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Download Proficy Software - GE Automation Intelligent Platforms 1 Introduction 2 Data Collection, Visualization and Analysis 8 *Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX* 12 *Proficy HMI/SCADA - CIMPLICITY

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  • Proficy SoftwareA powerful production solution that delivers results

    GEIntelligent Platforms

  • Proficy Software2

  • GE Intelligent Platforms 1

    Introduction 2

    Data Collection, Visualization and Analysis 8 Proficy* HMI/SCADA - iFIX* 12

    Proficy HMI/SCADA - CIMPLICITY* 18

    Proficy Change Management 23

    Proficy View Machine Edition 26

    Proficy Historian 28

    Proficy Troubleshooter & Proficy Cause+ 30

    Proficy Real-Time Information Portal 32

    Operations Management 34 Proficy Plant Applications 36

    Proficy Plant Performance Modules 38

    Proficy DataMart 40

    Proficy Maintenance Gateway* 41

    Proficy Scheduler 43

    Proficy Workflow Powered by Proficy SOA 45

    Proficy Tracker 48

    Proficy Open Enterprise 50

    Proficy Shop Floor SPC 52

    Proficy RX 54

    Process Solutions 56 Proficy Process Systems* 58

    Proficy Batch Execution 60

    Proficy Batch Analysis 62

    GlobalCare* Support Services 64

    Industry Expertise and Leadership 66

  • Proficy Software2

  • GE Intelligent Platforms 3

    Every day, you face real

    challenges in your operations

    that can dramatically impact

    the overall performance of

    your businesswhether its

    a single site or an extended

    enterprise. Customer de mands,

    disparate processes and

    systems, regulatory standards

    and a host of other issues

    all add complexity to your

    operations on a daily basis.

    Achieving a sustainable

    advantage in todays com-

    petitive marketplace means

    having to take the next steps

    toward transforming your

    business. Your ability to drive

    operator effectiveness, access

    the right information at the

    right time, control rising costs

    and operate at the highest

    levels of quality and productiv-

    ity is no longer optionalit is

    required for success.

    For businesses in infrastruc-

    ture industries such as power,

    water, and oil and gasor in

    manufacturing such as those

    in healthcare, consumer pack-

    aged goods and automotive

    there are important decisions

    to address on your journey

    toward transformation:

    6 How can I make my plant

    or operations more efficient

    and productive?6 Is there one solution set that

    can work with my existing

    infrastructure to resolve my

    business challenges?6 Can the solution be scaled

    to cover my entire enterprise

    to establish standards and

    operational best practices?6 Would I be able to support

    my internal and external

    customers globally through

    the solution?6 Which company has a

    solution that can help me

    achieve my goals and

    continue supporting me

    through my ventures?

    Transforming your business for a sustainable advantage

  • Proficy Software4

    Proficy: Better, Faster and More Cost Effective Results

    GE Intelligent Platforms under-

    stands the challenges you face,

    and we can help you man-

    age the complexities of your

    operations so you can focus on

    delivering results. Combining

    decades of technology exper-

    tise and domain experience, we

    offer a suite of proven, commer-

    cial-off-the-shelf software solu-

    tions called Proficydesigned

    to help you solve your greatest

    operations challenges.

    With Proficy, you can transform

    your operations and position

    your business for a competi-

    tive advantage that sustains

    over time. From control and

    optimization to lean production

    execution and enterprise

    integration, we offer the depth

    and breadth of capabilities that

    fit your business needs and

    deliver better, faster and more

    cost-effective results:

    6Improved quality and

    consistency of products6Increased compliance with

    regulatory standards6Increased efficiency through

    higher productivity and

    lower costs

    6Decreased time-to-value6Decreased investment6Decreased risk and costs

    Critical Success Factors

    Interoperability to protect existing investments

    You need a solution that works

    within your unique production

    environment, embracing your

    current systems and infra-

    structure and extending them

    with value-added solutions

    and capabilities layered right

    on top. Built on an open and

    layered philosophy, Proficy in-

    tegrates seamlessly with your

    existing infrastructure and

    resources to help you leverage

    your existing investments

    translating into real value.

