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EPI Field Experience Procedures

EPI Field Experience Procedures2016-2

Getting Started

Contact your mentor teacher. Email is best.

Step 1

Schedule a meeting. Work out a tentative schedule. Give them the Letter to Supervising Teacher.Located in EPI0940.Step 2

Take your Log Sheet always. Log ALL your hours. Log Sheets located in EPI0940.

Step 3

Field Experience Criteria

How Many Hours? 27 hours in the classroom including teaching 1 lesson where EPI Coordinator observes. 3 hours = attending other school-related activity or function. Examples: faculty meetings, PTSA meetings, School Board Meetings, other school functions. Not possible? Complete all 30 hours in the classroom!

All 30 hours with the same supervising teacher. Work out a mutually convenient schedule. Deadline = 4/30/16, end of PSC spring term.

Whats the Deadline?


Use the Field Study Log sheets. Teacher must sign ALL log sheets if using more than one. Submit log (s) to EPI as part of your Field Experience Journal.

Track Your Hours

No need to complete some hours during EPI0940 and some during EPI0945. Just complete 30 hours by 4/30/16. You may do more than 30 hours if you choose, as long as your supervising teacher agrees.Keep it together.

What to Observe

Use the "Field Experience Journal" assignments as a guide.It is your responsibility to make sure you obtain all the required info in the Journal. Take it ALWAYS + paper/pen or laptop/tablet to make relevant notes.Observation Topics

Use word processing. Submit Journal with a report cover (mail or drop off). Do NOT submit a hard bound 3 ring binder! Your journal must fit in your student file. Journal Submission Format

Yes! No!

Due at end of term = 4/30/16. State-mandated criteria for EPI.Submission Deadline


Up to you! ALL topics due by 4/30! Dont procrastinate!Time Management

Assist the teacher as directed.Other Tasks


Act and dress professionally. Never interrupt to ask questions. Cell phones off.Be Professional


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