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A slide for Professional Communication Course. Explaining a case study related to intercultural communication.


  • 1. HW0310Proffesional CommunicationOral Presentation : Intercultural Communication

2. Presentation Structure 3. Zhafir Aglna TijaniIntroductionMohamad Ichiko AbdussalamCulture Differences in International BusinessZhou Shi TongCulture Differences in CommunicationKorde Swarnima RakeshConclusion and Recommendation 4. What is Intercultural Communication ? 5. Communication is the management of messageswith the objective of creating a meaning(Griffin, 2005) 6. Intercultural CommunicationNegotiate Shared Meanings 7. Problemsmay arise fromdifferent meanings 8. Message SentIs NOT THE SAME asMessage Received 9. Interpretation ofNon Verbal Behaviour 10. Variation ofCommunication Style 11. Lack ofKnowledge and Awareness 12. The Case Study 13. ChinaAmerican Host 14. There areDifferencesbetween two culture 15. InternationalBusinessCommunicationStyle 16. Cultural Differences inInternational Business 17. The Video 18. The Video 19. Formality 20. Initial ContactMatters 21. Greeting Behaviour 22. Social Custom 23. Show Interest and Have someKnowledge of Local Language 24. Learn Local non-VerbalModes of Communication 25. Learn Factual Knowledgeabout Local Culture 26. Tolerance and Openness 27. People are SensitiveTowards Criticism MadeAgainst Their Culture 28. Respect Each Otherand Collaborate with Them 29. Cultural Differencesin International BusinessFormalitySocial CustomTolerance and Openness 30. Cultural Differences in Communication 31. Culture Thought Behaviour 32. The Video 33. The Video 34. Orientation 35. Short-termLong-term 36. ContractPartner 37. Short-termPartner Take a look at thecontract now 38. We need more time(to get to know you)ContractLong-term 39. ContractTask OrientedSocial Oriented 40. ContractOffice DeskDining Table 41. ContractTask OrientedDining TableI can eat now so we donthave to waste time 42. We have booked arestaurantContractOffice DeskSocial Oriented 43. Context 44. Low-ContextHigh-Context 45. StraightforwardRead between the Line 46. Low-ContextRead between the LineNo Objection = Agreement 47. No Agreement = ObjectionHigh-Context 48. Cultural Differencesin CommunicationShort-term VS Long-term OrientationTask Orientation VS Social OrientationLow Context VS High Context 49. Conclusion and Recommendation 50. InfluencesCulture CommunicationReinforces 51. Cultural differences areInevitable 52. Different Non-Verbal BehaviourLack of Knowledge and Awareness 53. It may lead toMisunderstanding 54. Lets Recap 55. Clash of Communication StyleAmericanCommunicationChineseCommunicationWhat is Said What is not SaidI Focus We Focus(Seemingly) Impolite and DirectTalkPolite and IndirectTalkAssertive and Expressive Speech Hesitant and Reticent SpeechSelf-EnhancingTalk Self-Effacing TalkPublic Personal Question Private Personal Question 56. Issues in Case StudyManner of GreetingManner of ConversationEating During a MeetingCasual Demeanour 57. What could they do differently ? 58. American PerspectiveBackground Research of Host CultureReserved and Formal ConversationCulture Awareness 59. Chinese PerspectiveUnderstand Nuances of American CultureOpen MindCulture Awareness 60. What can we learn ? 61. Make an Effort forMeaningful, Goal DirectedSocial Interaction 62. Avoid Assumptionsand PassingHasty Judgements 63. CelebrateMulticulturalDifferences 64. Build Cultural Intelligence (CI)&Cultural Sensitivity (CQ) 65. Thank YouCredits : : SimpleLine, frhuynh,2happy, Val Lawless : Freepik, ElegantThemes, Designerz Base, Icomoon,Appzgear, SimpleIcon, Rami McMinThe Huffington Post 66. Question ?


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