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Prepare for Exams 1 Prepare for Exams Slide 2 2 For specific information on multiple- choice, short answer, essay, case study and open book exams download handouts from Exam Preparation on Studywell This presentation outlines generic strategies to help you organise and prepare for your exams Slide 3 Prepare for Exams 3 Studying for exams GatherPlanDo Slide 4 Prepare for Exams 4 Studying for exams GatherPlanDo Slide 5 Prepare for Exams 5 Know where the exam will be held Know the date of the exam GatherPlanDo Slide 6 Prepare for Exams 6 Know the time of the exam Know what you are allowed to take into the room GatherPlanDo Slide 7 Prepare for Exams 7 Check unit outline Topics Readings unit objectives Knowledge Skills exam parameters Multiple choice Short-answer Essay GatherPlanDo Slide 8 Prepare for Exams 8 Find out which resources will be examined, e.g. Lectures Text book Handouts Additional readings etc... Know the level of understanding you are expected to achieve from each resource, e.g. Overview Detail or Critical analysis Write notes throughout the semester at the same level of detail you need for the exam. GatherPlanDo Slide 9 Prepare for Exams 9 Studying for exams GatherPlanDo Slide 10 Prepare for Exams 10 Remember: lecturers use the unit outline to write their assessment tasks Organise your materials main topics from the unit outline sub-topics from lectures, tutorials, textbook, additional readings map the structure of the course on a table or concept map. GatherPlanDo Concept map of multiple choice exam materials for unit HHB102 Slide 11 Prepare for Exams 11 Remember: ideas in the readings that are also discussed by your lecturer or tutor are more likely to be on the exam. lecturers write exam questions from their own point of view. Put yourself in their shoes. GatherPlanDo Slide 12 Prepare for Exams 12 Studying for exams GatherPlanDo Slide 13 Prepare for Exams 13 Remember: Lecturers often give additional information about the exam in the first and last lecture of the semester. Attend the first lecture Attend the last lecture GatherPlanDo Slide 14 Prepare for Exams 14 Go to Study Management in Studywell for more help planning your time. Write a study plan Write an exam plan E XAM 60 minutes. 60 multiple choice questions P LAN Spend 1 minute per question. E XAM 1.5 hours. 2 essays each worth 30% and 8 short answer questions worth 5% each. P LAN Spend 20 minutes per essay P LAN Spend 5 minutes per question P LAN 10 minutes to revise at the end GatherPlanDo Slide 15 Prepare for Exams 15 Unit content is often based on the text book GatherPlanDo...the same questions can appear on the exam Do the revision questions at the end of each chapter of the text book... Slide 16 Prepare for Exams 16 Avoid passive reading Study Actively Highlight Re-write Underline Map GatherPlanDo U U Slide 17 Prepare for Exams 17 Revise regularly to retain information The more you revise, the more easily you remember GatherPlanDo Slide 18 Prepare for Exams 18 Revise using post it notes, posters and flash cards The more different ways you revise, the more you remember GatherPlanDo Slide 19 Prepare for Exams 19 Make mnemonics (sentences or words to help you remember ) Use flash cards GatherPlanDo Draw diagrams Slide 20 Prepare for Exams 20 Study without distractions Enjoy frequent breaks GatherPlanDo Slide 21 Prepare for Exams 21 ` Study with a friend Ask for help from your peers & tutor GatherPlanDo Form a study group Slide 22 Prepare for Exams 22 Write your own exam questions as though you were the lecturer GatherPlanDo Swap questions with a friend and answer each others questions Slide 23 Prepare for Exams 23 Reduce and summarize your notes reduce recall anxiety on the day of the exam GatherPlanDo Slide 24 Prepare for Exams 24 Eat a good breakfast on the day of the exam Bring the right materials to the exam GatherPlanDo Get to the exam location early Slide 25 Prepare for Exams 25 Start with questions you can answer easily GatherPlanDo Read instructions twice Breathe Leave time to review Slide 26 Prepare for Exams 26 Image bibliography (in order of appearance) PAGES 1-15 Samuel, 'Exam Hall', In:, ed, 2008, Empty examination hall with desks. 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Slide 29 Prepare for Exams 29 Image bibliography (in order of appearance) PAGES 23-25 Kate Devitt, 'Studying for Exams', In: studying_for_exams.jpg, ed, 2009, Diagram of how to study for exams. exlibris, 'Breakfast', In:


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