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  • Prepare For Your Next Business Conference

  • At Primo Print, we understand the importance of attending conferences. A conference can help you ultimately take your business or brand to the next level.

    There are a few things that you should do to prepare for your next conference. We have listed some helpful tips for you to make sure you are well prepared!

  • Define Your Goal Take a minute and think about what you would like to accomplish from attending the conference. Business owners and employees have different reasons and determining your objective can be beneficial. Often times, business owners attend to network, discuss new products, lean new skills or possibly look into speaking opportunities. Others may want to attend to receive industry news and advice from their industry leaders and experts.

  • Business Cards As conferences continue to be great for networking, its important to represent you and your business professionally. This can be done by having business cards on hand. Take a look at them and make sure they are up-to-date and look professional. If you need new ones, make sure you give yourself enough time to get more printed. If you need a new design or updated logo, we can help. Complete our graphic design form.

  • Additional Print Materials Along with bringing premium business cards, conference experts recommend having additional printed materials to hand out. Items may include sell sheets, presentation folders, notepads and more that would be beneficial to hand out.

    At Primo Print, we offer a large selection of print materials for your business needs.

  • Take Stress Out of Travel Everyone knows that traveling can be stressful. But, if you plan your trip in advance, the stress can be reduced to nothing and a lot easier. How can this be done? Book your flight and hotel once you have decided youll be attending the conference. Not only can it help with stress, you may get a better deal on cost by booking well in advance. Take time and get familiar with the city, hotel location, conference location, taxi services, restaurants and more. More helpful tips here.

  • Details About the Conference So, you are at the point where you may want to attend the conference. So, whats your next step? Research the conference and city before committing. Step back and ask yourself, will this conference benefit me and my business? Conduct research on the conference website. If possibly, take a look at some of the reviews. Try to contact someone who has attended in the past. Ask them questions or some of your concerns. People are always willing to help.

  • Record Sessions and Take Notes Conferences have the ability to give you the opportunity to learn and expand your business knowledge. If youll be taking notes, make sure in the evening, go through your notes and organize so they are easier to understand. Youll want to make sure that you can understand and read them when you return back home.

  • Follow-up If you were fortunate to make a connection and received a business card, its best to follow up with the individual as soon as you can following the conference. Take a few minutes to send them a quick email expressing how much you enjoyed meeting them during the conference. Following up can lead to a great business relationship.

  • Upcoming Conferences There are hundreds of events and conferences happening all year long. Weve listed a few that we find you may be interested in.

    FinCon September 21 24 BlogHer October 7 -8 (Austin) Pubcon Las Vegas October 10 -13 2016 AIGA Design Conference October 17 19 Realtors Conference & Expo November 4 7