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  • 1. Presence Social Media unveils a new means of communication between Contact Centers and users. This solution connects Contact Centers and clients via new communication channel available in web 2.0 (such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz), unifying interactions among these channels and traditional Contact Centers channels management. Presence Social Media Presence Social media is the answer for Contact Centers tasks, as well as any communication through social networks. that need to adapt their resources to the latest Internet communication trend: Social Networks. With Presence, companies are able to integrate new channels quickly and easily. In most cases, it will blend in with your Social Networks have changed the way we talk to peoplecurrent applications so that your agents can become even worldwide. This new way of communicating represents a more productive. huge communication revolution in every sense. Nowadays, access to information is easier, faster and cheaper than what it was some years ago. We are now able to communicates tom e rs and interact with others through social networks, fromCu anywhere in the world or through any Internet terminal any time, any place. Sometimes, a companys product reviews are shared, C onv posted, commented and discussed over the Internetti onsen ti o r acd i a G a te w a na in real time. In most cases, however, this feedbackteMe y lI is never seen by the companies and their lack ofInlf S e rvi c e Se ntei al response causes them to miss opportunities to So cra cnt Rou interact with actual and potential customers. li g eel t ti o ns Additionally, companies could use this information inInt g to redesign their organizations strategies andMulti-MediaPowered by Presence Technology improve its products and services. ns ACD C o l. V o ic Pres a ti o e How can organizations interact in a faster and ReaTe atent xt Ch Unarli c en more flexible way with their users through these i fi lb ed A g e n t To opp emlTce networks? Presence Social Media extends the Sc Aimr s ag ability to the Contact Center to tweet, postBusiness / H ip tin gesanAgents B u si n e messages, answer messages and even to manageStrategyis t MWorkforceo ric & instant messaging in real time with the traditionala l R e p o r ti n g channels in Presence Suite. Presence Social Media integrates, via a single interface, a variety of tasks, such Contact Center as blending of multichannel interactions with back-officeManagement en te rct c Co nta Benefits Cost Reduction: Your Contact Center will be able to manage Blending Social Media and other common channels: It combines these new channels through one centralized tool.Contact Center services with social network interactions, with Minimal infrastructure requirements:You will only need Internet or without synchronization, which maximizes Contact Center Access, corporate accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, productivity. etc and sufficient bandwidth. It guides agent and their interactions at all times: Presence allows Help with Search Engine Optimization: Social Networks expandintelligent routing or even complete automation of each a Contact Centers exposure on the Internet and Web 2.0.interaction or established communication to improve workflow Consolidated and unified Information: It offers all the information and reduce training times. related to each customer interaction through a single consolidated interface. Companies can make decisions based on real time information.www.presenceco.comEurope: +34 93 10 10 300 Africa: + 27 11 461 USA: +1 800 847 3309 CALA: + 57 (1) 381 9386

2. Highlightsa Channel unification between back-office tasks anda Same front-end interface for user and supervisor,social networks via one interface. avoiding complex agent training, operations and humana Routing and Sorting are based on business information, error.interaction text content or data input by the customer.a Spell check, template selection and pre-defined answersa Spam blockingfor text messaging.a Real time and historical reporting. Use Model Presence supports social networks: a Creates an interface between the social media networkThe combination of these two modules offers the mostand Presence Suite, any interaction is processed as complete management solution, regardless of what cannelpart of the being used. a Presence Suite treats the social network interactionthe same way it treats other tasks. This allows theSuite to assign the task to the most qualified agent,controlling the work flow from end to end. All-in-One Suite and Multipoint Solution Presence Suite Modules Presence OpenGate Presence Intelligent Routing Presence Back Office Presence Voice Outbound Presence IVR Presence MessagingPresence Scripting Presence RoboDialerPresence Internet Presence Voice InboundPresence Reporting Presence Recording Presence Social Media Presence Agent Presence Supervisor EUROPENORTH AMERICACARIBEAN & AFRICA Orense, 68 - 4 Izq 1200 Ashwood Parkway LATIN AMERICAT: +27 11 461 3286 28020 MadridSuite 410Calle 64 No 2150 Spain Atlanta, GA 30338Manizales Caldas T: (+34) 93 10 10 300 T: +1 800 847 3309 ColombiaT: +57(1) 381 9386 Comte Urgell, 240 3 08036 Barcelona Spain T:(+34) 93 10 10 300www.presenceco.comEurope: +34 93 10 10 300 Africa: + 27 11 461 USA: +1 800 847 3309 CALA: + 57 (1) 381 9386