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  • Report & Analysis

    Integrating Gulf Intelligence Report Magazine


    P r i n t ● B o o k s ● C u s t o m P u b l i s h i n g ● E v e n t s

    Gulf Environment Magazine is an eco-friendly, environment focus and sustainable-centric international magazine. Each issue contains intelligent insights, major industry news, special market reports, sector surveys, global and regional previews with news of latest developments on environmental issues and solutions GEMag has a combination of authoritative and well respected editorial contents with unrivalled circulation globally from GCC, Asia, Europe, US, North America and Canada.

    Our objective is simple. GEMag publish and deliver environment information, sustainable news, research, business and product information that offers intelligent, interesting media rich possibilities for environmental companies, government agencies, environmental professionals and non- governmental organizations.

    Our powerful direct distribution to over 35,000 global subscribers and over 15,000 direct distribution to GCC and the Middle East inspire our audience and readers, get them involved, understand and communicate major environmental news and features. A macro exposure to thousands professionals and high end industry readers and subscribers. GEMag is the only environmental focus, eco friendly magazine in the GCC Region and has the largest circulation and direct distribution to the most influential readership of key decision makers, opinion leaders, Chairmen, CE’s, CEO’s, Managing Directors, Senior Government Ministers and Officials, Ambassadors, Diplomatic Community, airline & aviation industry, hotel & hospitality,

    For Advertisers with potential customers globally and around the GCC Region, GEMag is an invaluable tool and opportunity to cross borders. It is a magazine of choice among the industry’s advertisers.

    Trade sampling to HNI’s, HNC’s, major business players, corporate management including diplomatic community.

    All Rights Reserved . Copyright 2009 . PJ Investments Asia LLC . @#One Media TM “your ‘DNA ‘ to sustainable, environmental and business information”

  • All Rights Reserved . Copyright 2009 . PJ Investments Asia LLC . @#One Media TM “your ‘DNA ‘ to sustainable, environmental and business information”

    All Rights Reserved . Copyright 2009 . PJ Investments Asia LLC . @#One Media TM “your ‘DNA ‘ to sustainable, environmental and business information”


    T E

    C H

    N IC

    A L

    S P

    E C



    MISSION Gulf Environment Magazine explore, analyse, conduct intelligent reviews and write powerful contents covering environmental related issues addressing climate change, renewable energies, while providing sustainable information and reports.

    Our irreverent take and style is at once aspirational and accessible encouraging readers to cultivate not just personal understanding but the success that comes with knowledge and power that readers could live a more sustainable lives.

    STRATEGY Combined with the best of minds and knowledge based facts with our dedicated editors, journalists, scientific researchers and analysts who only share one common goal – a passion for a more sustainable world for the future generation.

    CONTENT At GEMag, it is our responsibility to ensure that content is powerful and sustainable – for both ourselves and our readers in every medium possible and imaginable.

    CREATIVE We get the best minds in the industry!

    CHARACTER Sustainable, substantial, solid and innovative.

    EVENTS Integrating powerful and exclusive world environment and sustainable summits and conferences providing the best of its contents’ management and substance.

    Publisher: PJ Investments Asia LLC Reg. No. 57369-11 Delaware USA @#ONE Media™ Group

    Chairman: Mina Leonora Herrera Villarba

    Chief Executive: Peter Anthony V. Lee, Jr.,

    Managing Editor: Mina Leonora Herrera Villarba

    Executive Director & Dr. Abdul Rasheed Nawwab Advisor

    Editor-in-Chief Katrina Andrews

    Executive Leilani V. Esteban Directors: Marjori P. Mabilangan Eleanor Lagman Efren H. Villarba

    Director, Global Business Development: Marjori P. Mabilngan


    Efren H. Villarba: Canada Leilani V. Esteban: Canada and North America Harry Miltner: Vienna - Austria Tana Granger: Los Angeles Sheryl V. Panganiban: GCC and the rest of Arab World


    Geoffrey Walter: UBP Walter - Zurich, Switzerland Creative Team: CIC Designs Global Marketing Crystal International Canada, LLC, & Sales: Delaware, USA Global Distribution: Crystal International Canada, Canada


    Over 35,000 copies global direct distribution. Accounts to over 15,000 direct distribution to GCC & the rest of the Middle East countries.


