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Pro Audio StreamersPS-SEND Audio to IP Streaming EncoderPS-PLAY IP to Audio Streaming DecoderPS-AMP IP to Speakers Streaming Decoder





Pro Audio Streamers Handbook

This handbook is for use with the following product: PS-SEND Audio to IP Streaming Encoder PS-PLAY IP to Audio Streaming Decoder PS-AMP IP to Speakers Streaming Decoder AW10463A Stock Code: 30-258

Revision 2.01, October 2017 Sonifex Ltd, 2017 All Rights Reserved

Sonifex Ltd, 61, Station Road, Irthlingborough, Northants, NN9 5QE, England. Tel: +44 (0)1933 650 700 Fax: +44 (0)1933 650 726 Email: Website:

Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of the vendor. Sonifex Ltd shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from the use of information or any error contained in this manual.

No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, information storage and retrieval systems, for any purpose other than the purchasers personal use, without the express written permission of Sonifex Ltd. Unless otherwise noted, all names of companies, products and persons contained herein are part of a completely fictitious adaptation and are designed solely to document the use of Sonifex product.

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ContentsProduct Warranty - 2 Year Extended i

Sonifex Warranty & Liability Terms & Conditions iUnpacking Your Product iiRepairs & Returns iii

Conformity iiiSafety & Installation of Mains Operated Equipment iii

Voltage Setting Checks iiiFuse Rating iiiPower Cable & Connection iiiWEEE Directive ivAtmosphere/Environment iv

1. Pro Audio Streamer Introduction 12. PS-SEND Audio to IP Streaming Encoder 2

Introduction 2Front Panel Controls & Operation 3Rear Panel Connections and Operation 4Technical Specification PS-SEND 6

3. PS-PLAY IP to Audio Streaming Decoder 7Introduction 7Front Panel Controls & Operation 8Rear Panel Connections and Operation 10Technical Specification PS-PLAY 12

4. PS-AMP IP to Speakers Streaming Decoder 13Introduction 13Front Panel Controls & Operation 13Rear Panel Connections and Operation 15Technical Specification PS-AMP 16

5. Webpage Interface 186. How To Use Your Pro Audio Streamers 217. Advanced 23

Boot Modes 23PS-SEND 24Basic Audio Settings 24Network Settings 25Audio Settings 25Streaming Settings 26Control Settings 27Serial Settings 28Security Page 28

Contents & Figures

PS-PLAY/PS-AMP Unit Status 28Basic Settings 29Playback Settings 31Network Settings 31Streaming Settings 32Playback Settings 33Priority Stream Settings 33Serial Settings 33I/O Settings 33Remote Management 34Security 34

FiguresFig 2-1: PS-SEND Front Panel 2Fig 2-2: PS-SEND Power & Status LEDs 3Fig 2-3: PS-SEND Reset Button 3Fig 2-4: PS-SEND Headphone Socket & Volume Control 3Fig 2-5: PS-SEND Rear Panel 4Fig 2-6: PS-SEND XLR Analogue Inputs 4Fig 2-7: PS-SEND RCA Phono Analogue Inputs 4Fig 2-8 PS-SEND AES/EBU Input 4Fig 2-9: PS-SEND S/PDIF Input 4Fig 2-10: PS-SEND TOSLINK Input 5Fig 2-11: PS-SEND GPIO RJ45 5Fig 2-12: PS-SEND ETHERNET Port 5Fig 2-13: PS-SEND RS-232 Serial Port 5 Fig 2-14: PS-SEND IEC Power Plug & Fuse 5Fig 3-1: PS-PLAY Front Panel 7Fig 3-2: PS-PLAY Power & Status LEDs 8Fig 3-3: PS-PLAY Infra Red Receiver 8Fig 3-4: PS-PLAY Reset Button 8Fig 3-5: PS-PLAY USB Socket 9Fig 3-6: PS-PLAY Headphone Socket, Volume Control & Output Level Control 9Fig 3-7: PS-PLAY Rear Panel 10Fig 3-8: PS-PLAY Analogue Outputs 10Fig 3-9: PS-PLAY RCA Phono Analogue Outputs 10

