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  • Preparing for High SchoolDenton High School Guyer High School Ryan High School

  • Terminologyq Block a scheduled class

    q Modified Block Schedule

    q Credits earned by semester each class in each semester receives a credit of for passing grades and acceptable attendance. You must receive credit in both semesters of same course. Attendance: 5 or more unverified absences can equal loss of credit even with passing grades.

    q Core Subjects English, Math, Science, Social Studies (4 x 4) q Elective Course courses that are not specified as a required course

    q Alternate Courses - must be selected and completed in case requested classes are full or will not work with your schedule

    q Pre-requisite a course required before taking another course

  • English CreditEnglish 1*Pre-AP English 1

    Social Studies CreditWorld Geography*Pre-AP World GeographyMath CreditAlgebra 1 * Pre-AP Algebra IAlgebra with Lab (not offered at DHS)*Geometry*Pre-AP GeometryScience CreditBiology*Pre-AP Biology9th Grade Required Courses**Reading will be required for students who do not pass TAKS or have an acceptable score on the SRI *Teacher recommendation required (only RHS and DHS)


    4 years of English

    4 years of Math

    4 years of Science

    4 years of Social StudiesCourses Required for Graduation

  • World Language: 2 credits (3 if on the DAP)SpanishFrenchGermanLatin*American Sign Language (If you choose ASL you must have a second option in case the class is not offered for freshman) *(ASL fulfills the graduation requirement but is not accepted at all colleges as a foreign language)

    Speech Credit: Communication Applications

    Additional Courses Required for Graduation

  • Physical Education Credit: 1P.E. or PE SoccerAthletics (actual sport)Athletic Training ROTC Marching band (fall only)Cheerleading (fall only)

    Fine Arts Credit: 1Art DanceBand OrchestraChoir Theater Arts

    Technology (not required but highly recommended)Touch System Data Entry .5Business Information Management I 1

    Additional Courses Required for Graduation

  • ESL Sheltered Classes

    Placement in these classes is reflected on the students LPAC.

    ESL Ninth-Grade Classes include:

    ESOL IESL Humanities- Taken in conjunction with English I class for ESL students at level 3 or above. ESL Algebra IESL World GeographyESL Biology

    El catlogo de cursos de estudio ser disponible en espaol.The Course Catalog will be available in Spanish for students who need it.

  • Purpose of CTE Classes(Career and Technology Education)Build skills toward college/career choicesProvide opportunity for students to apply the core curriculum skills in a different, more practical wayTechPrep classes provide a seamless transition to the college setting and can earn college credits at no charge TechPrep classes can count for Advanced Measures toward the DAP

  • 9th Grade CTE Elective CoursesAgriculture Sciences (Veterinary, Game Warden, Park Ranger, Horse Breeder) Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

    Law, Public Safety & Security Lawyer, Homeland Security, Law EnforcementPrinciples of Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

    Human Services Counseling, Culinary Arts, TeachingPrinciples of Education and Training .5Principles of Human Services .5Medical Health Science All Medical CareersPrinciples of Health Science .5Medical Terminology .5

  • 9th Grade CTE Elective CoursesBusinessPrinciples of Business, Marketing and Finance

    Architectural & Construction Architect, Engineering, Environmental Green, Building TradesPrinciples of Architecture and Construction .5Principles of Manufacturing .5Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Automotive Technician, Computer Network Concepts of Engineering & Technology

  • 11th - 12th Graders + 10th grade Engineering Students (SO PLAN AHEAD!)

  • Check the Hot Pink Folder

    Recommended/DAP Graduation PlansSpace to do a 4 Year PlanAll DISD CTE/ATC Courses Recommended PrerequisitesCall Career Counselors:Jeanie Bragg @ Guyer High SchoolPatsy Chilcote @ Ryan High SchoolKimberly Keith @ Denton High SchoolCareer-building opportunities toward becoming architects/engineers, doctors/nurses/teachers, etc.(Given to every 8th grader)

  • AF JROTCWhat youll study: Aviation history (1 year)Kitty Hawk to Operation Iraqi Freedom Science of Flight (1 year)How airplanes fly and aviation weather Exploration of Space (1 year)Manned Space Flight & rocketry

    What youll do:- Orienteering, Rifle Drill Team, Saber Drill Team, Honor Guard Learn to Lead! Be ready to lead after high school- Build and Fly Model Rockets & Remote Control Planes Community Service! Get involved to improve Denton

