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A good review of what the Tesla roadster delivers using current battery technology and no gearbox. Although not yet at the levels I would hope for a car that would be deemed attractive by fellow European motorists, maybe this is close enough to suggest the goal is not that far any more.


  • 1. Power facts in electric cars From Tesla Motors Roadster 185 kW 0-14000 RPMone speed gear All data from the Tesla users blog

2. Power required vs. stable speed Europes highway speed range 3. Energy absorbed per mile vs. speed From 18 kWh/100 km @ 105 kmhUp to 25 kWh/100 km @ 140 kmh 4. Range vs. stable speedBetter here:400 to 500 kmrange @ EUhighway speedsCurrent capabilities From 210 to 290 kmh @ EU highway speed 5. Sources of energy loss Air conditioningAerodynamic drag Sweet spot of performance @ 50 kmh