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Preparation for the first exam in 1118 Rood Hall:The first exam will be on Monday, September 21.

Read all of Chapter 23: Electric Fields.

The first exam will emphasize the following points:

1. The computation of the forces on and the electric fields from 3 or 4 point charges arranged in a line or on the corners of a rectangle.

2. The nature of the charging properties and the forces between charged objects. You should learn Coulombs Law and know how to use it. You should also understand what the electric field is (i.e., how is it defined) and what is its nature and properties. How is the force related to the electric field? You need to be able to determine the electric field for point and continuous charge distributions.

3. You need to understand what electric field lines are and to be familiar with their properties. What are the field lines from point charges, dipoles, and other charge distributions?4. You need to be able to compute and to understand qualitatively the motion of charged particles in a uniform electric field. Review constant velocity and constant acceleration motion.5. Know the formulae in Concepts and Principles on Page 680 and for constant velocity and constant acceleration motion.

Note that the exam will contain both qualitative and quantitative problems.

Homework problems for you to look at in Chapter 23 are: Problems 8, 9, 13, 25, 29, 41, and 44. These will be worked in class, but you should be sure to try them before hand. You need to review the course materials daily at least 1 and to 2 hours a day outside of the lecture.