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  1. 1. Trailer Analysis: 10 Things I Hate About You
  2. 2. Mise en scene the mood that is created in the first shot is a happy vibe as we can see the two girls walking together chatting about what they like and it tells the audience that they are good friends. In the background, we notice that it is set during the day and they are at school which tells us that they are young teenagers still studying and going to parties. They are both wearing quite old fashioned clothes which suggests to the audience that the film was set a while ago as people today dont wear those sort of cloths and also dont have hairstyles that are that out of date. As the characters are walking and talking we can see they have a close relationship because they are walking close to each other and laughing and agreeing on the same things showing the audience they have things in common with one another. We also notice the two boys in the background who appear to be looking at the girls walking in front of them throughout this clip suggesting their feelings towards the girls. Editing in this clip, it is a medium pace as it is a normal scene and they are just walking. There is a fade in when we first see this scene as the clip changes from the narrative to the shot of the girls walking. There is a colour filter on this shot as the audience is able to see all the different colours in the shot as well as a clear indication that it is day time and sunny outside. The effect of this is to help the audience understand what these characters are like and what their relationship is between each other. Camerawork - The distance between the camera and the actors isn't much which shows us that it is a medium shot as we are able to see from their stomach upwards and the camera is close enough to show us their emotions. The movement of this shot is a tracking shot because as the girls are walking, the camera remains in front of them and just reverses. This angle is an eye-level shot which allows the audience to see the relationship between the characters in this scene. the effect this has, is that it suggests to the audience how the characters feel as well as what they are doing. The camera is positioned in the viewers eye which helps the audience get a better understanding on what is going on. In the rule of thirds, we can see that neither character is standing in the middle, they are both on parallel lines which suggests that they are equal and one is not more important in this scene than the other. Sound at the start of this scene there is ambient sound of birds chirping and people walking around in the background. There is also diegetic sound as they are talking so there is dialogue. Their dialogue is definitely the most dominant sound and this is so that the audience can hear what they are saying. They are also talking about girls things which gives the audience and idea as to what characters they are playing.
  3. 3. Mise en scene in the second shot, we see the boy looking back at her as she passes him and she is walking by in a shy manner. This suggests to the audience that they have chemistry between them. She is also smiling as she walks away which may suggest that she likes the boy in the same way he likes her. It takes place in the school and we are able to see by the other students wearing old school clothes that this film was set a long time ago. The background is quite dark and the students walking around the school have a silhouette look about them which puts the audiences attention on the girl who plays a main part in the film. The fact that he is also a dark shadow and doesnt have light shining on him and isnt wearing bright clothes like she is, this could mean that he isnt as popular as she is and isnt as important as her. As they are indoors, there is lowkey lighting in this shot. Editing the straight cutting to this scene suggests realism and makes the audience feel like they are there. This is a short scene as she is just walking through the corridor and this is just to show the audience the relationship and feelings between the boy and girl. Camerawork in this shot, we can see that it is a slight high angle shot because we are able to get a good view of the entire corridor and the audience can see the other students. On the trailer, this is filmed as a tracking shot because the camera is mounted high up and is able to track the characters movement. This is quite a long shot and it provides an extended view of the scene around the characters. It is important for the audience to be aware of the characters whereabouts which is inside school. Its also used to tell the audience the relationship between the boy and the girl as we can see they are standing far away from each other suggesting that the possibly aren't friends or they are shy to talk to each other. Neither of them are in the middle of this shot which means that the audience would focus on both of them equally in this shot. Sound in this scene there is a voice over which tells the audience what role this female plays and what student she is like at school. There is also background music on order to make it seem like a fairy-tale to her and not really like how school would be. There is no dialogue in this scene as it allows the audience to focus on her body language instead.
  4. 4. Mise en scene in this shot we are able to see the relationship between the father and his daughter. He is looking at her in a frustrated manner which suggests he is strict with her and wont let her do everything she wants to do. It is set outdoors with high key lighting during the afternoon as she is wearing the clothes she wore to school suggesting the day is over and she is now home in the afternoon. We can see he is on some sort of gym equipment, I would say that they are outside of their house as there are houses in the background. This is a contrast of her reputation because at school we see that she is popular and is liked by boys however, at home she has a really strict father who seems unaware of what she is like at school. He is wearing an informal shirt which suggests that he isnt working but just doing exercises at home. The fact that he is using gym equipment from home, the audience may be lead to think that they are a wealthy family and have money to own a gym from home. Editing in this clip, we can see a shot reverse shot as there is a conversation going on between the father and daughter. This tells the audience what each of the characters are saying. This is a long scene and the pace gets slightly quicker as they continue to chat. This demonstrates the frustration the father is getting as he continues to talk to Bianca. The effect this has is that it encourages the audience to listen to what they are talking about. Camerawork this is an over the shoulder shot as the audience is able to get a view of the dad from behind the daughter. This shows both of their body language and how they feel. It is a slight low angle shot because we can see how the dad is on gym equipment which suggests he is a busy man as he doesnt have time to stop in order for his to have a conversation. This scene is just a handheld camera position as the camera remains in one place while they are talking. This allows the audience to fully focus on what the characters are saying and not get distracted by what is happening around them. The camera is only filming the dads facial expressions which only shows the audience how he is feeling as we aren't able to see Bianca's face from the other aide and how she feels. This suggests that they want us to focus only on one persons side and not have sympathy for both characters. Sound there is diegetic and non diegetic sound on this clip as there is dialogue between the two characters and there is also added music in the background. This music continues throughout the rest of the trailer and fades when there is dialogue.
  5. 5. Mise en scene this was were we get introduced= to the main character. In the trailer we also see how this character (Katarina Stratford) as well as the other female (Bianca Stratford) are sisters that are completely different. Bianca is likes by many, popular, wears make up and dresses girly whereas Katarina is the opposite and isnt liked by anyone. In this shot, she is tearing down a poster that is up on the school wall which suggests to the audience that she is moody and not happy with whatever the sign says. There is high key lighting in this shot as she is outside. Editing it then cuts to a scene of teenagers partying before it cuts to this shot of Katerina. In this shot, there is cross cutting as the pace gets faster which shows the audience her frustration. The effect this has is that it tells the audience how Katerina feels and it also allows the audience to develop their own opinion of her at this point. The straight cut to this scene suggests realism. The pace is fast because she is annoyed at what she can see and therefore reacts by pulling the paper down. Camerawork this is a side view of the main character which shows the audience what she is doing and makes them wonder why she is doing what she is doing. It is a slight high angle shot as the camera allows the audience to see her from slightly higher up than if they were just looking at her from eye level. I would say that this is a panning shot because the camera slowly moves from left to right and during that time we see her do this action. The camera doesn't follow her after she has walked past. The distance between the camera and the character shows us that it is a medium shot. Sound this scene has a voice over describing what kind of girl she is. This suggests to the audience what she is like and the character she is playing in the film. There is no ambient sound however there is still non diegetic sound as there is background music playing.
  6. 6. Mise en scene in the fifth shot, the trailer shows the audie