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Description, features, benefits, and demo of Postgres Plus Cloud Database.


  • 1. Postgres Plus Cloud Databasefrom EnterpriseDB Whats it all about? October 2012EnterpriseDB, Postgres Plus and Dynatune are trademarks ofEnterpriseDB Corporation. Other names may be trademarks of their 1respective owners. 2010. All rights reserved.

2. Why are organizations moving to the cloud? Lower Costs Utility style pricing allows you to pay only for what you use Reduced on-premise spend (hardware, real estate, energy, licensing) Cloud computing offers the capability to scale without the upfront costsOn-premise data center vs.Cloud computing BackupStorageApplications HouseMaintain High AvailabilityProductivity toolsBuildBuyMonitoring Hardware Hire Capital InvestmentUtility-like use/pricing 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 2 3. Why are organizations moving to the cloud? Ease of Use Pre-packaged setups (e.g. feature rich HA database clusters) Automatic maintenance (DBaaS) Little to no database administration expertise needed Running a Database in the Cloudvs. Running a Cloud Database 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.3 4. Why are organizations moving to the cloud? Availability and Accessibility Virtualization and Cloud offer the promise of 24 x 7 x 365 operations Automation of previously difficult operations like scale up / outEuropeN.A. APAC AfricaS.A. 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 4 5. Cloud Use Cases New Application Development Easy to setup robust database clusters for short or long lived project work Small Startup Companies or projects Allows focus on product development and not infrastructure setup Platform as a Service vendors Integrate a scalable cloud database tier into their offerings E.g. CloudBees or Engine Yard Migrating traditional workloads Cost reduction initiatives Oracle cost reduction Utilizing Postgres Plus Advanced Server in an HA cloud environment Smaller applications in need of world wide access Developed by small organizations, non-profits, and individuals Offsite Disaster Recovery 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.5 6. Todays Cloud Databasesmany fail to take advantage of all the Cloud features Elastic storage and auto-scaling of storage Elastic load-balancing and connection pooling Self-healing with failover and replacement Automatic replicationWhat else is missing? User configurability: most solutions are black box with no user control Extensions like geo-spatial supportVendor Lock In Each solution is tied to a vendor with special interests A true cloud database is platform agnostic giving users choice and portability 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.6 7. What should the Cloud RDBMS look like? Postgres Plus Features Characteristics Cloud Database Open source basedMature, SQL standard, ACID compliant, high Enterprise grade RDBMS R/W performance Automatically create selfMulti-server clusters with auto-backup, healing HA configurationsreplication, load balancing and connection and automate other Admin pooling. Clone database for sandbox tasksdevelopment. Daily grandfathered backups. Elastic Scale Up and Out Add storage and CPUs automatically andtransparently Any Platform Public cloud, Private Cloud, or Bare Metal Cloud Vendor Independent Amazom, HP Compute Cloud, RackSpaceCloud, OpenStack, CloudBees, Engine Yard Black or white box control Serves novice and hands-on users with pointand click GUI Other value adds NoSQL and Hadoop connectivity, enterprisemonitoring options, Oracle compatibility 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.7 8. Introducing 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 8 9. What is Postgres Plus Cloud Database? Pushbutton provisioning of high availability database clusters Streaming replication between master and replicas Connection pooling handle more users over time Load-balancing of READS over the whole cluster SQL Routing for WRITES to master with white and black listing of SQL No special DBA or Administrative skills required Start, Connect and code Self Healing clusters Constant health and stats monitoring Transaction preferred failover prevents loss of all committed transactions Recovery Time preferred failover prioritizes recovery time Cluster configuration fully restored after failover Unattended operation 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.9 10. What is Postgres Plus Cloud Database? Elastic Cloud features Horizontal auto-scaling of replicas for spikey READ loads Auto-scaling of storage based on user set threshold Scale up server class size Elastic IP maintains connection parameters for apps after failover Trouble Free Management features: Daily automatic backups Pushbutton cloning for developer sandboxes Pushbutton version upgrade GUI web console Extensions friendly (e.g. GeoSpatial support) 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.10 11. Feature Rich Easy to Use GUI 15 2 1 Scale replicas up / down 2 Clone cluster 3 Upgrade Postgres version 36 4 Scale server class 5 Server DNS / Port 4 6 Failover modes77 User selectable scaling thresholds 8 DB Configuration, monitors, log8 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 11 12. Cloud Database Marketecture ssh 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 12 13. What makes Cloud Database unique? Built by the PostgreSQL company Pure unforked community PostgreSQL Community resources for support and troubleshooting Multi-platform: Amazon, CloudStack, OpenStack No vendor lock-in Supports public cloud, private cloud and bare metaldeployments Oracle Compatibility option 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 14. Compatibility A key differentiatorMove existing Oracle applications to use a much less expensive Oracle-compatible database in the CloudReuse existing Oracle development skills and create new applications that target Postgres Plus Cloud Database 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 14 15. Postgres Plus Cloud Database Product Detail Feature Benefits PostgreSQL based databasesPure community PostgreSQL no forks, or with Enterprise-class featuresPostgres Plus Advanced Server CreateHigh Availability clusters in Saves hours and days of setup, DBAs can minutes with point and click GUImanage more servers, novice user accessible Transparent and Elastic auto- Add storage or read replicas with no application scaling changes, business interruption, or human action Binary replicationAutomatically setup and keeps all servers in the cluster up to date with the master Load balancingAutomatically setup to Increase read performance across multiple cluster nodes Connection PoolingAutomatically setup to serve more client connections efficiently Grandfathered auto-backups dailyAutomatically setup to protectdata in the cloud and guard against mishaps Automatic failover2 Self-healing options replace downed master or replicas without human intervention Status management/monitoringView globalstatus & performance of completecloud deployment Clone databaseCreate developer sandboxes in minutes based on production data Oracle compatibilityAllows cost-effective and easy way to move Oracle applications to the Cloud 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.15 16. Product Demo 17. Demo: Register and Login 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 17 18. Demo: the Dashboard 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 18 19. Demo: Create a New Cluster - servers 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 19 20. Demo: Create a New Cluster - backups 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 20 21. Demo: Cluster started in minutes 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 21 22. Demo: Scale-Up 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 22 23. Demo: Scale-Up Events 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 23 24. Demo: User Management 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. 24 25. PricingStandard Amazon EC2 based pricing Multiple components to pricing: data xfer, instance size, usage time, EnterpriseDB only marks up the EC2 On-Demand Instances componentCloud Database Pricing Calculating Pricing 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. Confidential & Proprietary. 25 26. Get Started Today!Test drive the Free Trial in our Forums up today for the DBaaS assistance? We have services to help: 2012 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. Confidential & Proprietary. 26 27. Thank You!


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