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Sick of moderation? Trolls? We are too. youmood.me is a magic button that empowers you to post comments anywhere you want. You do your own moderation and you finally are the one who decides when to express yourself. We're on beta, give us your feedback here: http://youmood.me/en/feedback


  • POWER to the Internet USERS
  • Dont you nd it really annoying that...
  • you cant post comments whenever you want?
  • your (very smart) comments are deleted by community managers?
  • you can only talk to brands on Facebook or Twitter?
  • and you thought web 2.0 was about users taking over the Internet?
  • * well, theres hope.
  • Express yourself anywhere on the web using one magic button. get it here: http://youmood.me
  • Become a superhero
  • Become a superhero comment everywhere
  • Become a superhero comment everywhere share your opinions
  • Become a superhero comment everywhere share your opinions disintegrate spam
  • (this is what your magic button will make appear)
  • Now, you have something to say?
  • Say it to its (websites) FACE