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Presentation by Adriana Vela at Southern California Biotechnology Conference


  • 1.SCBC- Bio-Link ConferenceEmerging Technologies PanelNanotechnology Opportunities andChallengesAdriana Vela NanoTecNexus Founder & CEO(overhead template)

2. InnovationThere is nothing more difficult toplan, more doubtful of success,more dangerous to manage thanthe creation of a new system Machiavelli (1469-1527)(overhead template) 2 3. Where doesNanotechnology fit in the innovation game?(overhead template) 3 4. (overhead template) 4 5. Nano Dreams.A vision of whatcould be possible(overhead template) 5 6. Nanotechnology DefinitionNanotechnology is defined by the USGovernment as involving:1) research and development at the atomic, molecular and sub-molecular levels in the scale of 1-100 nm in scale2) creating or using structures, devices and systems with novel properties and functions,3) that are controlled or manipulated at the atomic scale.(overhead template) 6 7. But nanoengineering is much more!An Entirely New Toolbox Of Engineering Capabilities Has Been Opened Up For Us To Explore, Invent With, Imagine With, And EDUCATE About. 8. Nanotechnology: potentially ubiquitousMedicineInformation Energy Materials Food, Water Instrumentsand TechnologyProduction Science and theHealth/ StorageEnvironment Drug deliveryGMR HardHydrogen Lightweight Remediation TunnelingDiskFuel Cells and strongmethods microscopy to serve citizens and satisfy their needs to support industrial competitiveness to exploit science and technology advances(overhead template)8 SOURCE: European Commission 9. Examples ofNanotechnologyin Medicine(overhead template)9 10. Evolution of Humankind & Disease(overhead template)10 11. History of Scientific Medicine(overhead template) 11 12. Categories of Nanomedicine(overhead template) 12 13. Applications - Bioanalysis High Throughput (HTP) screens, sensors & diagnostic platforms: Multiplexed assays in solution: dots, bars, beads Arrays by deposition: beads, particles, wires Nanopore transport (sequencing, ion channels) Microfluidics to nanofluidics NanoInk Detection and separation: molecular tags (nanoink)NanoSphereH. Criaghead, CornellNanoplex Quantum Dot Novel detection leads to enhanced sensitivity NanoSys Higher throughput is nice, but multiplexed format is key(overhead template)13 14. Applications - Medical Devices Medical imaging: Contrast agents Shielding agents Tissue-specific imageRetinal cortex enhancement Implantable sensors: Retinal processing BioPhan: MRIcompatible coatings Neural interconnects Stents with drug delivery and active monitoring Nanoscale Surgery: Tissue-directed light/heatablation Cell-specific gene therapy Atherosclerotic Coronary Disease(overhead template) 14 15. Applications - TherapeuticsDrugs & drug delivery platforms:Drugs with enhanced bioavailability & specificity Improve drugs with poor solubility Traverse membranes, possibly blood-brain barrier Delivery of nanostructured silicon for bone structure APPs AbraxaneDrug delivery systems Delivery via skin, lungs, GI tract Encapsulation for stealth-mode release Encapsulation for scavenging/removal Devices for long-term in vivo deliveryTissue-specific payload deposition High local doseNanoMed Lower toxicity & side effects Nanopore drug delivery(overhead template) 15 16. Limitations of Drug Treatment (% Efficacy) Cancer (all types) 25 % Alzheimers Disease 30% Incontinence40% Hepatitis C 47% Osteoporosis48% Rheumatoid arthritis50% Migraine (prophylaxis)50% Migraine (acute)52% Diabetes 57% Asthma60% Cardiac Arrhythmias 60% Schizophrenia 60% Depression62% TRENDS in Molecular Medicine, Vol. 7, No. 5, 2001. 