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    For The





    JfllV 2 8 1983Missionaries:


    Santa Isidra Ext.2Avenida Sur 210Fajardo, P.R. 00648


    906 H. Sterling Blvd.Sterling, Va. 22170

    'Hear the Word of the Lord, O ye nations, and declare it in the isles afar off. . Jeremiah 32:10

    Winter 1983


    Knowing that when the Lord calls He also provides, as we trust in Him and stepout in obedience to His call, the Betetas are taking that step of faith and makingplans to move to Puerto Rico in February/Mareh. While more support commitments andrelocation funds are still needed, they are standing on His promises, knowing thatwe serve a faithful, all-powerful God and trusting Him to supply. These are excitingtimes for all of us as we watch the Lord at work blessing our endeavors, answeringprayers and then beautifully providing what is needed by ways and means that only Hecan bring about.

    Lord willing, the Betetas plan to pack and ship their household goods during thesecond week in February, and then begin the drive south to Miami, Fl. for the flightto Puerto Rico, They plan to stop along the way to speak to a number of interestedand supporting churches and to meet with their forwarding agents. Chuck and Pat Jones.Then, at last - OFF TO PUERTO RICO!!

    Charles flew down to Fajardo the week of January 15 through the 23rd to make theinitial preparations for the move; to check out the schools for his daughters, lookfor a house to rent, compare the costs of buying versus shipping on household itemsand the car, etc.

    While we still have the prospect of receiving support pledges from a number ofchurches and individuals who have been contacted and indicated that they would consider support, at this time we still need pledges for $500. of the Betetas monthlyLVlng es^'Snsw~("e~ST'nna'te~d~at~$1700.)"" and additional' contributions toward their

    relocation expenses.

    The Betetas would appreciate the opportunity to present the mission work to your churchgroup or mission committee on their trip south,if you are in the general area of their travels.


    Joy reigns in the Beteta Household as theywatch their newest family member grow and beginto take an interest in the world around him.Little Charles Andrew was born on October 12th,weighing in at a healthy 7 lbs. 1% oz. Charlesand Inez are deeply thankful for the Lord*sblessing in giving them the son they have alwayswanted but had given up hope of ever having. Ahealthy, happy baby, he is pictured at right atboth one day and eight weeks of age. Lorna andJanine adore their little brother and are willinghelpers with his care.


    PALM BAY CHRISTIAN CHURCHP.O. Box 598Palm Bay, Florida 32905




    Forwarding Agents:

    Chuck and Pat Jones616 South Lupine Ct.Melbourne, Florida 32901


    PERMIT #362Non-ProfitOrganizationMelbourne, Florida



    The Fajardo congregation is presently averaging 27 in attendance in morningworship services (had 30 at recent services). Ray recently finished a four partseries on the Holy Spirit and is now leading a series of studies on prayer. Therehas been a notable increase in the participation and enthusiasm of the congregationespecially since there are now three Bible |School classes with regular teachers.Two of the young women in the congregation are teaching the younger classes, whileRay continues to teach the older teens and adults. One of the ladies, GladysBerrios, is a real blessing to Ray as she is helping to translate youth teachingmaterials from English into Spanish.

    The Wednesday evening Bible study/prayer meeting is averaging 9 in attendance.While growth in numbers is slow, signs of spiritual growth are evident, as thoseattending are beginning to have a lot more self-initiated group discussion and seemto be more confident in their understanding of the Bible and in expressing theirthoughts.

    Seven members of the congregation have been busy helping Ray to distributeseveral hundred Bible correspondence course enrollment tracts in the Fajardo areato"ehllst new students. "Some of" the cults"1rave"i3nen-makingconcentrated ef-f-o^r-ta-t-oreach and win converts in Puerto Rico and this has made people much more cautiousand slower to respond as they are wary of anyone who approaches them. Please praythat the Lord will open their hearts to the true and living Word.

    It is with sadness that we note the passing of Carlota Peterson, who died atthe age of 82. Ray officiated at her funeral, which was held at the Fajardo churchon November 21st. Many of our readers will recognize her name, and others who havevisited Fajardo have met her and enjoyed her hospitality. Her friendship and manyacts of kindness and generosity over the years will long be remembered and appreciated.


    Membe/L poAXlcXpcuUon has tak&n an enca^LULagZng up-6uilng hzAe, and I jjeed muckcnaouAagzd, W^k the Oi^btUkmcnt oi iutt tanz Kiblz School tzackvUi and a gA,om.ngamAznc&^ oij Bible knoujlcdgc and 6piAiXual mexi6, qua congAcgation Xa dAouxlnginto a dzzpzA ActatioyUihip uilth the ioAd and moAz and moAc Acalizing the uliill-mznt o{ an&u)zAcd pAayzfU, a^^uAcdly \^od i& ^aitk^ul in Hid pAomidzd. We oAzpzApetually dudtatnzd in ouA zvzAyday livzi by tkz iAuLtd oi thz SpiAit [lovz, joy,peace...). 0^ couAdz we zxpzAlzncz thz usual dldappointmzntd and dzt backs ojj zvzAyday liiz; but we oaz chXZdAzn o^ thz King, hziAd oi thz kingdom, and moAz thanconquzAOAd thAough Him who lovzd ud, thzn, id thz stand and conviction o^thz congAzgation hzAZ at VajoAdo, and t(iat conviction gAowd stAongzA all thz timzas wz IzaAn to Izan on thz EvzAlasting ifJoAd thAough pAayzA and (aith that thz LoAdis ^oA us and nonz can pAzvail against us.

    I pzAdonally wish to zxpAzss my gAatitudz to thosz who havz committzd thornszlvos to a ministAy unto thz LoAd though thotA suppoAt, both pAayzA^ully andfinancially, of this mission zffoAt in PuzAto Pico, which will continue to go foA-woAd in thz name of ouA LoAd and SavioA, J^sus CfiAist, because of such selflessgiving. Thank you foA youA suppoAt, It i^ my pAayzA that youA new yzoA will beabundantly blessed by oua gAacious LoAd,


    Evza since my gAaduation fAom Johnson Bible College, thzAz has been a buAningdesiAZ in oua hzoAts to AetuAn to PuzAto Pico to teach and win souls foA ChAist,We OAZ filled with excitement and anticipation as wz pAzpoAz to move to PajaAdo toAzalizz that dAzam. Oua family thanks you^ foA youA suppoAt, pAayzAS and deepconczAn which aAz making it possible. We know that God is answzAing oua pAayzASthAough you and youA gznzAoud suppoAt. May God bless each one of you, as youAzjoicz with us in His pAzcioud gift - thz Gift of Life.


    Thanksgiving for; The Lord's love, care and blessings.Faithful mission supporters and new supporters who are pledgingand giving to make the ^etetas' ministry possible.God's blessing on Ray's health.

    Petition for: Beteta family - additional support, relocation expenses, safetravels and relocation.Ray - God's power and direction in his life and ministry, healthand strength, and fluency in the Spanish language.The Fajardo congregation, those struggling with the decision togive their lives to Christ, mission outreach to the unsaved, andopen doors for the correspondence courses.

    To request information, arrange speaking engagements, or send support, writeor call: CHRIST FOR THE CARIBBEAN, Chuck & Pat Jones, 616 S. Lupine Ct., Melbourne,Florida 32901. Phone (305) 723-6361.