    Hundreds of College ROTC Scholarships Reserved for JROTC Field Trips to exciting military facilities: - Overnight plans to Colorado, San Antonio, and Florida! - Day visits planned to Sheppard AFB & Lockheed F-16 Factory

  • Three Graduation PlansRecommended PlanDistinguished Achievement PlanIB Plan (DHS only)


    4 years English4 years Math 4 years Science4 years Social Studies1 years Physical Education or P.E. Waiver year Communication Applications (Speech)2 years same World Language (2 years taken at high school campus count toward GPA, so if you take only 1 year in high school, only those 2 semesters of the possible 4 will be averaged into your GPA)1 year Fine Arts (2 semesters of same course)5 credits of electivesTotal 26 Credits(Page 1 in catalog)

  • Distinguished Achievement Plan (DAP)Same as Recommended Plan but add 3rd year of World Language and four (4) additional advanced measures on the next slide

  • Advanced Measures Include:

    AP Courses(and satisfactory grade on AP exam) Tech Prep Classes

    National Merit Scholarship Finalist

    Researched based project

    Dual Credit University Courses (with a B or higher grade)

  • International Baccalaureate Program at DHS

    2-Year college-prep course of study in the junior and senior yearStudents study 6 advanced level courses (4 core, one foreign language and one elective)Texas Senate Bill 111 requires Texas public universities to award 24 college credit hours with successful completion of the diplomaApply to the program in the spring of your freshman year

  • International Baccalaureate Program at DHS

    You are good IB DP candidate if you register for:2 Pre-AP core courses Spanish, French, Latin or German (Level 1 or 2)Speech, PE, and Fine Art (state requirements)For more information, contact the IB CoordinatorBeth [email protected]

  • Course Catalog-Grades 9-12 High School Planning GuideGeneral InformationGraduation Programs, GPA, Early Graduation,THEA, TAKS, ACT/SAT/PSAT, Guidance Services, Class LoadsOptional ProgramsCredit by Exam, EXPO, Advanced Coursework, Dual Credit, Concurrent Enrollment, Correspondence Courses, DAP, National MeritClass Change PoliciesDescription of High School CoursesArranged by course number, Core Academic Disciplines, WorldLanguage, Fine Arts, Health/PE/Athletics, Career and Technology,Air Force Junior ROTC, Hot Links for College and Career Planning

  • Grade Point Average (GPA) and RankGPA and Rank are calculated on a 4-point scale with a 1-point bonus for Pre-AP (Honors) Classes, AP (Honors) Classes, and Dual Enrollment College Courses.

    Only 18 (36 semesters) academic foundation courses are used in the final calculation. (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and best 4 semesters of World Language Courses)

    Only courses taken at the high school campus or by dual credit count toward GPA.

    A list of these courses and GPA calculations can be found in the Course Catalog.

    Students MAY NOT graduate in the top 10% or receive honors in graduating class unless they are candidates for the Distinguished Achievement Plan including the four advanced measures (DAP) requirements.

  • PLEASE NOTE ALL UIL Athletics are competitive NOT instructional

  • English 110110DHS (or RHS or GHS)0123391Student ImaOr PAPEnglish I10110Or PAP123456SmithMattBrian/Mary [email protected]

  • English 110110DHS (or RHS or GHS)0123391Student ImaOr PAPEnglish I10110Or PAP123456SmithMattBrian/Mary [email protected] PAP

    Or LABAlgebra I15115

  • English 110110DHS (or RHS or GHS)0123391Student ImaOr PAPEnglish I10110Or PAP123456SmithMattBrian/Mary [email protected] PAP

    Or LABAlgebra I15115Or PAPBiology20310

  • English 110110DHS (or RHS or GHS)0123391Student ImaOr PAPEnglish I10110Or PAP123456SmithMattBrian/Mary [email protected] PAP

    Or LABAlgebra I15115Or PAPBiology20310Or PAPW. Geog22110

  • English 110110DHS (or RHS or GHS)0123391Student ImaOr PAPEnglish I10110Or PAP123456SmithMattBrian/Mary [email protected] PAP

    Or LABAlgebra I15115Or PAPBiology20310Or PAPW. Geog22110ASL ITheater IVolleyballBIM2711035110C201073110

  • English 110110DHS (or RHS or GHS)0123391Student ImaOr PAPEnglish I10110Or PAP123456SmithMattBrian/Mary [email protected] PAP

    Or LABAlgebra I15115Or PAPBiology20310Or PAPW. Geog22110ASL ITheater IVolleyballBIM2711035110C201073110Spanish I28110Art30110Matt SmithMary SmithVet, Doctor