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STORY OF MIKES LIFEPsychology Assignment 2 : Comic strip

Group Members:Lynette Law [0317761]Kiing Kiu Chun []William Goh []Janice Lee [0318695]Syed Aswad []

PlotMike is a Thor fanatic. One day, he was watching the trailer of the latest Thor movie. He thinks its gonna be enjoyable. However, his brother who already watched the movie told him that the movie was not nice. Mike did not believe him as the previous one was nice and exciting. The rating for it was quite high too. So, he insisted to watch it with his friends. Before the movie started, his friends asked him to help them get some drinks but they didnt stated what they want. Mike loved orange juice so he bought orange juice for all of them. However, not all of them liked it. Some of them liked pepsi, cola During the movie, Mike threw a candy wrapper on the floor. His friends saw it but they kept quiet. After the movie, Mike realized the movie wasnt as nice as he expected. He regretted that only he had listen to his brother, he wouldnt have wasted money and time on it.

5 concept inside comicIntrinsic MotivationConfirmation BiasFalse Consensus Effect Pluralistic ignoranceUpward counterfactual thinking

is taking a certain action for the sake of enjoyment. It leads us to be more fully engaged and leads us to greater pleasure.After watching the trailer of the movie, Thor, he feels excited and thinks that it is going to be a very good movie according to the rating. That is why he plans to watch the movie tomorrow. Intrinsic Motivation

Confirmation BiasMikes brother told him that the movie is really bad. After listening to his brother, he feels annoyed. Mike decided to ignore his brother statement about the movie. The next day, he went to watch it with his friends.Confirmation bias towards the movie. He wants to watch it badly no matter how others judge it to be bad.

Confirmation Bias is a type of cognitive bias and a systematic error of inductive reasoning. We tend to pay attention to information that supports our beliefs and ignore and filter out the information that conflicts our belief.

False Consensus EffectHis friend told Mike to get them some drinks from the juice bar without telling him which specific drink they want.And since Mikes favorite drink is orange juice, he assumed that his friend will also love orange juice. Therefore, he bought orange juices for his friend and turn out, all of them hated orange juice.False Consensus is shown here because Mike overestimated his friends who think as alike as he does.

Pluralistic ignorance Pluralistic ignorance is a situation which a majority of group members privately reject a norm, but incorrectly assume that most of others accept it, therefore go along with it.Mikes friend saw Mike throwing the candy wrapper on the theaters floor. However they chose to keep quiet because they assumed that the others accept it, therefore they go along with it and choose to ignore his act.

Upward Counterfactual ThinkingFinally after the movie has ended, Mike regretted watching the movie. He regretted listening to his brother advise and should not watch the movie. If he had listened to his brother, he will not waste his time and money. Upward counterfactual thinking is to imagine ONE outcome for an event that has already occurred and is to worsen ones mood.The END