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Dean Shareski October 26 th, 2007

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Presentation given and revised several times. Recently presented at the Career Education Conference in Moose Jaw, Sk, October 26,2007


  • Dean ShareskiOctober 26th, 2007

  • Why would we use PowerPoint?

  • How folks butcher PowerPoint(its not your fault)

  • Templatesthey look cool

  • Bulletseasy for me to organize

  • PowerPointlessnessThe tedious use of flashy transitions, graphics and sound effects while making a slide presentation that is pretty much lacking in thought, meaning and value.

  • OverloadHeres everything I know

  • Reading the slideThe other big mistake many people make is putting a lot of text on the page and the reading it like the audience was stupidThis is true of kids and adultsResearch tells us that we actually will be less likely to remember it this waySo lets stop cramming our slides with text and for sure stop reading them!

  • Solutions

  • It is easy to dismiss design to relegate it to mere ornament, the prettifying of places and objects to disguise their banality. But that is a serious misunderstanding of what design is and why it matters. Dan Pink

  • No Templates

  • BlogsGood blogs are always updatedBlogs which are not are rarely read

  • The following 20 slides are courtesy of Nick Dvoracek of the University of Wisconsin Oshkoshhttp://idea.uwosh.edu/nick/usingppt.htm

  • Background


  • Background issues ContrastUse light objects on a dark backgound

  • Background issues ContrastOr dark objects on a light backgound

  • Low contrast is difficult to readEven with strongly contrasting colors

  • (Darker than background)What looks good on your monitor(Lighter than background)May not look good projected

  • Frame text for emphasis and readabilityFrame text for emphasis and readability

  • the art of storytelling

  • What makes a good story?

  • A picture is worth a 1,000American Soldiers

  • Emotion

  • Humor

  • Use a detailed scriptor outline

  • Deans Rules for Successful PowerPoint Presentations

  • 1 idea per slide

  • Animation and SoundUsed minimally

  • Black Screen

  • Remote Mouse

  • Presenter View

  • Dont provide a handout until youre finished


  • Presentation GurusGodinAtkinsonLessig

  • Image ResourcesClipart.comFlickrMorgue File

  • Dean Shareski


    [email protected]

    **Invite responses****Bullets points are more for presenters than for the audience*Typical mistakes include:TemplatesToo much textGratutious clipart, animations and sounds*Even those that no better make this mistake***Understand the importance of designIt truly makes a differenceContent may be king but design is the queen*Microsofts templates tend to create canned presentations that lack personality and emotion.*Compare the use of templates and bullets**PowerPoint has been given a bad rap mostly because its a relatively easy tool that can do power things.PPt is meant to enhance a presentation, not BE the presentation.*http://idea.uwosh.edu/nick/usingppt.htm

    **The main issue with colors and legibility is contrast.

    Use light objects on a dark background or*Or dark objects on a light background*Low contrast is difficult to read, even with different colors like red and blue. This may seem readable, but

    Look how more dramatically it pops out with high contrast.*A common error is to use a background of a middle tone, and then use darker and lighter object. This usually compromises the legibility of both.

    Keep in mind that the projected images needs a little higher contrast, and things that may look OK on your moniter might be a little difficult to read on a projected image.**They came to listen to you not read your slides.**Beginning*Middle*End*Start with a settingMove to the main part of your storyHave an ending**Listen to their criesTeachers require support and encouragementPrincipals need to know where teachers are at. Ask the right questions*Think of your presentation as mostly oral, your slides supplement your ideasUse the notes part. **Some say no more than six but unless youre comparing, having more slides cost no moredont be stingy*Animation and Sound are generally overusedUse them sparingly*A black screen should be utilized to expand on ideas, slides shouldnt be left on the screen for extended times.***Avoid clipart and use high quality images*Your drawing or childrens drawings also are more interesting and can address certain points*Your handout should be either a separate document, i.e your outline or the notes part of your slides**LessigOften uses single words on slideSynchronizings his speech with the slidesMinimalist

    GodinEmphasizes strong visuals to communicate

    AtkinsonWriter of Beyond bullets Looks at transforming traditional powerPoints using storyboard approach