Principles Of Presenting Yourself- The Path To Professionalism

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This is one presentation in a series involving presentation skills and professionalism training in the classroom and seminars.


Principles of Presenting Yourself Tips on how to think like a Presenter The Path to Professionalism John Consultant Fallon Presentation Skills What does it mean to be a professional? Professional: a person that engages in a pursuit / activity professionally Professionalism reflects the conduct, aims, or qualities that mark a profession or professional person Why be a professional? Whats in it for you? Three reasons to be a professional: Pride improve self confidence and create a support system Respect admiration from others and desired by employers Opportunities get noticed, be in demand and career advancement Establish the rules Teach the core principles Provide reminders and reinforcement 5 Keys to being a true professional Character is who you are and what you stand for Attitude is your mental outlook on the world Excellence is your commitment to the highest quality Competency is your degree of expertise Conduct is how you deal and interact with others To be a professional, you must Make a commitment to being a professional Always do and say what you is the right thing to do or say Look and act professionally Take pride in your work Learn your craft and teach it to others Be accountable and responsible for your actions Do not tolerate mediocrity Do whatever you need to do whenever you need to do it Do something useful to serve others Continually invest in your own professional development and growth Begin your quest on the path to professionalism