Fig 3-10: PS-PLAY AES/EBU Output 10Fig 3-11: PS-PLAY S/PDIF Output 10Fig 3-12: PS-PLAY TOSLINK Output 11Fig 3-13: PS-PLAY GPIO RJ45 11Fig 3-14: PS-PLAY ETHERNET Port 11Fig 3-15: PS-PLAY RS-232 Serial Port 11Fig 3-16: PS-PLAY IEC Power Plug & Fuse 11Fig 4-1: PS-AMP Front Panel 13Fig 4-2: PS-PLAY Power & Status LEDs 13Fig 4-3: PS-AMP Infra Red Receiver 14Fig 4-4: PS-AMP Reset Button 14Fig 4-5: PS-AMP USB Socket 14 Fig 4-6: PS-AMP Headphone Socket, Volume Control & Output Level Control 14Fig 4-7: PS-AMP Rear Panel 15Fig 4-8: PS-AMP GPIO RJ45 15Fig 4-9: PS-AMP ETHERNET Port 15Fig 4-10: PS-AMP RS-232 Serial Port 16Fig 4-11: PS-AMP IEC Power Plug & Fuse 16 Fig 5-1: The PS-SEND Webpage 18Fig 5-2: The PS-AMP Webpage 19Fig 5-3: The PS-PLAY Webpage 19Table 7-1: Assured Forwarding Table 27

Warranty Registration

Sonifex Limited 61 Station Road Irthlingborough Northamptonshire NN9 5QE United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1933 650 700 Fax: +44 (0)1933 650 726 Email: Internet:

Register Online for anExtended 2 Year WarrantyAs standard, Sonifex products are supplied with a 1 year back to base warranty.

If you register the product online, you can increase your product warranty to 2 years and we can also keep you informed of any product design improvements or modifications.


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Product Warranty - 2 Year ExtendedAs standard, Sonifex products are supplied with a 1 year back to base warranty. In order to register the date of purchase and so that we can keep you informed of any product design improvements or modifications, it is important to complete the warranty registration online. Additionally, if you register the product on the Sonifex website, you can increase your product warranty to 2 years. Go to the Sonifex website at: to apply for your 2 year warranty.

Sonifex Warranty & Liability Terms & Conditions1. Definitionsthe Company means Sonifex Ltd and where relevant includes companies within the same group of companies as Sonifex Limited.

the Goods means the goods or any part thereof supplied by the Company and where relevant includes: work carried out by the Company on items supplied by the Purchaser; services supplied by the Company; and software supplied by the Company.

the Purchaser means the person or organisation who buys or has agreed to buy the Goods.

the Price means the Price of the Goods and any other charges incurred by the Company in the supply of the Goods.

the Warranty Term is the length of the product warranty which is usually 12 months from the date of despatch; except when the product has been registered at the Sonifex website when the Warranty Term is 24 months from the date of despatch.

the Contract means the quotation, these Conditions of Sale and any other document incorporated in a contract between the Company and the Purchaser.

This is the entire Contract between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and may not be changed or terminated except in writing in accordance with the provisions of this Contract. A reference to the consent, acknowledgement, authority or agreement of the Company means in writing and only by a director of the Company.

2. Warrantya. The Company agrees to repair or (at its discretion) replace Goods

which are found to be defective (fair wear and tear excepted) and which are returned to the Company within the Warranty Term provided that each of the following are satisfied:

i. notification of any defect is given to the Company immediately upon its becoming apparent to the Purchaser;

ii. the Goods have only been operated under normal operating conditions and have only been subject to normal use (and in particular the Goods must have been correctly connected and must not have been subject to high voltage or to ionising radiation and must not have been used contrary to the Companys technical recommendations);

iii. the Goods are returned to the Companys premises at the Purchasers expense;

iv. any Goods or parts of Goods replaced shall become the property of the Company;

v. no work whatsoever (other than normal and proper maintenance) has been carried out to the Goods or any part of the Goods without the Companys prior written consent;

vi. the defect has not arisen from a design made, furnished or specified by the Purchaser;



vii. the Goods have been assembled or incorporated into other goods only in accordance with any instructions issued by the Company;

viii. the defect has not arisen from a design modified by the Purchaser;

ix. the defect has not arisen from an item manufactured by a person other than the Company. In respect of any item manufactured by a person other than the Company, the Purchaser shall only be entitled to the benefit of any warranty or guarantee provided by such manufacturer to the Company.

b. In respect of computer software supplied by the Company the Company does not warrant that the use of the software will be uninterrupted or error free.

c. The Company accepts liability:

(i) for death or personal injury to the extent that it results from the negligence of the Company, its employees (whilst in the course of their employment) or its agents (in the course of the agency);

(ii) for any breach by the Company of any statutory undertaking as to title, quiet possession and freedom from encumbrance.

d. Subject to conditions (a) and (c) from the time of despatch of the Goods from the Companys premises the Purchaser shall be responsible for any defect in the Goods or loss, damage, nuisance or interference whatsoe