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Apollo Creations

To create innovative changes and to accomplish goals

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• Agency formed in 2007

• Based in Sunderland

• Number of North East based clients such as city councils, shopping centres, universities and schools

• Previous campaigns include -Don’t shout, be proud!-Together for Newcastle-Slim your bin

• Experts at enhancing reputations and changing attitudes and/or behaviour

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• Primary research to determine target audiences and to investigate views

• Opinion polls, interviews, focus groups• All age groups in Sunderland City

• Schools, shops, pubs, streets,…• Employers, employees, teachers,

parents, students, random

• Qualitative and quantitative research

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Which age groups swear the most?

Frequency of profanity use

Age -15Age 15-24 Age 25-34Age 35-54 Age 55+


15%10% 10%

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Where do they swear the most?


shopspubstreetplaygroundpublic placehome




15%5% 5%

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Which words are considered the most offensive?

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How do people feel about swearing?


Moral decline



Bad company


Part of culture



Bad influences

School staff

Inability to follow rules



Bad upbringing


Antisocial behaviour

Inability to express

Not respectfull

Lack of authority

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How often do the swear word users think about the effects of swearing on other people?





Page 9: Profanity Campaign 1


Would the targeted audience change their behaviour if they were aware of the campaign research around swearing?






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Primary Research conclusion

•Age group that swears the most is 15 to 24 years old

•Swearing occurs most in shops, pubs, and streets

•Racial, directive and minority abuse is considered the most offensive

•Parents, school staff, employers and others find that swearing gives a bad reputation

•Most of the public does not think about the effects of swearing, but most would change their behaviour if made aware

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• Secondary research for general knowledge• Existing survey data• Scientific studies, reports, articles,

literary publications…

• The results of this research has played a critical role to determine our publics, key messages, strategies and tactics

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Secondary Research Conclusion

•Swearing might deter mental support from others and influence relationships

•There is a proven link between aggressive behaviour and profanity

•Swearing can create a hostile environment

•Swearing can create exclusion and hate feelings

•Swearing is a compulsive habit and heightens stress levels

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•Action based goal: To decrease or stop the use of profane language

You take no chance of offending by not swearing, but you guarantee offending someone, somewhere, if

you do swear

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•To get 25 % of the residents in Sunderland involved with the campaign over a period of 6 months

•To get 60 % of the student body involved with the campaign

•Make 15-24 years old aware off the effects and consequences of swearing by 80% in 6 months

•Get sponsor Bridges, shops, pubs and charity on board before official launch of campaign

•To effect noticeable change in the behaviour of Sunderland citizens

•To project and reinforce the perception that Sunderland City Council and the mayor care about all local residents and community life

Page 15: Profanity Campaign 1

Identifying publics

•Men and women between 15 and 24 years oldliving in Sunderland

•Residents of Sunderland who are confronted with profanity

• Parents

• Teachers

• Employers

• other

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To youth in Sunderland between 15 and 24 years old

This public is the key to the success of the campaign.

Our anti-swearing campaign is an excellent opportunity for them to think not only about themselves, but also about the community.

By not swearing they will increase internal and external relationships, enhance their future prospects and better their reputation.

The campaign will help create awareness by getting everybody involved and engaged.

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To the other generations living in Sunderland

The anti-swearing campaign is about getting everybody who has in interest in not swearing involved.

We want parents, teachers, employers and everybody else to follow and support and spread the campaign.

We want this public to help establish the importance of not swearing for themselves and for the community and to get their attitude towards it noticed.

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•Make them aware that swearing is a compulsive habit that is triggered in certain circumstances which shows a lack of verbal knowledge

•Make them aware of the influence swearing has on others by getting Sunderland residents involved

•Make them aware of how swearing gives them a bad reputation and might influence their health, their relationships and their futures

•Get them to use change their swearing behavior

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• Swear jar

• Anti-swearing bracelets

• Charity The National Autistic Society

• Volunteers

• Mailing list/ brochure

• Selection bracelets meet ‘n greet

The Bridges + streets

• Competition Universities youtube

• Competition high school slogan through facebook

• Non-swearing areas through posters

• Mailinglist/ brochure

• Selection mailing list

Schools• Event: performance

local band original anti- swearing song

• Speech mayor

• Website: dates/time

• Non-swearing areas in pubs, shops and through posters

• Discounts with bracelets as incentives

• Mailing list/brochure

The Bridges+ pubs and shops

Media coveragePress releasesRadio interview

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Bracelets•Mailing list with contact details brochure with information about swearing•Selling bracelets for 1 pound profits go to National Autistic Society

•Two volunteers will sell 8 hours a day, 4 days a week, bracelets in the BridgesBridges is sponsor •Random people will be selected from mailing list for a meet ‘n greet with local band members

•Schools will also sell bracelets

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Competitions•Will be run in cooperation with each high school and university in Sunderland

•Competition will be aligned in curriculum

•Competition will involve creating a slogan for the campaign and posting it on the facebook fan page . The slogans with the most ‘likes’ from each school will win

•Competition will involve creating a youtube short film around the issue of swearing in Sunderland (No swear words allowed)

•Each clip must include interviews with different publics about their feelings concerning swearing

•Each school and university will hold presentation evenings to show all clips every 2 weeks

•Winners selected from each school will be rewarded during final big event

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Posters /incentives•In and around Sunderland streets and schools

•In all participating shops and pubs in the Bridges

•Non- swearing areas

•Discount if you show bracelet

•Sign in on mailing list at entrance pub/shop and win meet ‘n greet!

Page 23: Profanity Campaign 1


Contact•Mailing list

• contact details• email• gender• living area

•Pamphlet• scientific facts and stats• importance of not-swearing• people’s views• how it affects • impact on present and future life

benefits• schools competitions...

•Newsletter following campaign stages and events


Page 24: Profanity Campaign 1


Event•Data, time and information on website, link on Council Website

•Speech by mayor

•Musical Performance by local band in The Bridges

•Winners of bracelet mailing list selection get meet ‘n greet met the band members

•Showing of winners of facebook slogan competition

•Showing of winners of high school Youtube competition

•Revelation money profit to charity

•Press release in Sunderland Echo and Northern Echo prior to launch/ event + youth trough •…•Interview with mayor, band members, winners and charity representative will be aired on Spark FM, Real Radio North East and BBC Radio Teeside

Page 25: Profanity Campaign 1

Resources and Budget

•Bracelets: 3000 pounds for 7700 bracelets

•Charity: bracelets sold for 1 pound expected profit: +-4000 pounds

•Posters print: + Mailing lists paper: 300 pounds

•Film competition: 350 pounds

•Band: FREE in return for publicity and link to fan page (400 pounds overall costs)

•Incentives: 10% discount

•Sponsor: Owner The Bridges: LandSecurities

Page 26: Profanity Campaign 1


•Number of press coverage/ clippings

•Amount of airtime on radio

•Tracking study: examination of consumer reaction/ awareness to brand and associated advertising

•Number of attendances to event

•Number of people on mailing list/ bracelets sold

•Number of visits on website + interviews of changed behaviour checking•Number of fans, likes and slogans on facebook page

•Number of reactions on youtube

Page 27: Profanity Campaign 1


Thank you for your timefeel free to ask questions!We care about YOUR opinion!

Apollo CreationsTo create

innovative changes and to

accomplish goals