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  • International trends in nursing Health needs of society Awareness of health needs Economic condition New development New knowledge & procedures through research Specialization
  • Opportunities & education abroad Increase Industrialization Expansion of community health services Government support to health programs Increased private nursing homes Necessary military services & activity Development of nursing research
  • 1) CARE GIVER :- Care giving role The art & science of nursing Set the goals & meet them
  • Co-ordinate activities with other health team Manage their own time & resources Use critical thinking skills Make decisions & consult to professionals
  • Maintain a safe environment Prevent injury Protect from adverse effects of treatment measures
  • Protect clients human & legal rights Be a supporter Be a source of information
  • Explore feelings & attitude about wellness Emotional, intellectual, psychological support Encourage towards alternative behavior Recognize choices & sense of control Therapeutic communicatio n skills Teach desired behavior
  • Explain the concepts & factors of health Demonstrates the procedures Use 4 components of teaching:- - assessment - planning - implementation - evaluation
  • A very crucial role. Quality of communication is a critical factor in meeting needs of client, family & community..
  • Many professions make up the team involved in the care of the clients. Nurse collaborates with other team members when providing care to the clients.
  • A nurse can be a good collaborator when:- knowledgeable good planner ( care) good communicator ( assessment)
  • o Facilitates the well being , academic success & life long achievements of students. o School nurse develops programs that fosters: - Growth - Positive skills for successful coping - Knowledge & skills for self care - Positive attitude
  • Its a specialty practice that provides for & delivers health & safety programs and services to workers, worker population,& community groups.
  • Also known as Congregational health minister Emergency Nurse Faith Community Nurse Responds to health & wellness needs within the population of faith communities Are partners with the church in fulfilling mission of health ministry
  • Health advocate Health educator Liaison to communty resources & referral agent
  • Is a registered nurse specially trained in community health. Works in specific geographic areas. Has Knowledge about resources in her community.
  • Care manager Referral resource Direct primary care giver Controller of communicabl disease Disaster preparedness
  • Private duty nurse is a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse who provide nursing services to patient at home or any other setting in accordance with physicians order.
  • Not widely practiced because of very high cost Restricted to wealthy patients Common for retired nurses & valuable for their broad knowledge & experience
  • She is the one who provides a family centered care and allows client to live and remain at home with comfort, independence & dignity.
  • Pain & symptom control Spiritual care Family confernc Bereave- ment care
  • Nurse who specializes in assisting persons with disabilities and chronic illness to attain optimal function, health & adapt to an altered life style.
  • Move towards independence Work as part of multi disciplinary team Co-ordinate patients care Maintain function Prevent complicatns Patient education & counseling
  • Also called as an INFECTION CONTROL NURSE , monitors standards & procedure for control & prevention of infectious diseases or nosocomial infections.
  • Survey for outbreak of diseases Education on control of communicable diseases Provide ongoing in- service training on infection control Consultation to staff on various incidents Conduct research to determine risk factors leading to infections
  • Also called army nurse / armed services nurse Provides care to military personnel Attractive salaries Security benefits
  • Experience is vast Professional opportunities for:- - Personal development - Continuing education - Promotion
  • Carries out telephonic communication with patient , thus providing response to medical care / treatment. Offers telephonic:- - Assessment - Evaluation - Referral / advise
  • Provides access to health care for under- serviced urban population & remote areas. Facilitates home care of chronically ill.
  • It is the adaptation of professional nursing skills in recognizing & meeting the nursing, physical, emotional, social, needs resulting from DISASTER.
  • Is the one who is expected to be acquainted with the basics of forensic medicine so as to handle & preserve the evidentiary materials.
  • Forensic nursing process Violence & victimology Injury identification, interpretation & documentation Criminalities & forensic science Nursing & law / legal interface
  • Major impact of the development of fields of forensic nursing is its emphasizing on proper treatment of the victims of violence.
  • Is a registered nurse who works in a prison. Employed directly by prison services or can spend part of their working week in prison health care.
  • Deliver high quality care within custodial settings Maintain safe & secure environment Improve mental health & behavior or prisoners
  • Aims at helping others from neutral standpoint. Relief to needy & suffering, during disaster Teaching home nursing to lay people. Teaching non- professionals in hospitals Giving direct care to sick & wounded.
  • They keep the athletes & sports enthusiasts in optimum physical shape, and treat injuries if they occur.
  • 1)ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSING:- Has a masters degree in nursing Certification & expertise in specialized area of practice Works in primary, acute & restorative care settings.
  • SPECIALIZES IN AREAS SUCH AS:- Medical-surgical nursing Psychiatry and mental health nursing Pediatric nursing Community health nursing Gerontogic nursing
  • CAN SPECIALISE IN SPECIFIC DISEASES:- Diabetes mellitus Cancer Cardiac problem
  • CAN FUNCTION AS :- Expert clinician Direct care giver Educator Case manager Consultant Researcher
  • Advanced training in anesthesiology Provides anesthesia under supervision of anesthesiologist in various settings.
  • PROVIDES INDEPENDENT CARE FOR WOMEN DURING:- Pregnancy Labor Delivery Care of Newborn
  • Gynaecological services:- PAP smears Family planning Treat minor vaginal infections
  • General nursing practice Gerontologic nursing Perinatal nursing School of nursing Pediatric nursing Medical surgical nursing Community health nursing Psychiatric nursing
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