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  1. 1. A nanny and domestic services referral company 877-553-4231
  2. 2. What it Means to be a Professional Sitter in Orange County
  3. 3. Professional Sitters in Orange County Qualifications & Experience Expectations How to Find a Position
  4. 4. Qualifications & Experience Professional sitters in Orange County should have a minimum of 2 years of professional child care experience (nanny, teacher, daycare provider, etc.). You should also be current with your CPR and First Aid training and certification. Additional, many families find degrees in fields related to child care (Education, Early Childhood Development, Psychology, etc.) to be highly desirable. Other pluses are any special skills that others many not have, such as speaking a foreign language, or experience with various kinds of sporting activities (soccer, swimming, baseball, etc.)
  5. 5. Expectations A familys expectations for a professional sitter will be much different than they would be for the neighborhood teenager. As a family is paying a premium for a professional they expect that as a sitter you will demonstrate common sense, and be mature, reliable and trustworthy. As a professional you should be able to create a fun and safe environment for the children. Including being creative about activities such as arts & crafts, projects and field trips.
  6. 6. How to Find a Position When looking for a position there are several avenues. Community message boards, and ads in local newspapers and publications. These days there are also several sites, such as and SitterCity, that are meant to connect families with sitters. As a professional, you can also work with a nanny agency such as Crunch Care.
  7. 7. Crunch Care 28241 Crown Valley Pkwy, Suite F #298 Laguna Niguel CA 92677 (949) 415-7350