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Slide 2 Product Range Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Waterproofing Compounds Waterproofing Compounds Grouts Grouts Admixtures Admixtures Floor Hardeners Floor Hardeners Curing & Sealing Compounds Curing & Sealing Compounds Anticorrosive Coatings Anticorrosive Coatings Repair Compounds Repair Compounds Sealants & Adhesives Sealants & Adhesives Specialty Products Specialty Products Slide 3 Movement on leveled floor Leveled floor without surface imperfections or undulations Wheel Load causing surface abrasion 2-3 mm thickness Slide 4 Flooring System Typical Industrial concrete flooring Wheel Load causing surface abrasion This type of movement erodes the surface much faster Exaggerated view of undulation Slide 5 Floor Protection General requirements of a floor protection system. Fairly levelled surface. Should be capable of withstanding expected traffic conditions. Should be typically resistant to oil,grease & water penetration. Should be easily cleanable. Should be aesthetic in appearance. Slide 6 Should not peel-off, de-bond or break under existing traffic conditions Should be smooth, easily cleanable and aesthetic in appearance, but not slippery Should be resistant to penetration of oil, grease & water Typical requirements vis--vis Flooring characteristics Flooring should be done with a minimum down-time Excellent bond-strength with base floor High compressive and flexural strength High abrasion resistance Fairly smooth with anti-skid properties Aesthetic and available in various shades as per customers requirements Dust not catch up dust, easily cleanable and does not react with normal detergents Should be joint-less & monolithic Should be impermeable and resistant to materials-in-contact Capable of bonding with a minimum surface preparation without the need to replace the base floor. The under-layment should be of self-leveling type, so as to be laid quickly. Floor Protection Slide 7 Industrial floorings & coatings 500 microns to 3mm self leveling epoxy flooring 2mm self-leveling epoxy- cement composite flooring 3mm antistatic flooring Polymer based 2mm cementitious underlayment Solvented 150-200 micron coatings - suitable for walls Water-based 150- 200 micron coatings - suitable for walls High build, solvent- less 300-500 micron coatings suitable for floors and walls 3-5mm epoxy screed flooring 3-4 mm self leveling screed flooring COREFLOR SL COREFLOR ECC COREFLOR ASF COREFLOR UL COREFLOR SF COREFLOR UNIQUE CORECOAT FC 150 CORECOAT WBC CORECOAT FC 350 Slide 8 Selection chart Flooring Interior Only foot traffic 500 microns self leveling Epoxy flooring Light wheel traffic e.g Trolleys with nylon wheels 500 microns to 1mm self-leveling Epoxy flooring Medium wheel traffic e.g 1MT Platform trolleys 2mm self leveling or 3mm screed epoxy flooring Heavy traffic e.G 10MT Forklifts 5mm epoxy screed flooring Followed by epoxy coating External Foot traffic e.g Pavements Stamped concrete or 3mm epoxy screed flooring followed by aliphatic PU Coating Medium to heavy traffic e.g. Car Parks, Petrol pumps Stamped concrete or 5mm epoxy screed flooring followed by aliphatic PU Coating Corecoat SL Corecoat SF + Corecoat FC350 Corecoat SF Corecoat SL Corecoat SF + Corecoat PU150 Slide 9 Epoxy Floorings and coatings Epoxy coating 150 microns 350 microns Epoxy self leveling Flooring Decorative Epoxy Screed with Quartz with Iron Epoxy Broadcasting Epoxy cementitious composite flooring Epoxy Anti-static flooring Water based Epoxy coating Corecoat FC150 Corecoat FC350 Coreflor SL Coreflor Unique Coreflor SF Coreflor SFS Coreflor DBS Coreflor ECC Coreflor ASF Corecoat WBC Slide 10 Some examples Slide 11 CORECOAT SL CORECOAT SLC CORECOAT SF CORECOAT UNIQUE Slide 12 FOR TECHNICAL PRESENTATION SITE, VISIT, SAMPLES & RATES, PLEASE CALL US AT: NEELAM TRADE LINKS PVT. LTD. NAGINDAS CHAMBERS, 2nd FLOOR, DHEBAR ROAD, RAJKOT - 360 001. PHONE : 222 6517, 223 5056, FAX : 0281 - 222 3944. E-mail :


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