prehistoric people chapter 2 prehistoric man looked like??? mr. otis? mr. fisk?mr. edwards? not...

Download Prehistoric People Chapter 2 Prehistoric Man looked like??? Mr. Otis? Mr. Fisk?Mr. Edwards? Not her!!!!!!!!

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  • Prehistoric People Chapter 2 Prehistoric Man looked like??? Mr. Otis? Mr. Fisk?Mr. Edwards? Not her!!!!!!!!
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  • I.Paleolithic Age The Old Stone Age Great MigrationGreat Migration Ice Age People move from Africa to Europe/Asia Obtaining FoodObtaining Food Small groups 20-30 Home territory Women gathered Men hunted and fished Life was hard!
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  • More Prehistoric Animals Giant Bear video Prehistoric Animals Giant Bear videoPrehistoric Animals Giant Bear video
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  • Prehistoric Beasts Can you Build a Beast?Build a Beast Wooly mammoth Saber tooth cat Giant sloth
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  • Continued Making toolsMaking tools Sticks, stones, and bones Olduvan Pebble Tools are oldest Making FireMaking Fire Accidental discovery Weapon, cooking, tool, etc. SheltersShelters Hole in the ground Caves
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  • Continued Clothing- animal skinsClothing- animal skins LanguageLanguage Grunts and groans Hand signals
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  • Cave of Lascaux, France Discovered by four boys in 1940. Caves are filled with pictographs and petroglyphs of hundreds of animals.
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  • There are almost 600 pictures of animals, mostly horses. Other animals painted are stags, bulls, bison, and ibex. Only one man is painted.
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  • What can we learn from these cave paintings???????????????????
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  • Neanderthal NeanderthalNeanderthal First Homo Sapiens- thinkersFirst Homo Sapiens- thinkers Skilled hunters and buildersSkilled hunters and builders Buried their deadBuried their dead Mr. Fisk Mr. Haley He is so brave
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  • Cro Magnon Invented the burin and axeInvented the burin and axe Body ornamentsBody ornaments MusicMusic Social classesSocial classes GovernmentGovernment
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  • Neanderthal PeopleCro-Magnon People When they lived200,000 B.C.- 30,000 B.C.? (may have been absorbed by Cro- Magnon) 30,000 B.C.- 10,000 B.C. Physical characteristics powerfully built heavy jaws, thick eyebrow ridges, large noses looked more like modern people; high foreheads, well defined chins, small eyebrow ridges Where they livedEurope, the Middle East, Asia, lived in caves southern France and Spain; lived in caves Tools they usedmore efficient tools than preceding groups used fire to develop new techniques for fashioning bifacial tools, arrowheads and scrapers, implements that were essential for the survival of his tribe. more advanced tools than Neanderthal greater use of the animals he had hunted. The skins were used to make clothes, antlers to make tool handles, needles and hooks and he gradually began to farm the land and then to breed animals (from 5000 BC). Important Accomplishments wore clothes; cared for the sick; buried the dead with tools; probably the first to cook food invented the spear; better hunters, could draw and paint,
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  • II.Neolithic Age- New Stone Age 10,000 yrs. ago People learn to produce food. HOW?People learn to produce food. HOW? Villages formedVillages formed Jericho Catal Huyuk Specialization of jobsSpecialization of jobs Increases food People take on other occupations People become more advanced Government developingGovernment developing Religion emergingReligion emerging
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  • Paleolithic Vs. Neolithic Small groupsSmall groups Hunting and gatheringHunting and gathering Lives devoted to survivalLives devoted to survival Not very advancedNot very advanced Larger groups Settled lives Villages Specialization of Labor Able to produce food Similar to us today
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