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Potassium Nitrate. Kemal VATANSEVER 9-D 216. I n 1270 , by the chemist and engineer  Hasan al- Rammah I n his book  al- Furusiyya wa al- Manasib al- Harbiyya. Origin of . First the purification of  barud . The manufacture of gunpowder and explosive devices. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


KNO_3 Potassium Nitrate


{In 1270, by thechemistand engineerHasan al-RammahIn his bookal-Furusiyya wa al-Manasib al-Harbiyya

2First the purification ofbarud.The manufacture of gunpowder and explosive devices. From a Chinese origin for the gunpowder weapons about the book.Potassium nitrate was called:"Chinese snow" by Arabs"Chinese salt" by Iranians.

It attend the world by the usage in gunpowder.Highly important in19th century.From the end of World WarAlmost all potassium nitrate is used as a fine chemicalIt is produced from basic potassium salts and nitric acid.Development

NH4NO3(aq) + KOH (aq) NH3(g) + KNO3(aq) + H2O (l)(Too dangerous)NH4NO3(aq) + KCl (aq) NH4Cl (aq) + KNO3(aq)(Too dangerous)KOH (aq) + HNO3 KNO3(aq) + H2O (l)(Highly exothermic)Production

Molar mass101.1032 g/mol(101)OdorOdorlessMelting point334CBoiling point400C (Decomposition)Acidity(pH)7(Nearly Neutral)PropertiesPotassium nitrate has anorthorhombiccrystal structure at room temperature.It transforms to a trigonal system at 129 C.Above 560 C, decomposition takes places by generatingpotassium nitrite and oxygen:2 KNO3 2 KNO2+ O2Structure Changes According to States

FertilizerA source of nitrogen and potassium for plants.OxidizerOne of the three components ofblack powder, with powdered charcoal (carbon) and sulfur.In combination with other fuels, such as, with sugars in rocket candy .Fireworks,Smoke bombsPre-rolled cigarettes for maintaining an even burn of the tobacco.Usage

Food PreservationFor preservation of salted meat since theMiddle AgesDue to inconsistent results compared to more modern nitrate and nitrite compounds it is less used.

PharmacologyIn toothpastesforsensitive teeth and increasing rate of use.To relieve asthma symptoms again in toothpastes.Treating of asthma and arthritis.


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