presentation design part 1: slide design

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How to design a presentation that works Part I: Slide Design

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We make ineffective presentations for students, despite -- or because of -- our best intentions. But there is research about what actually works -- ways to present textual and visual information so students (and everyone) understand.


  • 1. How to design a presentation that works
    Part I: Slide Design

2. When I tell you youre about to watch a PowerPoint presentation, whats your initial reaction, and why?
3. February 1, 2003
4. February 1, 2003
5. Why did they die?
David M. BrownLaurel B. ClarkMichael P. Anderson Ilan Ramon
Rick D. HusbandKalpanaChawlaWilliam C. McCool
6. According to Edward Tufte
7. PowerPoint.
8. Boeing PowerPoint hid potential danger
9. So, is PowerPoint evil?
10. Does it destroy critical thought?
The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint. 2005. Photograph. The Works of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press. By Edward Tufte. 6 Sept. 2005. Web. 30 Dec. 2010. .
11. Does it destroy student attention and learning?
Manalaysay, Mark. Sleeping. Photograph. Stockvault. 24 May 2007. Web. 30 Dec. 2010. .
12. According to Richard E. Mayer
13. No.
14. Multimedia presentations increase retention and deep learning.
15. PowerPoint is not evil.
16. But bad design is.
Design matters.
17. Most of our instincts and intuitions are wrong.
18. Information-rich
Technologically advanced
Aesthetically pleasing
None of these actually matter
19. So, what does matter?
20. Slide Design

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