteriaExcellentThe poster demonstrates a thorough and comprehensive realisation and mastery of the skill of poster presentation using a combination of visual and textual devices to present with clarity and economy all necessary informationinformation.Very GoodThe poster is excellent, but not outstanding, when assessed against the above criteria. The poster demonstrates a thorough and comprehensive realisation of the skill of poster presentation. Higher marks in this category demonstrate greater mastery of the requirements.Good The poster is judged to be average to very good when assessed against the above criteria. The poster has some weaknesses in clarity, economy and completeness. Higher marks in this category demonstrate greater realisation of the requirements.SatisfactoryS ti f t The Th poster iis jjudged t b of poor quality when assessed against the above td d to be flit h d i t th b criteria. The poster demonstrates poor realisation of the requirements of the assessment. There are major general weaknesses. Lower marks in this category demonstrate more serious failures to satisfy the requirements.Unsatisfactory The poster demonstrates an unacceptable and minimal understanding of the requirements of the assessment and few of the criteria are satisfied. Lower marks demonstrate a minimal attempt to p p produce a pposter relating to final y g year research project or dissertation.Posters - Research Day2010/11 8. How to prepare the posterPosters - Research Day 2010/11 9. Poster format The format of the posters is A2 (420x594 mm, equivalent to 4 A4 pages),portrait or landscape Posters can be prepared in Powerpoint and printed by the Universityprinting service (1st Floor Portland Building, Park Building), for 5 See Alternatively, posters can be prepared by arranging text and graphicprintouts on cardboard The posters should also be submitted in electronic format (to thesupervisor) It is a good idea to show a draft to the supervisor for feedbackff f Posters - Research Day 2010/11 10. Timeline for Poster preparation Start early! The poster presentation is on 30 March Therefore, your poster should be ready and printed well BEFORE thatdate (Monday 28 March latest) Check with your supervisor for possible IP (intellectual property)problems before public display Posters - Research Day2010/11 11. Quick guide for posters Know your topic Seems trivial, but this is the key to a good poster Be selective You should know more about your project than you can possibly fit onto a poster; restrict yourselves to a few points, and explain these well Keep it simple A poster is not an essay; there is plenty of opportunity to go into more detail in the thesis Minimise text, use graphics A poster is a visual communication tool, so use clear, simple graphics to illustrate you po sus a e your points Use large font Remember, posters are read from a distance (18 pt minimum) should be readable as an A4 format printout Provide guidance The sequence of content has to be clear from the layout (e.g. columnar); numbering the text blocks may also help - Research Day 2010/11 12. Organise the content Kathryn T K thTosneyPosters - Research Day2010/11 13. Organise the content Kathryn TosneyPosters - Research Day2010/11 14. Organise the contentPosters - Research Day 2010/11 15. Guide along the sequence Kathryn TosneyPosters - Research Day2010/11 16. Guide along the sequence Kathryn TosneyPosters - Research Day2010/11 17. Guide along the sequence Kathryn TosneyPosters - Research Day2010/11 18. Guide along the sequencePosters - Research Day 2010/11 19. Use large font size Kathryn TK thTosney Posters - Research Day2010/11 20. Use large font size Kathryn Tosney Posters - Research Day2010/11 21. Use large font size Posters - Research Day 2010/11 22. Make use of different font size Kathryn Tosney Posters - Research Day2010/11 23. Make use of different font size Kathryn Tosney Posters - Research Day2010/11 24. Make use of different font size Posters - Research Day 2010/11 25. Use large graphics Kathryn Tosney Posters - Research Day2010/11 26. Use large graphics Kathryn Tosney Posters - Research Day2010/11 27. Use large graphics Posters - Research Day 2010/11 28. Graphs straight from Excel This is a graph straight out of Excel it does contain the information, buthides it under a lot of unnecessary colouring and detail Grey background: provides no i f G b k didinformation, di t t the attention and i ugly tidistracts th tt tid is l Grid lines: message is contained in pattern; actual values are probably not relevant Legend: takes up extra space at graphs expense X-axis: X axis: axes are notoriously problematic in Excel, in this case Excel labelling between tick marks crossing of the y-axis at 1 rather then zero Posters - Research Day2010/11 29. Graphs - better This is already better, but still looks a bit cluttered Axis scales: emphasis on pattern, so detail of axis values not required Legend: much easier to simply label the lines Data markers: individual data points are less relevant than pattern, no need tohighlight themPosters - Research Day2010/11 30. Graphs simple and clear Example by George Hess, NC State University pp j pp Finally, all unnecessary detail and distractions are removed The message of the graph is now immediately clearPosters - Research Day2010/11 31. Before and after Posters - Research Day 2010/11 32. Examples from last year The following slides show some of the posters from previous years They exemplify the wide variety of design options Portrait or landscape format Use of 2, 3 or 4 columns Background images or plain background Emphasis on graphics or text Different use of colour Posters - Research Day 2010/11 33. Two versions of the same poster Which version would you prefer? y p Why? Any suggestions for further improvement of the poster? Posters - Research Day2010/11 34. Clear structureVery heavy on text information Posters - Research Day 2010/11 35. Interesting layoutBackground and graphs overloadedPosters - Research Day 2010/11 36. Clear layout Very heavy on text informationPosters - Research Day2010/11 37. Plenty of graphical information (including flow diagram)Information overloadPosters - Research Day 2010/11 38. Eye catchingBackground too dominantPosters - Research Day 2010/11 39. Nice imagesVery heavy on text information Posters - Research Day 2010/11 40. Very clear structureMaybe too understatedPosters - Research Day 2010/11 41. Clear structure, large graphsAny? Posters - Research Day 2010/11 42. Interesting layout, good illustrations Any?Posters - Research Day 2010/11 43. Clear structure, plenty of graphicsAny?Posters - Research Day 2010/11 44. Poster template On Victory you will find a PowerPoint template for your poster The size is set to A2, but you can change layout, background, font etc. to your liking Posters - Research Day 2010/11 45. Finally... Your poster will be visited by many people, not just the assessors They may give you feedback on your project, your results, or theirinterpretation Make use of these comments when you are finalising your thesis!Posters - Research Day 2010/11