16 17. Top 10 TherapeuticAreas in Drug DevelopmentR&D Directions Magazine (October 2009 issue) published its 9th annualreport profiles for the top 10 areas of research. These areas have thegreatest competition for investigator recruiting. # ILS # of Drugs Investigators Oncology 7171125 CNS3231681 Infectious Disease 233798 Cardio Vascular1821386 Diabetes 152881 Respiratory142807 Pain/Inflammation1321234 GI 1051099 Blood86 834 Dermatology68 502 Total 2,14010,347Source: Investigator Location Services(overhead template)17 18. (overhead template) 18 19. Nanotechnology is anEnabler of New Solutions for CancerFocus Areas: Molecular imaging and early detection In vivo imaging Reporters of efficacy Multifunctional therapeutics Prevention and control Research enablersEarly detection Imaging Therapy(overhead template) 20. Nanotechnology ischanging the fightagainst cancer(overhead template)20 21. What it takes to make it happen(overhead template)21 22. NCI Alliance Therapeutics Spinouts(overhead template)22 23. NCI Alliance Diagnostics SpinoutsPreDxMagArra(overhead template)23 24. Nanotherapeutics in Development Abraxis PharmaceuticalsAbraxane Albumin-bound paclitaxel NSC lung cancer, breast,Approved IVothers Advanced Magnetics Combidex Iron oxide nanoparticles Tumor imaging NDA filedIV Avidimer Platform, ATI-001Targeted dendrimersVarious cancerPre-clinical IV BIND Platform technologyTargeted PLGA-PEGProstate cancer, others Pre-clinical IV nanoparticles CalandoTargeted siRNA Cyclodextrin polymers- Cancer, othersPre-clinical IV siRNA Carbon NanotechnologyDF1Dendritic fullereneChemoprotection Pre-clinical IV CytimmuneAurimune TNF-bound colloidal goldSolid tumorsPhase IIV CytimmuneAuritolTaxol and TNF-bound Solid tumorsPre-clinical IV colloidal gold Dendritic Nanotechnologies Dendrimer-MagnevistPAMAM dendrimerMRI imaging agent Pre-clinical IV ImaRx Therapeutics MRX-951Self-assembling blockCancerPre-clinical IV copolymer Insert TherapeuticsCyclosert-camptothecin Cyclodextrin nanoparticles Metastatic solid tumors Phase II IV Introgen INGN-401 Liposome Metastatic lung cancerPhase IIV Kereos Platform technologyPerfluorocarbon polymers Cancer and cardiovascular Pre-clinical IV Liquidia TechnologiesPlatform technologyPRINT nanoparticles Cancer, othersPre-clinical IV Nanospectra BiosciencesAuroLase Gold nanoshell Head and neck cancerPre-clinical IV OrthoBiotech DoxilPEGylated liposome Metastatic ovarian cancer Approved IVTriton Biosystems(overhead template) TNT-Anti-Ep-CAMPolymer-coated iron oxideSolid tumorsPre-clinical IV 24 25. (overhead template) 25 26. Mission To catalyze collaboration and knowledgeexchange in the nanotech field by connectingpeople, technology, investment, and industry. The goal is to promote safe and market accepted advances innanosciences maximizing societalbenefits from new product and applications(overhead template) 27. NanoTecNexus Brings It All TogetherIndustry -Academia - InnovativeLeading-edge Companies ResearchIndustry EventsNTN Grant SupportEducation ProgramsConsulting ServicesPartnershipCollaborationCollaborationOutreachPhilanthropy - Next GenerationStudents Business-Education Ecosystem 28. education education educationeducation(overhead template) 28 29. Challenges and Hurdles Technical/Standards/Financial EH&S Regulatory FDA, EPA, etc Media hype/confusion Education (lack of) Future workforce(overhead template)29 30. Educational OpportunitiesA key challenge for nanotechnologydevelopment is the education and training ofa new generation of skilled workers in themultidisciplinary perspectives necessaryfor rapid progress of the new technologySource: Mihail C Roco, Senior Advisor for Nanotechnology at the National Science Foundation(overhead template) 30 31. Nanotech Job Projections It is estimated that about 2 million nanotechnologyworkers will be needed worldwide by 2015. an approximate distribution of nanotechnologyworkers needed in various areas by 2015 would be:0.8-0.9 million in the US, 0.5-0.6 million in Japan,0.3-0.4 million in Europe, about 0.2 million in theAsia-Pacific region excluding Japan and 0.1 millionin other regions. nanotechnology has the potential to create 5million additional related jobs overall by 2015 in theglobal market.Source: Mihail C Roco, Senior Advisor for Nanotechnology at the National Science Foundation(overhead template) 31 32. Talent Crisis Loomingfor Global CompaniesUnemployment remains high, yetsenior execs doubt they can findenough talent to drive growth and successfully pursue globalbusiness strategies, according to PwCs annual survey of globalCEOs.(overhead template) 32 33. Changes to Talent Strategy 34. Talent Agenda 35. (overhead template) 35 36. (overhead template) 36 37. Title(overhead template) 37 38. "The question is not whether nanotechnology isgoing to happen but when. Thank You Contact me: adriana@nanotecnexus.org858-774-8283 template)38