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  • 1. Preparing to Tell the Story
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2. Basic
Read the passage aloud at least twice.
Write down your own observations of the details of the story(not teaching points) and questions it raised for you personally Listen to a recording of someone else telling the story or reading the passage of Scripture.
Tell the story to at least one person before telling it to the group.
As a bedtime story to a child
To your spouse
It is ok to make mistakes just valuate how you did and repeat it, correcting whatever you missed.
Simplify the story if you need to by condensing it with less detail.
Identify something new from the story and connect it to something going on in your life.
3. Intermediate
Paraphrase or outline the story from the passage of Scripture
Spend some time visualizing what you are reading in the story.
Look up fact-based details that you can translate into relevant terms (i.e. dimensions, distances, etc.) in Bible reference books (not commentaries)
Look up pictures or videos that may give you a first-hand look at the location or setting for your story.
Highlight the speaking parts of the story, especially key phrases.
Identify repetitive phrases and/or patterns found within the story.
The Illustrated Bible is a great visual tool that includes full text from the International Childrens Bible translation.
For a looser version, more compatible with the modified narrative approach (see Shaped by the Story) use the Manga Bible
Watch a movie that dramatizes the same story you are telling AFTER you have prepared. You will correct it as you watch it and it will show you areas where you need to keep the facts straight.
4. Advanced
The Fall, Failures, & Flood
Promise & Patriarchs
Laws & Wandering
Judges & Kings
Kingdom Divided
Exile & Return
The Messiah & the Cross
The Resurrection & Ascension
The Church
Preludes of the Return
One of the most insightful studies that you can do is to read through a passage with side-by-side multiple translations/paraphrases.
Bible Gateway (online Bible) is a great free tool for this.Go to
Get Rick Warrens Bible Study Methods.
These approaches work best for storying prep:
Chapter summary
Character quality
Book survey
Take a Thru the Bible course for Old or New Testament.
Make a video of yourself telling the story and review.
5. Some things to avoid
Attempting to memorize the story word for word.
Using any kind of cheat sheet, outlines, or notes.
Coming prepared with teaching points instead of observations.
Dont use commentaries beforeand during your group.
Use a commentary only AFTER your storying session to explore possible answers to questions were raised in the group.
Only bring back answers that are definitive and fact-based.
Acknowledge if there is uncertainty about the issue.
Avoid getting sucked into a debate over issues presented in a commentary.
Note: commentaries are different than reference books
Dont use a movie, Veggie Tale, audio book, or otherwise dramatized version as your sole means of preparation (unless it was created specifically for the purpose of storying).
6. The Illustrated Bible (ICB)
The International Childrens Bible is a translation made with children in mind.
Full text of the Bible is used with a comic book format.
Available for Genesis, Exodus, and the complete New Testament
Favorite Resources
7. Bible Gateway (online Bible)
Multiple translations available for side-by-side study.
It gives twelve methods for exploring God's Word.
Simple step-by-step instructions guide you through the how-tos for each method.
will help you develop a customized approach to studying, understanding, and applying the Bible.
Favorite Resources
8. Shaped By The Story, by Mike Novelli
Most user-friendly resource available for understanding storying.
Excellent resource for facilitating storying groups.
Advocates a narrative approach to storyingand the use of visual aids.
Makes a strong case for why we should have been doing this all along in youth ministry wish Id had it 20 years ago.
Includes a training DVD that shows actually storyingsessionss
Great resources and videos on website at
Favorite Resources
9. Nooma
Great videos to use for a review transition or to follow a storying session.
Presented from a first century rabbinic perspective.
Story based videos that will really catch your group sideways.
Discipleship based.
Favorites are:
Favorite Resources