    Modularity and scalability

    Whether you have a single

    objective or multiple goals, its

    essential to have the ability

    to choose the right applica-

    tions that meet your business

    needsto start small and

    grow big. Proficy can expand

    the size and footprint of your

    systems, adding capabilities

    on your timetable, to provide

    strong stand-alone applica-

    tions as well as powerful,

    tightly integrated modules.

    Powerful genealogy for increased visibility

    Proficy integrates all your data and traces the complex ge-

    nealogies of batches, continuous processes, sub-assemblies,

    components or by-products, so you know the origin and desti-

    nation of all incoming materials and outgoing finished goods.

    The result: improved quality, yield and accountability.

    Reliability and visibility of information

    Access to accurate, timely

    production and process data

    is critical. Proficy quickly

    integrates information from

    across your business so you

    can gather, correlate and

    interpret your critical business

    intelligence efficiently. It also

    helps you trace process and

    product data, providing you

    with an accountable and

    up-to-date status of your

    operations at any time.


    Proficy helps manage security

    governance and security

    Powered by Proficy SOAProficy SOA provides

    an industrial Service

    Oriented Architecture

    (SOA) platform and

    enables you to solve

    production challenges

    with improved

    interoperability and

    composite applications

    that leverage a

    cross-system, real-time

    data and services bus

    and repository. You can

    consolidate and simplify

    systems, lower operating

    costs, respond more

    quickly to changing

    needs and ease training.

  • GE Intelligent Platforms 5

    Industry-leading resources for your success

    With GE Intelligent

    Platforms, you have the

    tools and practices to

    properly adopt, enhance,

    support and evolve your

    systems over time. Well

    help you apply the latest

    technologies and proc-

    esses using our proven

    methodologies, to help

    manage the lifecycle of

    your systems and ensure

    your success.

    Proficy is designed

    to be an asset to

    both the plant floor

    and the executive

    offices optimizing

    and integrating site-to-

    enterprise operations.

    and successfrom solution

    concept to implementation

    and beyond.

    Proven methodologies

    With decades of proven

    experience, we know that

    its not just what you do, its

    how you do it . You can rely on

    our engagement processes,

    which are based on GEs

    proven methodologies and

    best practicesincluding our

    renowned Six Sigma Quality

    approachto get to the root

    of your business problems.

    Well bring in cross-functional

    teams to properly identify

    what needs to be done and

    where, so you get the results

    you need.

    Technical support and maintenance

    To ensure successful

    implementation and value-

    added ongoing support, you

    have access to our award-

    winning GlobalCare support

    services. You can tap into a

    global network of support

    professionals with application

    and industry-specific exper-

    tise, 24x7 emergency support,

    product maintenance services,

    online case management, and

    a broad range of information

    and data knowledge.

    Material Management6 Inventory Tracking & Material Movement6 Holds & Disposition Management (Raw Material & Finished Goods)6 Process Control

    Processing Operations 6 Recipe/BOM Management6 Batch/Process Management 6 Schedule Execution6 Quality Control & SPC6 Safety Management6 Process Control

    Packaging Operations6 BOM Management6 Finished Goods Inventory Management6 Quality Control & SPC

    Information Management 6 Visualization6 Supervisory Control6 Alarm & Data Analytics6 Audit Tracking6 Change Management6 SPC and Reporting6 Enterprise Connectivity

    integration to address the key

    challenges and risksallowing

    you to make quick, effective

    decisions to safeguard your

    core infrastructure and ensure

    continuity of operations.

    Professional Services and Support

    GE Intelligent Platforms en-

    sures the best implementation

    and support possible through

    our professional services

    teams and global network of

    program and implementation

    partners. Were here to sup-

    port your business needs

    for long-term performance

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