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This is the annotations and print screens for my magazine cover


  • 1. 6 thform magazine Print screens &Reece Sylvester Feedback

2. Here is where I started, and I had chosen my magazine cover image, and fitted it to and A4 sized blank canvas. I decided to use this image because as the magazine is about 6 thform life, the image would go well with it because it is to do with school, and education, and you can tell this because everyone in the image is wearing uniform. Also it is very simple, and not much is going on in it which makes it perfect for a magazine cover as it is not too manic. Chosen picture 3. Gaussian Blur for background Here is where I blurred everyone in the image out and to do this I duplicated the layer, and the clicked on Filter, Blur then Gaussian blur and chose the amount of blur which I wanted To make myself the only un-blurred person in the picture I had to use the Eraser tool to rub out around me on the top blurred layer, so that it would reveal the un-blurred original layer which I duplicated, and had me un-blurred. 4. Here is where I chose my magazine title and made my first kicker with explanatory text. Title for magazine As the model in the picture takes up most of the cover I had to think of a way to put the title on the cover without the text going over him, and I thought that the image looked fine as it is and I did not want to make it smaller, so I made my title an image, and simplified the layer. This allowed me to use the Eraser tool so that I could blur it slightly to make it look as thought the text goes behind my head. 5. Here is where I chose a colour scheme for the text, and started to add more kickers to the magazine cover. Colour scheme for kickers For the settled in? kicker I chose that colour as it is the same as the models bag, and to get the same shade of blue I used the eye dropper tool. I decided to create a colour scheme so that everything will look in check and will look neat and tidy, whereas if there was no colour scheme then it would mean that the pieces of text could be in all sorts of different colours, and would not look very nice. 6. Adding shadows to kickers Here is where I created some shadows for my kickers and to do this I had to duplicated the layer of the text. From here I changed he colour of the layer at the back, and then used the select tool so that I could nudge it to the bottom right, so that it makes it seem as though the light is coming from the top left. Original Duplicate 7. Final product before feedback This is when I had added all of my kickers with explanatory text, and also added some competition information at the bottom of the cover. Here is where I thought it was complete and thought that there were enough kickers on it and that the explanatory text had enough information to explain. I though that everything needed was on it and that they were all in place.From here I got some feedback to see if there were any areas for improvements. 8. Magazinefeedback Good points: I like the font that you used for your main title and the colour of the text goes well with the background picture. I also really like the picture because it suits really well with the theme. I also like where you have placed all the writing. I like the kicker titles as it looks like you have covered everything about what people want to know about sixth form ect. Improvements: I think maybe you could have come up with a better name for the magazine instead of just sixth form and maybe but a little more information on the kickers.Also the kickers should to be in line vertically, so you should make a grid, with one empty box free around the magazine. 9. Improvements from feedback The first are for improvement I was told to try and think of a better name for the magazine, and I thought long and hard but could not think of another one, and also I thought that it looks nice where and how it is and that it should not be changed.The second thing I was told to improve on w as to make the text in line, and to do this I should makegrid and lee on box space free around the edge, so I done this for the kickers, and my competition information at the bottom, but as I simplified the layer for my title, and it was made into an image, I could not move it to give it 1 box 3 at the top. 10. Photoshop tools Selection tool: This allowed me to nudge text slightly, and select certain layers and pieces of text. Eraser tool: This allowed me to only leave me un-blurred for my front cover. Text tool: This allowed me write my heading, kickers and explanatory text. Colour selection tool: This allowed me to choose whatever colour I wanted for the text on my front cover. Zoom tool: This allowed me to zoom in and make small adjustments to the rubbing out of the blurred layer. Eye dropper tool: This allowed me to select a colour from the image to use as a colour for text.