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Page Lizard join forces with Kaldor and Padify to deliver a Tech Talk about HTML apps and why they're the future of digital publishing.


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2. What is an HTML app and how didwe get here? 3. June 29, 2007 4. April 3, 2010 5. May 2010Wired first iPad edition500Mb+No searchNo comments 6. MagplusThe V&A370Mb 7. App studioVisit Vietnam 8. What is a HTML app?An app which uses predominantly web technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript to deliver content which flows,re-sizes and adjusts to the available screen size regardlessof device type or size.In other words, it works, and looksgreat on everything.Whichever way you hold it.And its also light to download 9. Do you need to changewww.pagelizard.cominfo@pagelizard.com(+44) 0207 183 3690@pagelizardyour business? 10. What does the science tell us? There are around 1.6-1.7bn PCs in use today Already approx 2bn iOS and Android devices.Over the next few years the great majority of the mobile basewill convert to these devices: there will be 3-4bn smartphonesin use and hundreds of millions more tablets.Benedict Evans: Mobile leverage 11. It depends on your demographicsFacebook reported in April that 79% of devices accessing it are mobile 12. But even in the B2B world: 57.62% of your readers will be on Android 50% will be on a phone Reading PDFs on a phone is a rubbish experience HTML is the only way to go(ideally with re-sizable text) Create and edit once publish to multiple devices 13. - 60% of new usersare on mobile,rather than tablet87.5% repeat users12.5% new usersCase study:The Pharmaceutical Journal 14. Case study:The Pharmaceutical Journal84%Total PDF/HTML views45%Page (PDF) viewText (HTML) View40%23 m29 s36%19 m22 s16%55%60%64%Default view changed to HTMLJuly 19th issue September 6th issue September 13th issue September 27th issueDwell time per article increased from 22 to 29 seconds;Per issue from 19 to 23 minutes;Events rose from x to y 15. www.pagelizard.cominfo@pagelizard.com(+44) 0207 183 3690@pagelizardSo how does the HTML-friendlypublishing Business look? 16. PDFs of your magazineYour websiteYour writingVideo + audioiPads & iPhonesAndroid phones& tabletsWeb browsers (+ archiveeditions)Content you can pushto other websitesContent is manuallyedited and styledORAuto-produced byattaching pre-definedtemplates 17. PDF vs. HTMLHTML (text view) Resizable text Contents pages Endless styling optionsPDF (page view) Exact image replica ofpublication No interactivity Difficult to read 18. Include video and audioA minute of videois worth1.8 millionwords[Forrester Research, 2014] 19. Live news feeds 20. Social media comments73% of all adults that are online use a socialnetworking site of some sortof small businesses feel that social mediaefforts generate more exposure thananything else80%89%of small businesses indicate being onsocial media increases traffic to theirwebsite 21. Social media comments Share articles to Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn Comments appear at thebottom of relevant article,creating discussions All done from within the app 22. Result: A social hub Create an interactive, socialenvironment for readers More information, more easilyavailable You increase your digitalpresence, and in turn readership. 23. www.pagelizard.cominfo@pagelizard.com(+44) 0207 183 3690@pagelizardAnd it looks great 24. CILIP 25. ILMs EDGEImage of Edges complex magazine layout(Digitally materialises into beautiful HTML) 26. www.pagelizard.cominfo@pagelizard.com(+44) 0207 183 3690@pagelizardThank you