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<p>Programming Classes For Kids</p> <p>Programming Classes For KidsCOMPUTER SCIENCE,Empowering young mindsComputing is fundamental part of daily life, young children have a natural passion for technology. It is essential that going forward children understand the field of Computer Science; as it is foundational in transforming the way a student thinks. </p> <p>PROGRAM GOALSDevelop an interest in and enjoyment of the many uses of computersDevelop an awareness of computer technology and its role in societyAcquire the coding skills and knowledge that become building blocks for future studiesDevelop an appreciation of different computer applicationsEncourage creativity and logical thinking</p> <p>REGISTRATION PROCESSCONTACTSCHEDULE APPOINTMENTREADINESS ASSESSMENTREGISTER</p> <p>TWEENSOur program offers immersive task- and project-based exploratory learning. Tweens get to explore communication protocols, design networks, and formulate innovative algorithms for communication and digital control systems. They build a firm foundation in problem analysis, focusing on topics such asInstruction setsExploration of Operating SystemsNetwork designManaging digital dataIntellectual property rightsSafety and privacy</p> <p>For More information Please Visit:</p>