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  • Problem to Solve

    Too few caregivers are aware of the importance of the first few years of life and of

    some of the simple ways in which they can help provide the stimulation, nurture and

    protection so essential for their child’s development.


    Propose a toolkit including a digital activation, print ad and video idea to raise

    awareness among caregivers about how early stimulation helps foster children’s

    cognitive, social and emotional development in the critical first years of life.

    The toolkit must be global in its appeal but with flexibility to be adapted locally.


    Raise awareness among caregivers about the importance of children’s first years for

    social, emotional and cognitive development.

    Encourage caregivers to engage in learning through early childhood stimulation.

    Increase brand identification of UNICEF with early childhood development.

    Creative Idea

    Charging Childhood Development

    The campaign will feature the universal symbol of a mobile battery charge to convey the idea

    that children, like phones, need to be “charged” to reach their full potential.

    Education around forms of “charge” – “play” – will be executed through strong photographic

    visuals and emojis. Combined in the form of an equation, the emojis will be used as a key to

    signal the developmental benefits and impact of play activities.

    Mobile First

    Battery Symbol as Creative Metaphor: play “charges” childhood development.

    Native Language: use of emojis is native to mobile and encourages participation.

    Delivery Mechanism: SMS will serve as the primary communication channel.

    Repetitive Messaging: regular charging will serve as an ongoing reminder.

    Product Use: The phone itself can be a stimulation device.

  • Look and Feel

    A series of hero shots of children playing in various locations across the globe will be

    featured throughout the campaign. This offers flexibility for local application.

    Emojis are a friendly means to depict the sensory attributes of ‘play’. These will be a

    consistent element across the advertising, SMS messaging and social content.

    Universal Access and Understanding

    8.6 billion mobile devices estimated; in the developing world penetration is at 90%

    Simple visual language crosses language, culture and literacy levels

    Concept of “charging” inherently conveys performance and strength

    A non-technical solution to reach widest possible audience

  • Print

    Global understanding through use of the battery icon

    Large and highly kinetic photography gives sense of movement and play

    Headline makes the benefit of play clear

    Body copy explains the importance of early stimulation

    Emojis indicate the need for multi sensorial play, in any language

    Call to action is to visit website for free resources, follow social channels,

    plus SMS service to reach low bandwidth users

    UNICEF logo always clearly displayed

    Charge your child’s development For children under 5, early stimulation is linked to

    better cognitive development and futur e success.

    Charge their potential with multi-sensorial play.

    + + + + =

    Download our free play resources to learn more.

    Visit or text PLAY to 55545

    Children Charging

    Charge Childhood Development

  • Mobile

    Built for mutli-screen and with HTML5 to reach the widest possible audience across

    accessibility levels.

    SMS campaign will send regular tips for play activities, customized based on the

    user’s geography, age of child and time of day. Bite-size messages will include

    education, suggested help and associated emoji symbols. These can also be sent via

    facebook mobile push notifications.

    Social sponsored updates will appear native in news feeds to achieve the KPIs of

    social reach and video view. The video will be cut and time optimized per channel to

    increase view duration.

    The phone itself can become a sensorial tool used to initiate play. Flip phones can be

    used to produce light, sound and vibrations. A medium expense phone can contain a

    gyroscope (rotational screen sense), a compass (orientation), and a barometer


    Free Msg:




    Singing helps your

    baby learn rhythm,

    which can lead to

    long-term pattern

    recognition. Sing a

    favourite song during

    your next meal and

    see if baby

    can clap along

  • Digital and Social

    A full digital resource toolkit will provide downloadable worksheets to serve as

    instruction guides and play activities for caregivers’ use. This ensures the material is

    accessible to the broadest possible audience, generating engagement at a low cost.

    Programmatic targeting and known demographic data can serve the most relevant

    display advertising to strike the hearts and minds of the viewer.

    Cinemagraphs will bring static displays to life, drawing attention and encouraging

    participation. Information can be added via rotational gifs.

    Through use of #PlayCharges, a weekly ‘global play score’ will be determined based

    off aggregated hashtags. Users can access their individual score through the website

    and receive recommended activity tips and relevant information based on their

    tracked progress. This ensures the repeated web visits. Participants can share their

    results online and invite others to ensure encouraged participation.

    Icons and photo overlays will be available for caregivers to layer over photos when

    posting on social media, increasing brand identity and virality. Offline access points

    (health stations, medical centres, schools) will be linked and tracked via social check-


    Click-through will drive to UNICEF website and social channels.


    Kids at the centre this morning

  • Video

    Open with compelling education around the need for early cognitive development. The hero shots will come to life in a

    highly immersive experience worth sharing. The first images will feature the youngest children, those who most critically

    need play and charge, and grow older as they progress. As play increases the charge in the battery symbol will fill up.

    The script and voiceover will focus on the sensorial actions -- speech, music, colour, touch, imaginary play, group play,

    water play, etc. Music will begin somber and emotional but become more positive, playful and strong as the battery

    charges. Final end frame will reveal the UNICEF logo and call-to-actions for play tips at the website and social


    The video will be 360, meaning users can tilt and rotate their device to explore more and discover the full scenes of

    these children enjoying their play. This low cost way to produce stunning social content offers a rich and immerse


    360 videos are particularly known for increasing view duration.

    Social cuts of the video should be optimized across channels.

    Additionally, ‘light’ versions will allow access for low bandwidth

    users and therefore increase reach.

  • Print Video Digital Online Resource


    bandwidth Print campaign in local hospital, schools

    and health stations.

    Video distributed and aired at

    medical centres via health workers

    SMS messaging campaign, text-only

    Tips to convert phone into play device:

    light, sound & vibrate

    Downloadable PDF worksheets,

    optimized for screen reading



    Print campaign, plus distribution at

    community centers

    Video light cuts offered & optimized

    per channel (WhatsApp, WeChat,

    SnapChat, Vine etc)

    SMS messaging, including emoji

    Free software to convert phone into more

    sophisticated play device

    User-posted hashtags

    Print-ready activity pages

    Low-data, bundled download kits,

    for easy sharing



    Print campaign, plus digital print,

    parenting magazines and outdoor

    Video pre-roll on social, targeting

    parenting and paediatric websites

    Sharable video with personal tag

    360 viewing on hand-held devices

    SMS messaging, including emoji & GIFs

    and links to resources/games on website

    leveraging existing resources

    User-posted hashtags and personal

    photos/videos with campaign overlays

    Facebook push notifications based on

    desired tips

    Digital worksheets for online use

    and interactive games

    ‘call-and-respond’ play videos for

    child viewing

    Social communities that facilitate

    virtual and IRL connection with

    other carers/ children for group


  • Charging Childhood Development Summary

    Raise Awareness

    Charge symbol provides easy understanding of the issue

    Campaign to run on parenting and paediatric sites

    Sponsored updates for reach