    Ministers, high ranking government officials; Ambassadors & Diplomatic Corps; Chairmen / CE’s; CEO’s; Managing Directors; decision makers; major business players; the corporate world; opinion leaders, environmental professionals and the business community.


    “GEMagazine readers are major business players; intelligent, knowledgeable; understand economics of

    environmental issues, promote sustainable business; and use GEMagazine as a ‘platform to transmit and reach the world sustainably.”


    GEMag carries it own Marketing and PR promotions. Please contact International Communication Director at Crystal International Canada LLC email:



    Magazine closed size: Magazine open size: Paper cover: Binding: Language: Publication Date:

    21 cm x 27 cm 42 cm x 27 cm 200 gsm cover; 100 gsm glossy inside pages perfect binding English Every quarter

    Ad size : 430 mm x 280 mm Trim size : 420 mm x 270 mm Safety area : 390 mm x 258 mm

    Full Page Spread

    Insert Due Dates

    Insert Due Dates

    Ad size: 220 mm x 280 mm 220mm x 145 mm 80mm x 280 mm Trim size: 210 mm x 270 mm 210mm x 135 mm 70mm x 270 mm Safety area: 198 mm x 258 mm 198mm x 123mm 58mm x 258 mm

    Full Page 1/2 Page 1/3 Page

  • All Rights Reserved . Copyright 2009 . PJ Investments Asia LLC . @#One Media TM “your ‘DNA ‘ to sustainable, environmental and business information”

    All Rights Reserved . Copyright 2009 . PJ Investments Asia LLC . @#One Media TM “your ‘DNA ‘ to sustainable, environmental and business information”


    Paper Requirements

    Single leaf: Minimum weight 60gsm, maximum weight 100gsm inside covers Front and back cover: 200gsm – 250 gsm

    Readership and Demographics

    Over 35,000 Direct Distribution globally, in the US and North America, Europe, Asia, the GCC countries and the rest of the Middle East and through the world by @#One Media™ through Crystal International Canada LLC, Marketing & Distribution Partners and direct POS.

    Majority of our readers are high net worth individuals (HNIs) ages from 32 – 65 group, mostly in the high society, ministries, government and high ranking officials, diplomats and corporate individuals.

    Terms and Conditions

    Submission of artworks. All artworks must be in digital format, high resolution, either on a CD ROM, via e-mail or by FTP. Additionally, a proof copy of the artwork either as a PDF or a hard copy, in full colour, should be emailed to

    Cancellations. Any cancellations must be received in writing no later than 30 days prior to the publication date in order to be effective.

    Technical Data

    Acceptable software formats. In-Design CS, Quark Xpress, Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop, Press Quality PDF, TIFF and EPS, with all fonts supplied or converted to outlines; Screen. 150 lines per inch; High resolution images. All images must be supplied in 500 dpi, CMYK, accompanied by a hard copy in colour.

    Deadline for Advertisements

    Every 12th of the month prior to publication. For requested position, add 5% of the respective rates, each additional colour add 5% And for bleed position, add 10%.


    Artwork Charges

    • Where PJIA LLC @#One Media™ is required to produce an artwork on behalf of an advertiser, the following charges will apply:

    • Full Page: US $400 • Half Page: US $295 • Quarter Page: US $215 • Eighth Page: US $160


    International Price: US$8 per issue Yearly Subscription: US$32 / 4 Issues *shipment charges apply

    Issue: Quarterly Distribution: over 35,000 global direct distribution over 15,000 GCC & rest of the Middle East


    @#One Media™ Group PJ Investments Asia LLC

    USA: HBS - 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, DE 19958, USA

    GCC and the Middle East P.O. Box 10694 Diplomatic Area Kingdom of Bahrain

    Office No. : + 973 13 108 247 Mobile: + 973 3939 5171 / +973 3507 9625 Email:


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