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FAST UC Berkeley SPRING 2011

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Press Packet for UC Berkeley's Fashion and Student Trends Organization


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UC BerkeleySPRING 2011

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student trends

Fashion And Student Trends is a student-initiated, student-run nonprofit organization designed to bring the world of fashion to the University of California, Berkeley. The first branch of FAST was originally established in 2001 on the University of California, Los Angeles campus. Through the col-laboration of our founders, Berkeley launched its own FAST branch in 2005. Since then, the organi-zation has grown tremendously and continues to serve the Berkeley fashion community in its 5th year of operation.

Our organization is dedicated to nurturing and fostering the talents and enthusiasm of students in-terested in the fashion industry, including designers, models, artists, photographers and other students seeking corporate fashion experience. Each semes-ter, FAST members design, publicize, and host a fashion show featuring the original creations of our talented Berkeley student designers. Apart from being the only on-campus organization of its kind, FAST contributes to the greater community by collecting ticket fees and donating those proceeds to reputable charities. Currently, FAST is working with the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.

FAST’s Spring Runway Show, titled EXPOSE, will take place on Sunday, May 1st, at 8:00p at UC Berkeley’s Pauley Ballroom. As an active compo-nent of self-expression, fashion permits us to reveal bits of ourselves through our clothing and style. This semester, FAST challenges student designers to unleash an army of alter egos on the runway and demonstrate fashion’s capacity to transcend the surface and reveal over-the-top personas. Join Fashion & Student Trends as we celebrate and com-memorate another semester of student creativity and bravado.

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The Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. (LFA) is the foremost national nonprofit health orga-nization dedicated to finding the causes of and cure for lupus and providing support, services and hope to all people affected by lupus.

The LFA energetically pursues its mission through five program objectives:•Provides direct financial support to researchers through LFA’s own national research program, Bringing Down the Barriers•Advocates for increased public and private sec-tor support for research on lupus•Translates research findings into medically sound information and programs for people with lupus, their families, physicians, and other health professionals•Heightens public awareness of the impact of lupus•Supports individuals with lupus, their families and caregivers

The LFA was established in 1977 when local lupus organizations came together to bring na-tional attention and resources to lupus. Since that time, the LFA has evolved into the field’s preeminent nonprofit lupus organization with nearly 300 chapters, support groups and com-munity representatives nationwide.

The LFA plays a key role in bringing together all stakeholders -- researchers, clinicians, elected officials, policy makers, industry leaders, other national organizations, and people affected by lupus -- to address lupus on the federal, state and local levels.

To learn more about lupus and LFA’s programs and services please visit


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2011 Sponsor information

Fashion and Student Trends presents its Bi-Annual Fashion Show


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FASHION AND STUDENT TRENDS appreciates your generous donation. To recog-nize your support, we will also feature your logo in the sponsor section of our web site:


Please e-mail your business logo, as well as any questions or concerns to:Tien Chang, Public Relations [email protected] | 408.829.7212

Adrienne Chiu, Public Relations [email protected] | 650.868.9938

Cleo Palmer-Poroner, Assistant to PR [email protected] | 914.426.1138


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2011 Sponsor information

Fashion and Student Trends presents its Bi-Annual Fashion Show

Please fill out the sponsorship form below, specifying the desired contribution level by checking the appropriate box:

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Please make all checks out to: FASHION AND STUDENT TRENDS

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