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t is a professional artefa Standalone evidence of professional practice

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What is a professional artefact?

Standalone evidence of professional practice

Has significant valueContains a messageReflection of opinionsWorthy of documentationProvides a deeper understanding of activity

Collecting, creating, analysing and discussing artefacts is central to the development of the ... reflective-practitioner.


NEW LEARNINGtransformational designs for PEDADOGY and ASSESSMENT


What is the purpose?

Inform / transform professional practice/understanding/knowledge

and ...

Impress employers with your professional knowledge

What does it look like?

How can it happen?

Through professional inquiry

Professional Inquiry

Professional Inquiry

Professional Artefact

been learnt

Translating whats

Developed from professional inquiry findingsProfessional presentationHas clarity for audienceUses graphics to illustrate points (if appropriate) Accessible for professional audiencePublication standardSuitable format for content and audience

Professional Artefact

Professional Artefact Formats

BookPamphletPosterVideoAnimated slide show

Some tools that can be used...

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Rosemary McGuinness July 2011

BA Professional Practice (Arts)